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Pokemon Ranger: The Hero of Oblivia by CelticCutie
Pokemon Ranger: The Hero of Obliviaby Hachi
My version of Pokemon: Guardian Signs. The difference between my version and canon? Their protagonist is silent, mine is everything but. Everything will be in Summer's...
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Pokemon Shipping One-shots by CelticCutie
Pokemon Shipping One-shotsby Hachi
Send in a request and watch the sparks fly across your computer screen. Some fics may contain minor swearing depending on the ship. Not only will I write one-shots for...
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Against Time  by May845
Against Time by May845
Being a daughter of a madman and keeping herself under control. She doesn't have a normal life like others do. Her one and only goal is to stop her father at any cost an...
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Pokemon Ranger History Unfold by May845
Pokemon Ranger History Unfoldby May845
Summer used to be a trainer until Summer and her family is blame for murder. They have no chose ,but to move to Alima. Summer give up a life of a trainer to become a pok...
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Pokemon Rangers: Summer by MidnightMelodix
Pokemon Rangers: Summerby MidnightMelodix
Linked to Pokemon XY: Serena by Midnight Melodix Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs with the story of the game, and original ideas, in Summer's point of view. Summer in this...
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Good Night by FlareTheVulpix
Good Nightby FTVDed
An ObliviaShipping One-Shot Just pure fluff here Ben and Summer decide to take a quest but some mishaps happen when with the client. .....I CANT DO SUMMARIES DEAL WITH IT
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