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Margaret Hale & John Thornton by yamisan3210
Margaret Hale & John Thorntonby yamisan3210
As a homage to North &South (BBC 2004)** Why were you in Helstone?__ When Margaret asked John on the train, what would he answer? How about his mother? What of Higgins...
Missing Mr Thornton by bryony_grace
Missing Mr Thorntonby Bryony Grace
Margaret just misses Mr Thornton at the train station, she ends up marrying Henry Lennox her old friend thinking that Mr Thornton wants nothing to do with her, but they...
Every step Together by Thelost_soul7
Every step Togetherby Akanksha
"What the hell??" I shouted watching him standing at the door all smirking "Won't you invite me inside?" He asked me with a smirk dancing on lip...
Hearts revival (a follow up from the North and South tale) by LadySchneefee
Hearts revival (a follow up from schneefee
Elisabeth Armitage merely exists, she is an exceedingly rich heiress feeling at odds with her life. She slowly discovers a way of making peace with her soul. On this jou...
Second Chance (a North and South tale) by tini_25
Second Chance (a North and South tini_25
Different take on North and South. It starts when Mr. Thornton leaves Margaret after his disaster of proposal. She acidently falls and loses her memory of the proposal a...
North and South-Marlborough Mill by OceanaYalson
North and South-Marlborough Millby Oceanna
North and South (BBC miniseries) fanfic following some events in the lives of Margaret and John.
What We Trade Our Hearing For (a North and South Story) by RiversOnFire
What We Trade Our Hearing For (a RiversOnFire
What if Margaret was an event photographer and John owned a concert venue? A modern AU story, set in the not-quite-current day United States. Starts with the beginning a...
In The Silence Of The Night by SerpentsOfJones
In The Silence Of The Nightby Alice & FP Jones 🐍
Young FP and Alice are keeping their daughter safe as they scramble, trying to figure out how to trust. My first Falice story... Let me know what you think.
Father and Son by HeatherH17
Father and Sonby Heather
A short story after the birth of John and Margaret Thornton's first child. -The story is evolving and I can't honestly say where it will go, if anywhere. When I have goo...
Shadow in the North by EmMarlow
Shadow in the Northby Emma
What if a work of fiction wasn't fiction at all? What if we only thought it was fiction because it was written down, and we were separated from it by the page? Isabel Da...
North and South-This Life by OceanaYalson
North and South-This Lifeby Oceanna
After Margaret and John's wedding
East and West (on hold) by muchadoaboutausten
East and West (on hold)by Sophie Emanna
A modern retelling of the classic tale North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. Megan Hale grew up in New York with her cousin, Emily. After Emily gets married, Meg goes b...
Shorts by moon_dragonrider
Shortsby Moon Dragonrider
This is a collection of my short stories. I will be updating this over the coming years.
My Pokemon Game (Tag) by Shogunlordpoke
My Pokemon Game (Tag)by Kamen rider Kiken (Sean L.)
so after watching a few related to this Tag, I wanted to write about it, but I'm going in a little deeper then they have, so prepare yourselves for the chilling winds of...
Memory by EstherSchadt
Memoryby Esther Schadt
...Suddenly it all came crashing down about his ears. "You cannot be serious!", John bolted through the collapsed building, covering his head from falling bric...
26 hours 40 minutes by DharmaTejaDasari
26 hours 40 minutesby Lover_of_Minne
A guy travelled to lucknow to meet his girlfriend for the first time. What he experienced after meeting his girlfriend. How they felt after ther 1st meet.
The bastard and the princess by jaya94
The bastard and the princessby jaya94
It is a well known fact that the king of the south have many mistresses. But very few know that he have a bastard son. Hidden from the public, Tristan is trained as a...
Forever and Always: A Fairytale by Abw925
Forever and Always: A Fairytaleby Abby White
There once was a young elf girl named Elianna who lived in a small village on the countryside of the Duvaria Kingdom, which was ruled by the Duvaria royal family. While...