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Mha pics 3 by ckicken_god
Mha pics 3by Simp
Part 3 of the mha pics series. We got ships in here occasionally and just plain stupidly funny ones. Bye see ya in the book I guess
The Boy by Zariiia
The Boyby Azaria 🤎
Adrianna is a normal girl who is in love with the most mysterious bad boy at Richwood High. Will she get him to love her or will other people get in the way.
The Secret Ingredient by Bobbiejelly
The Secret Ingredientby bobbiejelly
Addison is having some unusual cravings, and Meredith is getting better at satisfying them.
The Foolish Goddess and the Arrogant Warrior by Tabruh
The Foolish Goddess and the Arroga...by Tabruh
Angelique or Angel, as her friends call her is a daughter of the second richest man in the country of Ethadore. Not only is she rich but she is beautiful and kind. Her o...
Oatmeal Effects by writinglifestyle
Oatmeal Effectsby Anna
a short story -- a college student wakes in the middle of the night with an intense oatmeal craving and is surprised at what she finds in the community kitchen.
Cookies by QueensofBaking
Cookiesby Hannah - Hailey
Need a recipe for cookies? Well you are at the right place, this book has recipes of just about every cookie you can imagine! The cover was made by: @Chaotic_Monki -Rank...
Insane oatmeal by Persiancat111
Insane oatmealby Persiancat111
Pinkie Pie investigates a bowl of oatmeal...
My Loose Soul by Kuma66
My Loose Soulby Kuma66
What would it feel like if you met Katsuragi Keima and Elcea de Rux Ima (Elsie)? What would happen if you had a loose soul and Keima had to make you fall in love with hi...
Hampster Man by CarlsGotBones
Hampster Manby CarlsGotBones
What will a man do to save his son?
A Greasy Love Tale - #Thornmeal by NatsuDragneel_MC
A Greasy Love Tale - #Thornmealby Thornmeal Fan
#Thornmeal4ever When a bowl of Oates meets a sparkling greasy trainwreck what could ensue?
The Oatmeal Famine by FallofColors
The Oatmeal Famineby FallofColors
Nam Sutcac, Defender of Justice. His secret weapon is cactus, that's why his true name was disguised. His friend and partner in justice is Steve Degeneres, but what happ...
Cinnamon Bun And My Dog Fanfic by liquorfordeadhomies
Cinnamon Bun And My Dog Fanficby Liquor for the dead homies
Your underwear is gonna be soaked once you are done reading the first sentence in this story.
21 by gamerrex13
21by gamerrex13
This is the explanation of how the number 21 became the most popular number in the entire world. #readchapter11
The Oatmeal Awards 2018 by gh0stwriterr
The Oatmeal Awards 2018by The Oatmeal Awards
OPEN FOR JUDGES AND ENTRIES!! Writers often get overlooked and unnoticed even though they try very hard on each and every one of their stories. The Oatmeal Awards provid...