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Survivors. by NamesBringPower
#1 Rin
[COMPLETED] My name is Rian Connolly. I am 18, asthmatic, scared of almost everything, I throw up at the sight of death, yet somehow I survived the zombie apocalypse. Th...
Not Dead Yet by Ashlyn-Marie
Not Dead Yetby Ashlyn-Marie
Rick knew ava, she lived on their street. And she ended up dealing with rick while he was a cop on more than one occasion. He believes she was still a good kid when they...
Not Dead Yet~Carl Grimes by Walkergirl_1616
Not Dead Yet~Carl Grimesby Josephine~ XD
My muscles trembled as the tears burst forth from my swollen eyes. My vision was blurred with my tears as I watched the people I loved, watch 'me' walk out from the barn...
If I Die by Luna_Lovegood2005
If I Dieby ℓυиα
"If I Die, would I be remembered?" Sam Carson is struggling with a lot of things. Mostly Life. Living between life and death, between forced choices and compu...
MADE TO KILL|| (a karma x reader love story by sleepxcy
MADE TO KILL|| (a karma x reader sleepxcy damn. this is my first story on this app;; i was just kinda a bored so- (on to the description) innocent or not.. Y/N had alot of respect from all kinds of peo...
Walls by Laurana04
Wallsby Laurana04
Have you ever felt like you were misjudged? Are your walls up so that no one, not even you can see how you're feeling? Do you ever look blank and empty minded, but in re...
All There Is To Know! by The-fan-shippers
All There Is To Know!by WEEEEEEEE
Highest ranking: #26 in Non-fiction on 2017-11-28. Shakshya. A beautiful ship. Torn apart by this hated thing... called school. Read more to read about this could've bee...
a poem abot jew haters by JewKyle
a poem abot jew hatersby JewKyle
wat i gota sai 2 jew haters
Already dead by anon4lyfe345
Already deadby Saby
Have you ever felt like you don't belong anywhere? Well that's exactly how Nicole felt. Until one day all her questions were reveled and she met him.
Not dead yet  by galaxiennie
Not dead yet by authyannie
the column that challenges ageism and celebrates being 50-plus it's also about the joy of old age (kinda) it's also based on a book that has the same title
us & them by melissxhxstings
us & themby melissxhxstings
“I can't watch netflix anymore“ in which a receptionist named Olivia is thrown into a world with cannibalistic bastards along with her group.
Not Dead Yet by ItsIPUG9000
Not Dead Yetby Kawaii_Potatoe_Cosplay
A girl who was never noticed and was bullied fakes her own death saying that she committed suicide but in all reality she just wanted to be noticed. She wanted people to...
Amy x Laurence/ Garroth x Aphmau/ Truth or Dare by LoveStruckFairy980
Amy x Laurence/ Garroth x LoveStruckFairy980
Truth or dare and pranks when the best people in the world! Laurence, Amy, Aphmau, Garroth, and Dante! Maybe even a few side stories...