The Snitch by tannazmahreen
The Snitchby Tannaz Mahreen
The school's hotshot Tyra Morgan is hit with her biggest fear; being ignored. The seemingly perfect popular girl squad kicks her out and she is now cooties personified...
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Dear April, by kth_njh
Dear April,by nim
❝ It's all in your head. ❞ -NN2018
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I Was A Boy?! by assassinationCR
I Was A Boy?!by [...
The title says it all and if you want more read the story. This could be counted as my first story or not.
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the medication doesn't work by guardead
the medication doesn't workby raven
strings of words that describe my very intimate moments tw: eating disorders, self harm & all things related
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You're Good For Me by DarciAnnMacLean
You're Good For Meby Darci Ann
Sawyer Greene - 17 year old adopted male who's openly gay with Autism and OCD. West Adams is 17 year old straight jock who becomes fascinated with Sawyer.
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A Crowded Crying Mind by PoetryAndFanfic
A Crowded Crying Mindby PoetryAndFanfic
A book of poems about about anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and losing people.
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