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Golden Boy by Serenity4Lifee
Golden Boyby Serenity4Lifee
Lance is a popular football player. Practically the schools golden boy. His friends Hunk and Pidge add to it. They all get A's. Hunk is sweet and everybody loves him. Pi...
Worth It (Klance Mpreg) by Serenity4Lifee
Worth It (Klance Mpreg)by Serenity4Lifee
(Before hand I would like to state that this is not a full story! Just ideas for a story that will not get finished! There are a lot of ideas and it is not in order! The...
The Get Along Shirt {Klance} ✔ by DaughterOfHades22
The Get Along Shirt {Klance} ✔by not v active boos</3
the 5 are done with Keith and Lances Fighting they put them in the dreaded get along shirt
Denial Is The First Step To Love (Kidge) by marinettechaton
Denial Is The First Step To Love (...by mari belle
Keith is school's bad boy and a gangster. pidge is a teacher's pet. All most all girls in school had a crush on Keith but he wasn't interested then..... if u wanna see m...
Remember Me (One shot) by taemeowkook
Remember Me (One shot)by taemeowkook
A song. A goodbye song. A happy song sung at a sad time. The song Krolia sang to her son the night she left him with his father. And now, eighteen years later, this son...
The Gang And The New Girl (Voltron, Kidge, Pidge X Keith) by xXGreen_PaladinXx
The Gang And The New Girl (Voltron...by Pidge-Holt
Pidge is a normal new girl. She had long waist long hair and gorgeous chestnut eyes the same colour as her hair. Her skin is extremely pale but that's when she's tanned...
Family Matters by Alex_Ao3
Family Mattersby Alexander Jaleson
WARNING: LANGUAGE The paladins are deciding who would play what part in their fucked up little family. See: Space Dad tm. This is mostly a bs story for laughs. I saw a c...
"you are worth it" by orchimallow
"you are worth it"by Waifu
Hey, this is my first fanfiction ever written so please bear with me. It's a klance swimmer/high school au. There will be angst. Other ships will be more in the backgrou...
I Think It Started With My Sister Adopting You by ijustwannabeh
I Think It Started With My Sister...by ijustwannabeh
Lance has everything he wants. And then he moves to a new school with his overy popular sister and a hot little emo she has with her. Will they be good?. (Hey everyone...
Galaxies Later (Klance) by ArtificialSalmon
Galaxies Later (Klance)by artificialsalmon
When Akira Jones suddenly wakes up in the body of a shy boy named Keith Kogane , things seem to become a quite hectic, not to mention he meets someone from his past wh...
Esto Es Teatro, Coño~! A Voltron School Theatre AU (Featuring Klance and Shatt!) by Opposite_Eclipse
Esto Es Teatro, Coño~! A Voltron S...by Munnevver
(The Title Translates To "This is Theatre, Cunt.") Keith is a transfer student at Voltron High, who gets caught up in the shenanigans and antics of the school...
perfectly imperfect by a-magical-trashcan
perfectly imperfectby Cassia 🖖🏼
Keith Kogane doesn't get out much. His calling is along the lines of stay inside with his stepbrother's friends, watch alien movies, and work on his motorbike. The rea...
Most Of Our Lives ~Klance AU~ by KrisJean2014
Most Of Our Lives ~Klance AU~by KrisJean2014
"I like you, let's be friends!" "Why is he always ahead of me?" "Who would want to be friends with gay mothy keith?" "It's killing m...
Uptown Girl by princessdi51
Uptown Girlby Suzanne
A collection of stories set through various time periods focusing on the dynamic, argumentative, yet secretly caring pair of Elizabeth - the state of New York - and Alex...
On Land, High in the sky, Under the Ocean by Maximum_118
On Land, High in the sky, Under th...by Multi Fandom
Lance is a high schooler along with his Friends, Pidge, and Hunk they are all Juniors but they all have a secret. They are merfolk, Lance is the youngest of three and th...
All Eyes On Me // KLANCE by dykenoshima
All Eyes On Me // KLANCEby demi
A Klance/Laith theatre AU (AKA a Voltron theatre-type AU)
But it wasn't my fault (Klance AU) by PikaPikaPiiPikaPika
But it wasn't my fault (Klance AU)by Klance is good😍
Lance and Keith were best freinds since Kindergarden and they never separated until High School came around. Lance thought Keith kissed his girlfriend and misunderstood...
Book of Klance Alternate Universes by ChokeMeWithAFork
Book of Klance Alternate Universesby ChokeMeWithAFork
Just a book where I write klance stories in different AUs
Rumours☆A Klangst Modern Fic by speedermike
Rumours☆A Klangst Modern Ficby ~Kyle~
I want you I'll colour me blue Anything it takes to make you stay Only seeing myself When I'm looking up at you -Troye Sivan In which a group of dysfunctional gay teenag...