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✎ ˎˊ˗ 𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨『Link』#3 by _skychild
✎ ˎˊ˗ 𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙦𝙪𝙤𝙩�...by (( 🍀 ))
Majora sigue necesitando un terapeuta, Hanasu sigue siendo un hijo de puta y Sky sigue necesitando ser más valorado. Todo sigue igual.
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Sleep paralysis angel (Dark Link X OC) by Devilia_Writes
Sleep paralysis angel (Dark Link X...by Devilia_Writes
So. This is a little weird to say out loud, but I have dreams where I'm transported to the outside of the Water Temple from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And in...
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story..... by Killua6061
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells You...by Killua6061
One day, three girls, Sara, Roselyn and Bella, were playing The Ledgend Of Zelda, Ocarina Of Time on the 3DS... well, Sara was teaching the two girls how to play. Soon...
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Hyrule Warriors: Revenge of the Dragon Knights by HardinTwentyfive
Hyrule Warriors: Revenge of the Dr...by Hardin Twentyfive
Seven years after The War Across the Ages ends, Link, Zelda, Joshua, Lana, and Impa are reunited when enemies from a forgotten past rise up. They are the Dragon Knights...
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The Legend of Zelda: A Preview of the Story by Alysa_Moon
The Legend of Zelda: A Preview of...by Alysa Aiday
Quick little preview to my new Legend of Zelda story coming soon.
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Paranoid by dis_cat_ded
Paranoidby o o f
A modern Linked Universe fic with a small side of Zelink! @dat_cat_ded(my sister) suggested the Zelink part. Oh, and it's probably just going to be Sky or Wild to avoid...
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Infinite Eras (Different Links x Reader Oneshots!) by _twilit_princess_
Infinite Eras (Different Links x R...by Twi
(Y/N) is a girl my friends! There will be no smut or lemons, but some suggestive parts. Requests are okay! I do not own the Legend of Zelda, or the picture on the cover.
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The Hero of ocarina of time by AnzuMazaki
The Hero of ocarina of timeby Anzu Hikari Mazaki(Maria ceci...
Link foi adotado por uma família ao ser encontrado na floresta perdida quando era apenas um bebê recém nascido. Doze anos se passaram e o garoto se sente excluído pela...
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The Legend of Zelda: What Comes After - The Final Tale of The Hero of Time by sheikahtypebeat
The Legend of Zelda: What Comes Af...by sheikahtypebeat
After defeating Majora in heated showdown in the mysterious land of Termina, the Hero of Time attempts to make his way back to Hyrule. ...
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Our Love of Time; OoT&MM!Link x Reader by WolfsGame
Our Love of Time; OoT&MM!Link x Re...by FallenStar
-~°•○•°♤♡♢♧♧♢♡♤°•○•°~- Link, a Kokiri boy, was the one who met her. He was the one who smiled at her. He was the one who became her friend. And they soon became best fri...
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The Past Comes Back to Bite by LunarPlayer16
The Past Comes Back to Biteby LunarPlayer
Fifteen millennium since the great calamity, the world has moved on. Link is Zelda's, the soon to be queens, royal knight the wielder of the fabled goddess blade. He has...
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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker by prestonraburn
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Wakerby prestonraburn
A young boy goes on a quest through the uncharted Great Sea to save his sister.
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Fragments of the Past by kobutaa
Fragments of the Pastby liana!
After reclaiming the Master Sword, a cryptic myth from the Deku Tree leads Link to a shocking discovery: a second Shrine of Resurrection, buried underneath the Temple of...
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seeing ghosts by dis_cat_ded
seeing ghostsby o o f
another Linked Universe fic! the -all- mostly lowercase is on purpose. same for the weird grammar and stuff. ~×~ "something's wrong with him. I don't know what it i...
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Ocarina of Time by JJules95
Ocarina of Timeby Sigma
A Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time story. Time. Something you can not change, no matter how badly you wish to. It always flows, never stopping for anyone. Journey with a...
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un retour au clair- Zelda OOT by Zouzoumillou336
un retour au clair- Zelda OOTby Zouzoumillou336
100 ans avant les évènements d'ocarina of time, voici comment Hyrule a changé, pourquoi Ghirahim n'est plus, et pourquoi la religion est-elle devenue si importante... Le...
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Laments of a Dying Hero: a Zelda Fic by spooky-mel
Laments of a Dying Hero: a Zelda F...by Mel 🌊
hello~ this fanfiction is about the life and death of the hero of time, or link (in the zelda titles ocarina of time and twilight princess). as a disclaimer, i do not o...
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My Hero (Link x Reader) by Honey__Gurl
My Hero (Link x Reader)by Yummy honey 🍯
This story takes place in the Ocarina of Time timeline, before Link defeats Ganondorf and seals him away. (Y/N) was always a adventurous child. She likes to run off and...
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In Another Time - An Alternate Ending to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by sheikahtypebeat
In Another Time - An Alternate End...by sheikahtypebeat
After a furious showdown with the King of All Evil, Princess Zelda tells Link that she is responsible for dragging him into such a mess. She tells him that she wants to...
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Link into the linkedverse by emberremember18
Link into the linkedverseby emberremember18
This takes place in the game series the legend of Zelda where most of the reincarnations of link are brought to recent hylia which is breath of the wild they all get Acq...
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