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→black Eyed [[ countryhumans]]←AU by Zum12346
→black Eyed [[ countryhumans]]←AUby ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
America has kept his secret for years with it going unnoticed, but his family decided to move and enroll him to a new school. how long can he keep his act up? how will n...
[discontinued] The Baby Problem by whitewolf_warrior
[discontinued] The Baby Problemby Lilith
I'm not good with descriptions- What happens when one of the most hated, cold, and mean country turns into a baby due to a lab accident?
⟨SmutShots-FluffShots⟩ CountryHumans×Reader(Y/N) by MochaSimps
⟨SmutShots-FluffShots⟩ MochaSimps
[Insert] «You have now sign in to be the most wondrous IMAGINATION that you have never been before» -WELCOME TO THE "HUMANS IMAGINARY"- ★Imma just put a warni...
Countryhumans Boyfriend Scenario by JaceyyInSpace
Countryhumans Boyfriend Scenarioby ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Hello! This is a Boyfriend Scenario of Countryhumans, I only make X FEMALE Reader, not Male... Sorry!
NEKO SUGAR CUBES ~ Countryhumans by DianLivianne
NEKO SUGAR CUBES ~ Countryhumansby DianLivianne
Neko sugar cubes were one of Japan's potion that can turn another human into a cat-half-person like her. But one afternoon, she left that potion on the Korean's house, a...
You Destroyed Me {Cold War AU (Countryhumans)} by AverageMinds
You Destroyed Me {Cold War AU ( Average Minds
Cover art not mine Y'all, this is supposed to be really depressing actually. The AU is basically: America lost the Cold War instead of USSR This turned America into Sovi...
Countryhuman brother scenarios by Cookiedough55
Countryhuman brother scenariosby Latviaslefteyeball
Request are open! I discontinued this story for a while but I'm sure I've gotten myself together and yes I'm gonna carry this book on
CountryHumans Boyfriend-Scenarios × Oneshot{DEAD} by Suki_Ruki
CountryHumans S × K I
Cover Art Not By Me. Sorry for deleting the RM book, since there were lots of hates and I don't give an shit about it.
Nobody Is Heartless by Aussie-Steyr
Nobody Is Heartlessby I want cookies
No one it heartless. The cafe was filt with people as I sat in peace, writing poems. A young man gives me my coffee and eye contact. My heart skipped a beat. what was th...
Stuck With The Enemy by TheOldJazz
Stuck With The Enemyby TheOldJazz
With the rising concern of nuclear weapons countries and organisations are trying to settle on a safe agreement. Unfortunately, not every country is cooperative and afte...
Solving of the Countries by ThunderWolf21
Solving of the Countriesby ThunderWolf21
The countries settled in a new place. The organizations, specifically UN, has set a goal. They want to fix the countries relationships with each other. Specifically...
Countryhumans Oneshot by Peru_oc
Countryhumans Oneshotby Peru_Oc
•Nsfw•smut•fluff•angst• •This oneshot is for countryhumans• •You can freely request stories for me to write!• •Have fun reading!•
Game Over [ Countryhumans X Reader ] by SoyaBeanie
Game Over [ Countryhumans X SoyaBeanie
(COMPLETED) You are a mortal girl with a mortal life you're nothing special, at least you think so. Being able to do something other humans can't, you meet a mysterious...
Safeway Pyongyang // Reader x Countryhumans by Miki0T
Safeway Pyongyang // Reader x FriendlyVigilante
North Korea x reader except I'm trapped in my house so it's going to be a wild ride. Y/N has finally made it to the one place that she might be safe- Pyongyang. But now...
Warring Pyongyang // Reader x Countryhumans by Miki0T
Warring Pyongyang // Reader x FriendlyVigilante
Part two, суки Y/N is back, and trapped in the middle of World War Three, with her boyfriend- North Korea. It's their new Communist Bloc versus America and NATO. And if...
Lovers by Lunawolf34
Loversby J. E. Collins
This is book two of Unexpected. If you have not read it... I highly advise you should. You have been warned. *the cover is made by http_shipperalert.uwu (that's their In...
United Nations Academy by Kumo-chan246
United Nations Academyby Kamiyona Kumo
This is about a little country that travels a whole new world and befriends with other country. But as the story goes, there's always conflict that's messing with her. L...
Countryhumans x Reader (Slow updates/Old) by Icefang11
Countryhumans x Reader (Slow End mii
All by yourself, at the age of 18 you moved out. At your new place you start to notice something strange. Little flickers happening in the corner of your eye every now a...
Country humans incorrect quotes by ROMULUS_06
Country humans incorrect quotesby Romulus
Get ready for some stupid shit • Cover Art by sanjomoda on instagram • Will try to update everyday