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24𝕥𝕙 𝕠𝕗 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣 by Lztpalapa
24𝕥𝕙 𝕠𝕗 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣by John-Peeper-Hop
Just a couple poems and stories from the best... and worst times in my life.
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She should've been mine Eliza Schuyler X Reader by She_is_Bruised
She should've been mine Eliza The_Bitchy_Alien
Y/N Hamilton, the sister of the founding father Alexander Hamilton. When Alexander meets Eliza and falls in love, he is oblivious to his sister's love for the schuyler s...
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Svemislene misli by PinkyEmsyCat
Svemislene misliby Ruzicasta tresnja
Od pcele do slona Pokusaj poezije
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I know  by YoItsizabella
I know by ThatOnePerson
Sad short story or whatever you wanna call this
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secret baby 👶 by DestinyBarefoot
secret baby 👶by Destiny Barefoot
This story is about a good girl falling for a bad boy and doing something stupid and getting kicked out the house and being homeless with out no one to help her and her...
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Tortured Luna by Mistaken-Love
Tortured Lunaby Mistaken-Love
Paige Micheals a junior in high school just moved to a knew town with her rogue family, her family has tortured her ever since her twin brother died and they still don't...
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Invincible-A horse story by SaphireAndDiablo
Invincible-A horse storyby Sapphire
"Selle francais?What is that? You think I don't know horse breeds?" Selle francais is a majestic horse breed, francais ,means french. So from what I think it i...
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Silent by DarkShadowDemon
Silentby DarkShadow_Hybrid\Female\And...
Isabelle wears a mask. She doesn't talk to anyone. She's bullied in school and beat at home. She's one of principal's favorites. No one knows why though. Her mother is...
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Married to the Bad Boy by Trista_26
Married to the Bad Boyby Trista
I didn't love him. He didn't love me. We were now married. I only married him for protection. Technically he made me marry him. Of course he was cute and attractive, but...
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i just suck at love apparently  by CelesteRasner
i just suck at love apparently by CelesteRasner
I've realized that I suck at love, and I've decided to journal how the boys make me feel.
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Kiribaku hanahaki  by Disaster_Gay
Kiribaku hanahaki by Max/ Maxi
Kirishima could feel his heart break as he saw Bakugo kiss Uraraka. He ran away as fast as possible and felt an aching in his lungs as he sat on the bathroom floor. He...
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The Side Wife by kater1n
The Side Wifeby Katerin
Maybe at the beginning, there was nothing, but so much happened in the span of five years.Feeling were developed and the desire between both man and woman burned. Well...
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Just words by xXzeiXx
Just wordsby Zei X
they are just words that i was too afraid or weak to say so i decided to write them cuz, why not?
Juliana Agustin Story  by singlesince2006
Juliana Agustin Story by singlesince2006
_________________________________________ "Eddie stop your chocking me" I said. I can't believe my life has come to this my own brother is chocking me like if...
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Lost by --bones
Lostby 132
i-a fost frica sa il iubeasca. el i-a dat un motiv sa nu o mai faca.
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The Flower that Bloomed in the Rain by TheWorseBookEver56
The Flower that Bloomed in the Rainby The Jazza Books
When the worlds begin to crash around you and you started to feel worthless may this one spark guide you to another spark and change the fate of your future and maybe yo...
IF.... by latenightphilosopher souldead
☺COMPLETED☺ Its a simple one shot on people's regrets. he commited a mistake.. he caused her pain.. he regretted the mistake... he asked for a chance... but she commi...
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Poems by moi_moii
Poemsby moi_moii
Just a story with a lot of poems
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Depressed  by Gems3451
Depressed by Gems
15 year old Amber is having the worst year of her life, her dad died, her friends ditched her, and her grades are dropping. She's been stuck in the very big hole of depr...
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.. by lit_night lit_night
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