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Lightning strike (Male Thor reader x DC and Marvel) by WalkingBiohazard
Lightning strike (Male Thor WalkingBiohazard
Many believe only the Greek pantheon exists, in case of Wonder Woman and everything related to her. But what if there was another pantheon in the shadows, just watching...
Percy Jackson , hunter of Artemis . by Louloudiwrites
Percy Jackson , hunter of Artemis .by Louloudiwrites
After the war with Gaea the gods decide Percy isn't needed anymore and decide to settle their personal disputes with him starting with kicking him out of camp . (Mild Pe...
The Jotun's Daughter by Here_Be_Dragons
The Jotun's Daughterby Here_Be_Dragons
My title is Kayla. My mother stole things neither Hydra nor SHEILD even knew existed. Up until now, I did not care about my origin. But mum's dead, SHEILD knows of my...
The Viking Hero: Odin by UnKoWn80
The Viking Hero: Odinby Unkown_User
Izuku Yagi is a young boy who was neglected by his parents, the #1 Pro Hero All Might, Otherwise known as Toshinori Yagi, and #12 Pro Hero PsyWave, Otherwise known as In...
HTTYD: Race to the Egde (Male Reader Instert) by ShallotStudioz
HTTYD: Race to the Egde (Male Haedn
Y/n is a young Viking who washed up on the shores of Berk. Thankfully, they all accept him into their village with open arms. It wasn't too bad a place. Not terrible foo...
Skuldalið (BoyxBoy) by MorganicEgg
Skuldalið (BoyxBoy)by Morganic™
Calder did not feel that this was to be his future, but then again, the Norns do what they must for everyone's destiny. He was saved from his mother, who had kicked him...
Asgardian - Son of Yagi  by magesticflame5166
Asgardian - Son of Yagi by MAGESTICFLAME
It had been many centuries since the death of the mighty Thor by the hands of his own father and through the years his soul had finally reached a new body the body of yo...
In which Ylva Sigefridsdottir, also known as Ylva the Dread, had been an earl since she was a young girl, despite having two brothers, following the death of her mad fat...
The God of War (Male Reader x RWBY) by AntiheroicShadow
The God of War (Male Reader x RWBY)by AntiheroicShadow
Y/n L/n never was the most popular guy. It's not as if he was aggressive or confrontational. No, the reason isn't even in his control. He's an orphan and because of this...
Reading the Legacy of Asgard by RangerJacksonPotter
Reading the Legacy of Asgardby RangerJacksonPotter
All rights go to Rick Riordan and Anaklusmos14. What would happen if Percy Jackson was sent back in time, with his Roman buddies and some Greek buddies during the war...
Queen Of Peace - Ivar The Boneless (book 2) by skalheda
Queen Of Peace - Ivar The Rhiannon
Book two of Blind Love After being saved from the Saxons and brought back to the man she loves, Ailbe has grown far less naive. Still a gentle soul with a heart of gold...
Northern Born (RWBY Story) by Countrywide22
Northern Born (RWBY Story)by Countrywide22
Betrayal....a wound that never heals. Exile....a scar that never fades away. Ridicule....a pain that never goes away. These are what Jaune Arc felt when Beacon outcast h...
Heir To The Iron Crown: Dyrith by selladore_
Heir To The Iron Crown: Dyrithby Aisha
(Book 3/3) Being a Dyrith adds a whole new level of complexity when you're also a werewolf. In this realm of powerful creatures, when you have the abilities of more than...
Forging A Heart (Ivar the Boneless) by KittensMeow_
Forging A Heart (Ivar the Boneless)by Carolina ❤
(UNEDITED TRASH) A Grecian girl is taken from her home in the Mediterranean during a raid in a Christian monestary. She is thrown into dangerous waters after she is gift...
Ars Goetia (DxD) by pausevlim
Ars Goetia (DxD)by Yhwach
The true son of Lucifer and Lilith that died during birth, only to become something more Disclaimer: I do not own any of this except my OCs
Obsessed with knowledge (Male Odin reader x Union) by WalkingBiohazard
Obsessed with knowledge (Male WalkingBiohazard
Knowledge is arguably the strongest power But it is also the most alluring Breaking minds Demanding sacrifices And one boy is fueled of an obsession with it
Agent Fury by theoreticaltheif
Agent Furyby Jessie
Roxane Mackie Fury is a profiler in the BAU. Her father, Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury aka Director Nick Fury of SHIELD, looks to her as a mess. She is 22 and single. She...
Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase Characters x Reader (Requests Closed) by blue_divergents
Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase Raph's Fangirl (Quotev)
Chapters, unless requested otherwise, are open to all genders to read! A collection of short stories, scenarios, one shots, and imagines for your favorite PJO/HoO and Ma...
ANGRBODA ※ Tony Stark  [1] by Fleur-DeLys
ANGRBODA ※ Tony Stark [1]by L
❝ Having you around has made Earth seem strangely... tolerable. ❞ Known as the Harpy for her fierce and calculating ways, Angrboda never expected anyone to dare take adv...
Lifeline - Vikings (Ivar) by skalheda
Lifeline - Vikings (Ivar)by Rhiannon
-Just keep following The heartlines on your hand-