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An Unfinished Symphony by Emerald_Rains
An Unfinished Symphonyby Jupiter Emerald
An observational essay I wrote for class about L'manburg. If you're here from TikTok, welcome :)
Dear Diary... by AlexaNicholsAuthor
Dear Diary...by Alexa Nichols
Some of you may know me as an author, but do you know the real me? That's what this Diary is all about: a daily, unadulterated glimpse into the thoughts, feelings, obser...
Fading Away by sweetchick283
Fading Awayby sweetchick283
Andrew has blended into the background for most of his life. After waking up one morning to find that he has faded away all together, he begins to notice for the first t...
From Around by simple_being17
From Aroundby Nikitha
It's a collection of some random poetry and quotations. By poetry, I don't mean that my poems are in rhyme. I write mostly in free verse. All the content in this book i...
Quotes of a Hormonal Human Being by unfeignedoptimist
Quotes of a Hormonal Human Beingby unfeignedoptimist
Explore the incomplete and contradictory mind of an adolescent with excessive amounts of hormones running through their veins. ALL MY ORIGINAL CONTENT❗️EVEN THE PHOTOGR...
The Unspoken Words by ridhima2807
The Unspoken Wordsby Ridhima Joshi
My poetry book is like unexpected strokes of paint on a canvas; you never know when it leads you to a beautiful ending. Spilling hues of various shades of life (1st pla...
Witching Hour: Lost in Thought by ShadowmasktheFirst
Witching Hour: Lost in Thoughtby !Hello Yellow-Jello!
Titled "Witching Hour" because most of my poem ideas come to me way past midnight when I'm trying to sleep. The topics are pretty diverse, but there are defini...
A devil tantalizes  {Park Jimin}  by witty_orphics
A devil tantalizes {Park Jimin} by Taetaeluv3005
I make her fell for my darkness to engulf myself in her and feel her. • • • • • "When will you stop your childish obsession over me?" I sighed in defeat and tu...
All What Haiku'd Write by SkittishReflections
All What Haiku'd Writeby SkittishReflections
[Completed] An eclectic collection of my own haiku poetry. Poems are mine. Cover artwork is mine. © 2020-2021 SkittishReflections - L. M. Shayle
You Left Too... by _windoo0o
You Left Too...by Imy
"No father, I'm not going to marry a man I just met." I stated. Again. "Honey please, this is wealthy family, do it for the kingdom, do it for me."...
Random observations by thegoldencatwithapen
Random observationsby Golden Kitty Cat
This is just me talking about random things that I observe. Undeniable facts. hehehe
It's Such A Beautiful Day by Sepherene
It's Such A Beautiful Dayby kirah
A collection of short stories. Cover: Billy's Balloon by Don Hertzfeldt (in which I also got the title from).
Observations and Reflections by pwdoyle
Observations and Reflectionsby Patrick
A small collection of poetry and essays concerning some non-romantic aspects and events in my life.
Randomness by WidowSpyder
Randomnessby UnLimited
My thoughts and observations about the world around me
A Penny for Your Thoughts? by VioletBlodgett
A Penny for Your Thoughts?by VioletBlodgett
Basically, just a composite of my college essays (which I think is a shame to just delete) and random thoughts that occur to me sometimes. Whatever it is, do tolerate my...
Home by njgreenfield
Homeby NJ Greenfield
An exceptional short piece capturing the sense of both home and homelessness I feel whenever I return to England. Cover created by Cover_maker091. http://www.wattpad.com...
Apnée de train à grande vitesse by Socks-green
Apnée de train à grande vitesseby Socks-green
Les voyages amènent la découverte d'un autre quotidien. L'éloignement de la source amène parfois quelques secousses. Cahier de bord de cette année remplie de toutes les...
My Philosophy Book by ZahraZahin
My Philosophy Bookby Zahra Zahin
So basically this is a book where I'll write down my thoughts and beliefs.Here I'll discuss various aspects of life and human emotions. Feel free to comment your thought...
How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes  by Shy_Shadow
How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes by ravenova
If there's one spy skill we all envy, it's the Sherlock Holmes-like ability to quickly read a situation and come up with a theory that explains it (like the toothpaste s...
Analyzing and Observations on Arcane - League Of Legends  by CinneIsAsexual
Analyzing and Observations on Arca...by 𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐢 𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐩
In which I am analyzing and making observations on Arcane! Stuff like in a scene this is what actually happened and not what people think, characters mindset, etc, etc.