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Oc Reviews by Drowning-Freak
Oc Reviewsby daddy
I'm not here to crush your dreams. I'm here to make them better. I'll be reviewing ocs from... •Warriors •Steven Universe •My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic •Creepypas...
OC Reviews! [OPEN] Is Your OC a Mary Sue/Gary Stu? by mooniethewriter
OC Reviews! [OPEN] Is Your OC a Ma...by Moon
I accept comments only! I will review your OC in a chapter! Please send me Joke Sues, they're hilarious. There is a form inside the book.
Naruto OC reviews by Shoko--Instano
Naruto OC reviewsby Shoko--Instano
Want to get a review or feedback on your OC? Want your OC to be featured here? Than look no further because I am doing OC reviews and here they are. If you want more inf...
𝑰𝒏 𝒘𝒉𝒊𝒄𝒉 yours truly roasts your ocs in an epic fashion. [ started: 5-9-21 ]
OC reviews!(Open) by HuffleClawStar
OC reviews!(Open)by Dreamer
1# just like my other book, I own no images in this book. Welcome to my Mary Sue book! This is where you can get your OC's reviewed. I will be doing these fandoms: -Mir...
BNHA Mary Sues by TheOfficialMarySue
BNHA Mary Suesby TheOfficialMarySue
In which I kill some BNHA Mary Sues with my trusty Bella Swan Repellent.
Danganronpa Mary Sues by TheOfficialMarySue
Danganronpa Mary Suesby TheOfficialMarySue
In which I kill some Danganronpa Mary Sues with my trusty Bella Swan Repellent.
Oc Reviews! (Open) by Winter_Evergreen
Oc Reviews! (Open)by Winter Evergreen
I will be reviewing Oc's as I'm getting them, meaning if you send yours first, I will do it first. I'm not very knowledgeable in a lot of fandoms, and it's my first time...
My hero academia OC reviews by Shoko--Instano
My hero academia OC reviewsby Shoko--Instano
If you know my naruto OC reviews than it's the same format for this my hero academia OC reviews. come here to see amazing OCs and to see if your OC is good for my hero...
OC Reviews [CLOSED] by thief_queen
OC Reviews [CLOSED]by Hailey
An OC review book for those who want feedback on their characters. I give constructive criticism and I try to give non-biased feedback. Started: July 2017 Comple...
OC Reviews (Slow updates) by ocrreviews
OC Reviews (Slow updates)by OC Reviews
#178 in random highest rank There are way too many Mary Sue's on Wattpad, so we've taken it upon ourselves to get rid of them. Just fill out the application, and we will...
[CLOSED] WoF OC Reviews by Oaapha
[CLOSED] WoF OC Reviewsby General Oapha
Basically, you send your OC in and I either yell at it for a long time or hug it. Oh, I'll probably also offer you some constructive criticism while I'm at it. Thing...
How To Naruto  by Cerberus001
How To Naruto by Cerby
I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I would say, I've read enough fanfictions during my five years of joining wattpad to have a humble amount of knowledge on all the t...
Naruto Oc Reviews by Interestingvibes
Naruto Oc Reviewsby Interestingvibes
Send me your ocs, and I'll give my opinion on them :)
Is your OC a Mary Sue? [OC Reviews open!] by Melody_Of_Flowers
Is your OC a Mary Sue? [OC Reviews...by Flowers
Oh, Hi there! I see that you have either came here for curiosity or for my advice, so I'll go straight to the point! Ever wondered if your OC is a Mary Sue? Well, it's y...
Naruto Rants and OC Reviews || Discontinued by ravvvee
Naruto Rants and OC Reviews || Dis...by food baby
I'm just going to rant about things in Naruto fanfictions that annoy me. I'll also do OC reviews.
Warrior Cats Oc Reviews by Joceyb23
Warrior Cats Oc Reviewsby agatha of woods beyond
I know, there's a hundred of these, but here we go....
WoF OC review || TaniwhaTea by TaniwhaTea
WoF OC review || TaniwhaTeaby ✧🌸𝑀𝓎 𝑒𝓎𝑒𝓈 𝒶𝓇𝑒 𝓉𝒽�...
(REQUESTS ON HOLD) Hello! I'm Taniwha the SeaWing (Though I was Alder the LeafWing when I first made this) and this is my WoF OC reviewer thing! Here I'll be giving you...