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DONO DILON KI EK HAI TADPAN by chaitudalvi2826
peep in to know more about our favourite couple shivika
My Rhythm Of Heart Beat by sulekhaNik
My Rhythm Of Heart Beatby sulekha issahac
my story start from shivika separation track...its a shivika fan fiction... But in a twist.... In my story there is an another leap of 5 years...after that.... what happ...
Anika secret life by 1161995v
Anika secret lifeby shweta k
story starts from forced marriage track,many scenes are same as show but with my twist. Here daksh is positive and possessive for anika. Many secrets are there.........
ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherhood  by Vsgcrocks07
ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherho...by Shivani D.
ShivOmRu : Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi, Rudra Singh Oberoi. These 3 brothers belonged to a Rich family. Something went wrong and the family wasn't famous a...
Meet Mrs SSO by 1161995v
Meet Mrs SSOby shweta k
Shivay Singh oberoi the great wall,he used to love his family more than anything,his brothers om ,rudra are his life.oberoi family break every relation with shivay and t...
We meet again!! [completed] by karish96
We meet again!! [completed]by karish96
#38 in fanfiction (24/12/17) #24 in fanfiction (31/12/17) #17 in fanfiction (1/1/18) Its a story abt our fav couple shivika❤️ What happens when life again brings shivaay...
Love Aaj Kal by miramehra
Love Aaj Kalby miiira
//a Jab We Met sequel/spin-off, can be read as a stand-alone but will be better supplemented by the former// ⭐The second installment in the Imtiaz series! Clad in Royal...
LOVE LIFE OF SHIVIKA ✔✔ by CamelliaBanerjee4
The story continues after 14th dec 2018. No shivansh just shivika and other couples.
The Broken Family by DilScribbles
The Broken Familyby Dilsha
"Being a father doesn't start when the child is born, it starts when the mother is pregnant" The Oberoi family broke up into two separate families. They separa...
ShivIka One Shots by MsLizzieWrites
ShivIka One Shotsby Ms.Lizzie
Collection of One shots on ShivIka COVER BY @GraphicAssemblers Highest ranks #11 in Ishqbaaaz (28.2.19) #6 in Ishqbaaaz (28.6.19)
Ishqbaaaz : The Return of Obros by Lakshmi1099
Ishqbaaaz : The Return of Obrosby Aisha1099
Highest rank #21 on 09/02/2018 in fanfictions. 7 years have passed since that fateful day. The day when the foundations of Oberoi mansion shook .Ties that were considere...
FAMILY!!!!The Hidden Stories(A New FF) by aalniyaparu
FAMILY!!!!The Hidden Stories(A New...by aanjaleenaneenu
a new ff on shivika....hope you all support it.. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 do vote,share, and comment #svetlana#vanvaas#obros#baby#fire#reunioun
All For One and One for All (On Hold) by dhruma345
All For One and One for All (On Ho...by ArshiRumyabestcouple
This is a sequel to Taken For Granted (Rumya FF) How will the youngsters bring the family back together after 21 years? Why are the Oberois separated? What happened to s...
Once Upon a University Campus by smilezrus
Once Upon a University Campusby smilezrus
A Shivika story that started on a University campus. They thought they were as different as chalk and cheese, but were they? Read along to find out. Cover credit @tash...
lost innocence by AnshitaGuptaaaa
lost innocenceby anshita gupta
#3 ishqbaaaz this story is completely off track,in this ff shivaay is a buisnessman and annika is a struggling girl who came mumbai for her and her family's life. shivaa...
Matchmakers Magic | ✓ by transient-bliss
Matchmakers Magic | ✓by transient-bliss
Playing the matchmaker for two people who are already in love but don't realize it should be easy enough, right? But it's not that easy, at least for Anika. With matchm...
HAMESHA HUMARE DIL MEM by rikaraforlife
HAMESHA HUMARE DIL MEMby rikaraforlife
"A single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous , that it makes us forget the hundred lovable moments spent together within a minute". Can a misunderstand...
Finding The Way Back To Her [COMPLETED] by Haranjini
Finding The Way Back To Her [COMPL...by हरंजिनि
-COMPLETED- ••||•• Started: 20 March 2019 Ended: 16 September 2019 Genre: Intense/ Romantic fanfiction Couple: ShivIka ••||•• Shivaay is getting married to his long term...
Enamoured  by amu0430
Enamoured by 𝐚𝐦𝐮𝐥𝐲𝐚
| shivika fanfiction | A glimpse of a woman at a handicrafts emporium results in Shivaay's interest being piqued. A strange pull towards her perhaps. A desire to get to...
The sso's princess by shayarak
The sso's princessby shaayara
The story will revolve arond shivaay and anika 's daughter the story has nothing to doo with serial current track its my first story hope you all will love this please i...