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Devil Town | Ateez by johnnys_wig
Devil Town | Ateezby missingateez24/7
Summoning a demon gone wrong for all the right reasons. _________________________________________ Follow up to the story/pre-quel Haunted A WooSan Fanfic but a lot of...
Haunted | WooSan (Prequel) by johnnys_wig
Haunted | WooSan (Prequel)by missingateez24/7
At Yunho's Halloween party Wooyoung and Yeosang warned the other's not to play with an Ouija board but did they listen? HELL NAH _______________________________________...
My Demon (Jungkook Fanfic) by -JiminPabo
My Demon (Jungkook Fanfic)by Jimin got no Jams
"I'm a demon, you can't love me" "But you're my demon. And I'm never leaving you." -DISCONTINUED-
nightmare's  by __WHO_IS_THIS
nightmare's by _wait_who_is_thiss?
random little storys I come up with when I'm not sleeping at night. (⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕)
Demons | Ateez by johnnys_wig
Demons | Ateezby missingateez24/7
"DEMMMAANS" - In Shane Madej's voice Sequel to Devil Town
NIGHT-MARE  by venuclara
NIGHT-MARE by Clara Venu
"...why?what did I do?." mare a 19 years old girl with a normal life,was it really normal? or not... it all happened when she met Chelsea..
poems for fun by _queenjj
poems for funby Nitrogen & Oxygen
poems that i write when no one's awake to listen to them
It Lurks by DireLaxion
It Lurksby Dire
Trying it out
Marshall past secret by Richie_Marshall_fan
Marshall past secretby RichieGAMEZ
The Paw patrol was surprised that they kept seeing wolfs at night until they saw what they didn't expect and that starts a mistery
Locked Out by epicgamerkid99284569
Locked Outby epicgamerkid99284569
Barry is a cute little cat plush made from hand, Adrian's mom made Barry for him as a Christmas gift. But one day Barry seems to notice that Adrian doesn't play with him...
Halloween Special by Official-Slenderman
Halloween Specialby Slenderman Certified
This is just a scary story for a bit of chills not so much to make you jump. Hope you enjoy!
How to Make Corpse Party NOT Scary by shdjsosnlslcndosns
How to Make Corpse Party NOT Scaryby shdjsosnlslcndosns
Corpse Party is most likely one of the most popular horror RPG games known to the anime world. It also has its own anime series, along with (of course) a manga series. A...
The Chronicles by Burak_Iloglu
The Chroniclesby Burak Iloglu
Bob is trying to save his brother, Gilbert Higgins from some weird evil woman.
Loud House: Rise of Error25 by SFMVideos
Loud House: Rise of Error25by SFM Videos
So i wach watching Spongebob. There was a new episode's. Until it popped loud house will be next. I was happy about it so i watched. The Intro Was Normal As Everytime. I...
The marauders : from the beginning  by KarlaMoore713
The marauders : from the beginning by KarlaMoore713
From 1st year to their last this is the mauraders story All characters belong to jk Rowling 🖤 If something doesn't make sense comment and I'll fix it 🖤
Bendy and the Ink Machine by Candythecat1246
Bendy and the Ink Machineby Candy the cat 1246
This is about a man name Henry and he went to a factory but then something went wrong with Bendy the Dancing Demon, henry have to survive and get out. ( Chapter 1 and 2...
The Plague Of London by kiwikat1
The Plague Of Londonby Kira_Kat_chezkiwi
Clara is a young girl in 16th century London. She is questioning the mysterious occurrences that seem to follow her day and uncovers a dark secret that challenges her re...
The Humming by allofakind
The Hummingby Ani-Kehl
Short ghost story Jaime Hills just moved in and may have gotten himself into some major trouble when he accidentally challenges the leader of the gang at his school. He...