Harmless by -Notoriety-
Harmlessby ✧ Shaken ✧
In this world, the soul you're bound to has no way to hurt you. They cannot harm you, by purpose, by mistake; this is law. In the middle of a war, two bullets glance har...
  • harmless
  • shaken
  • war
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One Beat of My Heart by -Notoriety-
One Beat of My Heartby ✧ Shaken ✧
A collection of single sentences, that explain an entire existence.
  • one
  • heart
  • look
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The Real-Life Profile Of A Gamer by -Notoriety-
The Real-Life Profile Of A Gamerby ✧ Shaken ✧
Tommy is 22. He's in the first half of his last term of college, and where he thinks he's becoming a software designer, he's really just sitting at home, always in his r...
  • future
  • desperation
  • parents
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States of mind by Reand2501
States of mindby Reand2501
I don't really know what is this going to be about. Just gonna share my thoughts, feelings, stuffs. You don't have to mind the creation of my mind. If you gonna like som...
  • life
  • thoughts
  • maybe
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