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|Trust No One| (Dipper Pines X Reader) by losersquadunite
|Trust No One| (Dipper Pines X LoserSquadUnite
_________________________________________ "Maybe if you hadn't been such a little Jerk throughout the year I wouldn't feel the need to send you away during the Summ...
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Things Are Different  by theofficialstories
Things Are Different by Unlimited Understandings
Noel Kardashian-West is one of the most talented young music influencers in the world. His step-dad being Kanye West, his freshman project has to be phenomenal beyond me...
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Last Chance by ShrazyMe
Last Chanceby ShrazyMe
This is her last chance at love.
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Prodigy | Dipper Gleeful x Reader by Eliyune
Prodigy | Dipper Gleeful x Readerby elaine ✨
•You're a violin prodigy• Welcome to Reverse Falls, [Name], our violin prodigy. Welcome to a place full of secrets and schemes. Moving to Reverse Falls was a perfect pla...
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Little White Lies: Dipper and Pacifica Fanfic by ynaholivera
Little White Lies: Dipper and ynniemeenie
"I hate you." "I hate you more." Yes, Dipper and Pacifica "hates" each other because they seem to be completely opposites. But what if one...
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I'm staying by Dinogrl
I'm stayingby I'm_Trash
Mabel is going back home. But someone urges her to stay.
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KUWTK MEMES II by sparklybish
KUWTK MEMES IIby thank u, next.
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Life As A Willams by Oma_aliz
Life As A Willamsby Melanie
"You think being a Williams is easy?" She stared at me like I was crazy. "uh, Yeah!!" I chuckled at her answer. "Let me rephrase that question...
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It Must Be Love (Love #1)  by Star-Shay
It Must Be Love (Love #1) by Star-Shay
Nigel Hamilton is a successful businessman and single father whose life basically revolves around his four year old daughter since her mom skipped out on them when she w...
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Death by a Dark Horse by SusanSchreyer
Death by a Dark Horseby Susan Schreyer
Thea Campbell goes out for revenge when the one person who habitually delights in tormenting her steals her horse. But wealthy and self-centered Valerie Parsons is past...
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A Party - Dipifica by Confidently_Awkward
A Party - Dipificaby Confidently_Awkward
Just a Dipifica story... Dipper and his family are planning a party. But, what happens when Pacifica gets an invitation and feelings are stirred? I don't own Gravity Fa...
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Westermore by HyungbinKang
Westermoreby Hyungbin Kang
A summer ride gives a glimpse of seasons' time. 42 stanzas surrounding the hydrology of the Snake River. The Alpha and Omega being tested out. I can't say I made it all...
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Adopted by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West by RealLife4Life
Adopted by Kim Kardashian and Cefalu16721
Jake's life changes when he gets adopted by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. (A/N-Jake is a baby in this story. In this story jake is 3 months old.
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Bill Cipher's Daughter: Book 2; The Afterwards by _Aquilae
Bill Cipher's Daughter: Book 2; Aquilae
After the Rift opened a portal from the nightmare realm to the human world, everything fell into chaos when Bill Cipher, your father, came over. You , (Y/N), along with...
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Dipcifica- You Can't Pay Me (DISCONTINUED) by AbbyKitty47
Dipcifica- You Can't Pay Me ( § Abby §
This fanfic starts out in season 2 episode 10 of "Gravity Falls", when Dipper and Pacifica are trying to catch the ghost in the Northwest mansion. POV is third...
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Gravity Rises: The Northwest Mist by AquaPICKLEZ
Gravity Rises: The Northwest Mistby AquaPICKLEZ
Gideon Northwest - you hate him, don't you? If you don't, you must know that he's a snobby, rich, blue-sweater-with-a-fancy-black-coat-on-top-wearing kid from the most s...
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A Lot More Than Enemies by thejokingjoker
A Lot More Than Enemiesby Jordan starz
After the party Pacifica couldn't get Mabel out of her head she was just so nice to me wait but she's my enemy but what if we become a lot more Pacificaxmabel
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A Night To Remember (Dipcifica Short) [Completed] by GhostyGoo15
A Night To Remember (Dipcifica GhostyGoo15
Wonder what happens after pacifica and dipper part ways, after the credits? Take a twist as to what happened that night
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Pray You Catch Me  by JassmineKay
Pray You Catch Me by JassmineKay
What happens when your significant other dies just to leave you with an unborn child only to remind you of her.
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Gleeful mansion mystery by Llamanicfalls
Gleeful mansion mysteryby Trust No One
The gleeful mansion is under attack by a ghost and the gleeful twins give into asking the pines cousins for help. (that is all I can share without giving too much away...
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