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To Love, Once Again by tofu_moon
To Love, Once Againby tofu
What happens after the end of an isekai novel, when the heroine's finished the job she'd been summoned for? Sera, was just an timid, ordinary uni student. After losing h...
Little Bite Luna by CoffeeBean_Cutie
Little Bite Lunaby Kris
She isn't short. She is bite sized. Anita Rosaline Nightshade has always been small. 4'11 height but a 6'7ft attitude. She might be small, but she sure is feisty. But...
Psycho Love by anonymousteengirlxo
Psycho Loveby Nana
I stroll up to him, tracing his jaw with my gun. He smirks at me. I grin. "What do you want, Isaac?" I ask, circling him, keeping the gun against him as I dre...
He Says I'm His (H.S vampire fanfic) by Dale_E_Delight
He Says I'm His (H.S vampire fanfi...by Bruhhh
Lydia Sanchez is a shy 15 year old girl. She has been homeschooled for all her life. Except when her 16th birthday comes and her life changes, she is getting what she wa...
Most Wanted by heyheyshay
Most Wantedby heyheyshay
She was their heaven...but they only brought her hell.
Proprietorial ( Yandere! Brother x Male! Reader ) by The_Dark_Mist
Proprietorial ( Yandere! Brother x...by ♧【魅晴】♧
You were a spoiled rich brat, an heir to the (L/N)'s family, but it seems someone had taken that place of yours, and who could've ever guess that same 'someone' had an o...
Psycho Love [BL | HIATUS] by CKhimira
Psycho Love [BL | HIATUS]by CLANNA
Charles is delicate and meek. He was always been abuse for being an illegitimate child to the point he grew austistic. He always live in the shadow not wanting everyone'...
Obsessed  by HeyimanAurthor
Obsessed by Brøkęn
There was no stopping the feeling once I had already met you. Started: April 29,2019
Mafia Caught the Mermaid by SinQuill_PassionInk
Mafia Caught the Mermaidby Sargam
He is Lorenzo. He named her Cordelia. He breaks. She mends. He is dark. She is bright. He loves her. She doesn't know what love is. He makes everyone cry, beg and di...
in the name of Love. by aniayy_
in the name of Love.by aniayy_
Adele Jaynslor is a highschool student at Avalon high she's friend with everyone. Her honesty, fun side and ability to keep secrets makes the whole town love her but she...
Loosing Control  by _wxnnabe__
Loosing Control by _wxnnabe__
Felix has been best friends with the big and scary Jason his whole life. However, once Jason's 16th birthday comes by, he drastically changes. After finding out the caus...
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Wish (COMPLETE) by HunterOwl
A Wish Everyone has a wish Even a man who we thought has no more humanity left in him He who we told our children to stay away from He who became a nightmare in everyone...
One Thousand Miles by the-before
One Thousand Milesby Annie Woods
Stephanie Hersh has always lived a sheltered life, but that is until she meets John Schmidt. The man who manages to make her actually feel free and loved. He is the man...
Obession by BriasiaTanayeJackson
Obessionby BriasiaTanayeJackson
Mia Smith is a fun, sweet, innocent, smart girl. She is about to graduate high school and go to college with a full ride. Noah Johns is the most fear man ever. He is th...
Knox's Girl (AU Version) by AuthorrUnknown
Knox's Girl (AU Version)by AuthorrUnknown
All her life, all Poppy Nicole ever wanted was a mate of her own. She grew up being controlled by her father and her pack, never given the freedom to do as she pleased...
Undeniable Love by sweetchoclate9
Undeniable Loveby rose
Alexander Rodriguez. A powerful business man of the Los Angeles. He has it all. Anything and everything he wants. He is powerful and unstoppable. He is devilishly handso...
Kpop Yandere Oneshots #1 [COMPLETED] by tbznewberry
Kpop Yandere Oneshots #1 [COMPLETE...by 𝐌𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐲
Don't trust the cute delivery boy you saw on the street. Don't trust the classmate who always greets you in the morning. Don't trust the girl who always wants to do the...