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❤️Not love❤️ 🦋 | | Peter Parker x Reader | | 🦋 {Completed✔︎}  by itzteadarling
❤️Not love❤️ 🦋 | | Peter Parker gigi
You (the main character in this story) have superpowers that you know about (super speed) but don't know everything about them, having a pretty horrible life, moving to...
Fuckboy, Fuckgirl by twelveyears
Fuckboy, Fuckgirlby Abby
In the summer of 2016, a fuckboy and a fuckgirl meet on Nantucket. They end up striking a messed up sort of relationship, spending the rest of their bittersweet summer w...
story entries  by gillianth
story entries by jillian
a bit of everything. whatever comes to my mind. the entries may be continued, they may not. who knows? maybe if they're lucky i'll even write them a whole book! anyways...
The Academy of Weird Arts by zari_and_lottie
The Academy of Weird Artsby Zari and Lottie
Lemon Chilla enrols herself in the Academy of Weird Arts for a dare by her best friend Alex Moroney. The Academy has been open for 104 years, but no one had noticed it...
Poetry by blue_sea22
Poetryby blue_sea22
These poems are stories that would randomly pop out of my mind. Some share messages of my beliefs. Some are about my personal thoughts. I hope you enjoy my randomness.
Default Title - Write Your Own by Lovestories1525
Default Title - Write Your Ownby Lovestories1525
"Love turns people into fools and nothing more."
One Line Only !? by hope_tara
One Line Only !?by hope_tara
if you are done reading long poems try this one. Actually i'm done reading long epic poems so why doing it hard way when you can do it easily?. One line is more than eno...
Thoughts by jenniferdp1d
Thoughtsby Jnn
first part of the series "Random thoughts of a broken hearted girl". Primera parte de la serie "Pensamientos random de una chica con el corazón roto"...
My Rant About Hilary Clinton by ---ILoveMyLukey16---
My Rant About Hilary Clintonby I ❤ Jacob Sartorius
Well, You see I don't like Hilary Clinton and I'm gonna rant about her, fuck my life
Love is Only a Feeling by khiamaree
Love is Only a Feelingby kianot
Allow me to bore you, yet again, with another love story among the countless other stories your eyes have feasted upon. With thousands of reasons to let go of someone, w...
Some Poetry by Yumei_Gaby
Some Poetryby Mei
Maybe something you can relate to? Or maybe not.
This Ain't No Love Story by crazy_yolo831_
This Ain't No Love Storyby crazy_yolo831_
Ellona is just your typical 14 year old LA girl! She's not famous or popular, but her mom is rich. Ellona doesn't fall in love with anyone in this story.
edd and echo by eddsworldfox33
edd and echoby eddsworldfox33animegirl
edd and echo we by them self as everyone left to go somewhere
diario descontrol by sarcastic_lover
diario descontrolby sarcastic_lover
Ésto no es una historia, solo es un simple desahogo sobre mis sentimientos que haré una vez cada tanto :3.
Reamagina - The Goddesses by free14death
Reamagina - The Goddessesby Carlos
There is another world beyond our minds. We all made a part of it and it has grown stronger than us, ready to enrapture reality itself. Earth, Reamagina, and Magdemoja...
I Spy With My Little Eye Something Blue {CrankGameplays X Reader} by LayersOfLife
I Spy With My Little Eye LayersOfLife
You're a secret agent whose been tasked to keep some idiot youtubers alive. You have absolutely no clue why somebody would want them dead and to make it even more fun, y...
Broken by lexilove79
Brokenby Alexis Nies
15 year old Cassidy is going to learn to ride horses. But the man she signed up for was maybe not the best pick out of them all. Ready. Set. Gone. Broken.
☬🌸τнє ℓαѕτ ρяοмιѕє🌸☬(COMPLETED✔️) by sisi-cat
☬🌸τнє ℓαѕτ ρяοмιѕє🌸☬(COMPLETED✔️)by sisi-cat
It's Not the Time Yet (original poetry) by ZoeCrystal24
It's Not the Time Yet (original ZoeCrystal24
It's my first poem ever. Hope you'll like it. ❤❤