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Why Didn't You Leave Me? by _Strawberry_Lemonz_
Why Didn't You Leave Me?by _Strawberry_Lemonz_
Tommy's mother works in a lab. She and her coworkers work on researching hybrids. No one knows where they came from or why, but humanity wanted to know as much as possib...
Basilisk Eyes by HegemoneMilo
Basilisk Eyesby Hegemone Milo
As Harry Potter slays the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, blood and venom get in his eyes, mostly blinding him. While Harry learns to adapt, he makes some new friend...
Just a Happy Ending by KachiSertona
Just a Happy Endingby Kachi Sertona
Bendy has never had a happy ending; it's all he's ever wanted. But after so many years of living under a lie, will he trust anyone to save him? When Henry finally goes b...
Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor by BrailleErin
Harry Potter and the Sword of BrailleErin
When some of the Death Eaters capture Harry, their curses go awry and instead of killing Harry they blind him. How is he going to return to Hogwarts and ultimately fight...
Marie's Agent 4 Factopedia by Not_Agent1
Marie's Agent 4 Factopediaby Callie
I'm Callie and I feel that it's time to expose my cousin's creepy Agent 4 Fanfiction since there's some really weird stuff in it that the world needs to know about and a...
The lies behind their masks - A(nother) Hermitcraft and Evo AU fanfiction. by EmberDragon34
The lies behind their masks - A( Angst God Ember of the Hermit...
GUESS WHAT? It's time for another Hermitcraft fanfiction I'll stop liking halfway through! The watchers are coming, and Hermitcraft's chaos. Permadeaths, deadly glitche...
Don't leave your stick in the sun | An animator vs animation one shot book by duckbang
Don't leave your stick in the A duck with a Gun
"Why hello there!" He said. His hands were shaking. - The world sleeps but the sacred family stays awake. I do not speak of what I saw from my eyes. I speak wh...
What Would Make Alastor Cry? by BlobbyFanficTrash43
What Would Make Alastor Cry?by BlobbyFanficTrash
So I somehow got this entire idea for a fanfic from watching a video on YouTube. What if Charlie reminded Alastor of someone from his life? I wanted to make this more or...
Harry Potter and the Blind Seer of Durmstrang by BrailleErin
Harry Potter and the Blind Seer BrailleErin
Sequel to Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor. Blind Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts for his fourth year but gets more than he bargained for. AU. Those who asked...
Rolling Eyes Fall by Aek9716
Rolling Eyes Fallby Aek 971
Y/N L/N has been searching for the truth behind his brother's murder for 36 years and will stop at nothing to find the killer. He encounters many friends and enemies ali...
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Emaline Goode: The Raven Of Ilvermorny: A Secrets Of The Gordian Knot prequel by JamesPascatore
Emaline Goode: The Raven Of James Pascatore
In this prequel to The Secrets Of The Gordian Knot, Hogwarts has never had an American student before in its 1000-year history. That changes when Emaline Goode, a 16-yea...
SPARK ; lunch club by lemonadeleaves
SPARK ; lunch clubby cupid <3
a collection of platonic short stories involving the lunch club boys (+ a few other streamers). enjoy! 🎠🍊🏵 if any creator featured is made uncomfortable in anyway my...
Harry Potter and the Inferi Cohort by HegemoneMilo
Harry Potter and the Inferi Cohortby Hegemone Milo
Trying to escape the island in the cave with a drug-addled Dumbledore, Harry accidentally discovers that the Inferi are touch starved. They help Harry and Dumbledore cro...
🖤💜 The BLACKBANGTAN Series 💜🖤 by CANCERIAN1307
🖤💜 The BLACKBANGTAN Series 💜🖤by 🖤July baby🖤
When Two worlds collide! The hottest girl group is all set to Collab with the blockbuster boy band ........ Will it be limited to only a song? Or do the idols have somet...
Pogs n Shit (a oneshot book) by lonely-dancing
Pogs n Shit (a oneshot book)by bruhmoment
"Sorry, what? I couldn't hear you over the sound of my crippling debt." Platonic and sometimes satirical or angsty oneshots that will either make you sad or ha...
Unseen by Niantic2604
Unseenby Niantic
Dream gets into a bad car accident late at night on his way home from the store, he sustains some injuries, most of them aren't bad, he can recover from them. But not al...
An Uproar of Silence  by Niantic2604
An Uproar of Silence by Niantic
Everything is normal in the Hermitcraft sever, some were building, some working on big projects, some are expecting to have a great night with their friends, and some ar...
|| Changing Hearts || by MintsThoughts3
|| Changing Hearts ||by Mint
Hello! This story is about the Rowdyruff boys and Frost (My OC) who fosters the Rowdyruff Boys in hopes of turning them into better kids. ( P.S. THIS BOOK DOES NOT CONT...
K o k o r o (Boboiboy ver.) by wayworn
K o k o r o (Boboiboy ver.)by ハリ!🦋
It has been a couple of years since Boboiboy died in battle. Even so, his friends aren't so ready to move on from his death, not when he was so young, so much time to ha...
homeless by BigScaryBear
homelessby Big Bear
"what is it you want gremlin" "hey will, im kinda homeless right now" an fluffy angsty story :) No shipping, tommy is a minor.