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VKOOK | NORMAL BOY by haveuseenherhush
VKOOK | NORMAL BOYby haveuseenherhush
"Sometimes I wonder.What would life be if I was a normal boy." words :1,782 genre : angst pairing :vkook (taekook) trigger warnings : mention of abuse (slightl...
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Civilization Beyond the Stars by VDhriti
Civilization Beyond the Starsby Daniel Ventus
Eleven lords, eleven living planets was all they had left now. Centuries ago, there'd been thousands, but all of them fell and were captured, victims to the merciless im...
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Fleeting Essence by zintsubaki
Fleeting Essenceby zintsubaki
Its when you can see death smiling on you that you see everything around you in new light....... "Okay's my first piece for you all. Please do comment...
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exactly by artyena
exactlyby artyena
"I've always been an average baby, an average kid, an average little boy, and an average teen, with average parents, in an average family, with an average house in...
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I must to win by Mrs_Rebel_
I must to winby Mrs_Rebel_
-Ale musisz wygrać ! Musisz wygrać ten pieprzony zakład ! -Ale ja... -Van, nie załamuj mnie, to zwykły chłopak, jak każdy inny! -Daj mi spokój...Proszę...
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Chad West: The Boy with a Unicorn. by CheeseandBaconBall
Chad West: The Boy with a MrHappyGamesMC
Meet Chad, a 11 year boy who is bullied at school, until one special day where he learns how to fly and makes a new unicorn friend with a French accent called Roberto. L...
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Long story by nadiapedersen1810
Long storyby Nadia Pedersen :)
Prince Elliot and Isabel Prince Elliot start at a normal school and try to be a normal kid Isabel Fall in the arms of Elliot and Can get her eyes from him or that what...
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The normal boy and the emo boy (BoyxBoy) by Stormy_Skylar
The normal boy and the emo boy ( Stormy Skylar
This is an LGBTQ+ fanfiction about a normal boy named Max and the emo Skyler normal boy finds out Skyler is a transmale and thinks it amazing but he gets bullied for bei...
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The Sand of Time by BloodPheonix
The Sand of Timeby Aria Xander
A girl & a boy. A diary & and an hourglass. Rebecca Dowry is in her third year of high shool. She has a diary that contains the story of her life written in black ink on...
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Marcy 'n' Julian by FinnWoolley
Marcy 'n' Julianby Finn Woolley
Two beautifully unique people. Simply finding each other. Jamming and dancing, To some freakin' good songs.
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Coffee shop☕️ by username_penny
Coffee shop☕️by username_penny
I drink tea not coffee... But I'll drink it just to be kind When a very sweet and stubborn girl meets with a very attractive smart boy and... An overly handsome man What...
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The Cherry Tree by thinkingstars
The Cherry Treeby A.C.
There's always that one girl everyone knows but no one has a clue who she actually is. That's Cress.
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Check Mate by fyodrat
Check Mateby M I D O R I
I am just an ordinary boy, living my ordinary life. But what is ordinary? Why is it considered ordinary to have a though life at school, parents that are always fighting...
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One performance is all that It takes.. by fanficslover7
One performance is all that It fanficslover7
A boy from North-east India deeply in love with Kpop k drama and Korea itself. His dreams aims scattered but he hold onto his love I.e kpop and Korea itself. Things nev...
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Growing pains  by Travisy
Growing pains by Travisy
Rough draft if you want to read more give positive feedback and share
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Strange Encounters by carterazgrard
Strange Encountersby Carter
Jack is just a boy moving to a big city, from a small town. He meets a strange girl, and his life takes a turn he never could have dreamed of. What will happen next? Rea...
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I'm A Monster by avery157
I'm A Monsterby Avery
Killed thousands of people for the past five years. Having Super-natural powers. Getting chased by a malicious scientist. Suffered from manipulative fakers called "...
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