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200 Days: Inspiration Quotes & Journal Prompts For Creative Writers And Readers by Evanajordan
200 Days: Inspiration Quotes & Evan A Jordan
If you work through these 200 daily challenges, keeping a journal each day, you will come out on the other end as a fully realized creative artist. After hearing from so...
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Writing Tips by SNLangford
Writing Tipsby Summer N. Langford
Just some advice I would like to give to fellow writers about things that personally bug me and others when reading poorly-written books. There will be rants, discussion...
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How To Write (Or Try To) A Novel by TwistedDreams98
How To Write (Or Try To) A Novelby Sophie
Want to write a story but just have no idea where to start? Take a peak inside this little book and I'll do my best to ingite your hidden passion (writing of course, duh...
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In this book I will give you some advice on how to improve your writing, or at least what helps me! I AM NOT AN EXPERT. In fact, I am an amateur, and I would not, by all...
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Writing A Book Tips To Get you Started by Nebulae1
Writing A Book Tips To Get you Nebulae1
Writing a Book on Wattpad or to Publish - I can empathize with you, because I know exactly how difficult it is to get those first words out on paper. No, the idea won't...
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Novel Writing: A step by step guide to unforgettable stories by Illuminhottie
Novel Writing: A step by step C.R. Bruce
This step by step guide teaches you in a non-boring, non-cliche way to write with conviction, devise powerful plots, create captivating worlds, refine your characters, a...
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Brian's Writing World by briancgamage
Brian's Writing Worldby briancgamage
A guide to the noble art of writing.
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The Book Of Tips: Novel Writing by SprkleStarz
The Book Of Tips: Novel Writingby Diya
I'll be sharing some amazing tips that will definitely help enhance your writing. Read on to find them out..!! If they are of any help, don't forget to vote..!!
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Death is Forever (Digimon Fanfic) by yemihikari
Death is Forever (Digimon Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Takeru struggles coping with the loss of friends, yet this grief turns out to be his jump into being a published writer. For while death is forever... Disclaimer - I don...
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An Eclectic Writing Class - Prompt Writing by LydiaSandersBooks
An Eclectic Writing Class - Lydia Sanders
On my blog ( I have a series called "An Eclectic Writing Class" where I gather resources on productivity, writing craft, grammar, and voc...
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Novel-Writing Tips For Dummies! by Aaronix
Novel-Writing Tips For Dummies!by Aaron
Hey, guys! I'm not a professional BUT from what I learned and experienced, I will give you some basic tips in NOVEL WRITING. If you check out my stories, you'll see that...
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You're NOT Being Punked! by HeatherGraceStewart
You're NOT Being Punked!by Heather Grace Stewart
When a major screenwriter-producer signs her blog and adds her as a Facebook friend, the first thing Heather Grace Stewart does is freak out. Then, she becomes inspired...
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