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Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend (Jerome Valeska x Reader) by ElizaScarlet105
Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend (Jerome Val...by ♢ Liz ♢
You thought you knew everything about Jerome Valeska. He was your best friend. He was your boyfriend. You loved him. But seeing him transition to the insane, psychotic v...
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Gotham high AU by LNygma
Gotham high AUby LNygma
a lot of Nygmobblepot, and a lot of 16 year old perspectives
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forever and always  by gallagher_milkovich
forever and always by gallagher_milkovich
if you know what nygmobblepot is you don't need description
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Nygmobblepot - Just Friends? by nygmaismydad
Nygmobblepot - Just Friends?by RLT
Oswald is still in Arkham and he needs to get out as soon as possible, not only because he want to get back to he's Gotham Throne but he let the one who betrayed him tak...
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MELLIFLUOUS ➪ Bruce Wayne {Gotham} by fadedjustice
MELLIFLUOUS ➪ Bruce Wayne {Gotham}by ㉿
"I mean, the guy has to deal with one unstable orphan, and now two?" "They're more than just orphans...They're kids who still have so much to experience a...
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Heartbreaking Regrets by nygmobblepotpot
Heartbreaking Regretsby Jade Valeska
Edward doesn't feel the same after shooting Oswald. Without him, Ed finds himself crying to sleep at night- until it comes to his senses- Ed loves the man he killed. Is...
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A new start by KyleBroflovski83
A new startby Morgo
After Ed Shot Oswald things changed inside him, after he saved him things changed even more, there is but a undoubtable shift in mood when the two reconnect their friend...
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What If [Nygmobblepot] by gcthamcity
What If [Nygmobblepot]by gcthamcity
What if Ed and Oswald had more than that one scene back in season one? This is basically their season one storylines (slightly off canon) but the difference is this bein...
Batman x Joker  by GalacticGemma
Batman x Joker by GalacticGemma
W.I.P FLUFF INCLUDES OTHER BATMAN SHIPS (Nygmobblepot) Art is not by me. Simply just found them on google. This is based off The Lego Batman Movie, but may also be ba...
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collision • rarl oneshots by seadrippings
collision • rarl oneshotsby grace
one shots/headcanons for rarl. some other ships may occur.
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Gotham Memes by KendraNullings
Gotham Memesby KendraNullings
Emo Squid™ here! I own nothing.
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Nygmobblepot //  One-shot by onesadhoe
Nygmobblepot // One-shotby onesadhoe
Picking up after 3x10 but Barbara goes to Oswald to tell him she knows he loves Ed instead of going to Ed. Oswald tries to win Ed's love. (will be mature)
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Gotham Imagines by KaleyOsborne
Gotham Imaginesby Mrs Dean Winchester
I write for Edward Nygma Oswald Cobblepot Cory Michael Smith Robin Lord Taylor Ships Nygmobblepot Smaylor
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action! {smaylor} by tonythesnek
action! {smaylor}by Three Supervillains
dicky is being a dick robin is starting to like cory cory gets drunk and bangs robin okay i'm bad at summaries but just read it if smaylor is your fucking otp warning: s...
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Two Sides Of A Coin (Nygmobblepot oneshots) by Whaatissthatt
Two Sides Of A Coin (Nygmobblepot...by Whaatissthatt
Hiya, so I wanted to make a oneshot.. Which means there will be many little stories in this book.. Because who doesn't like that? I might do some Batjokes as well in thi...
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Strange - A Nygmobblepot Story by thnxrose
Strange - A Nygmobblepot Storyby Multi-Fandom Fiction
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Nygmobblepot One Shots  by sdhlmabbott
Nygmobblepot One Shots by Usernames_are_hard
A bunch A of fluffy and sad one shots
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{Over The Edge Of Insanity} (Nygmobblepot)[Teenage AU] by stingy36
{Over The Edge Of Insanity} (Nygmo...by Ñÿgmôbbłépøt
Ed has been on the edge of insanity for a while. But what happens when he loses it. This is a high school AU.
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Build a home | Nygmobblepot by loudandsad
Build a home | Nygmobblepotby ace
What if Ed loved Oswald back? What if they started a family? What if the world had it in them, but changed its mind halfway? What if the misery continued in a completely...
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cold eyes|nygmobblepot by stabbybabsntabs
cold eyes|nygmobblepotby [NØWH€R€]
"I know this is wrong but I'm helpless to make the right decision around you" "What's that supposed to mean" Oswald tries not to fall in love with Ed...
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