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Our Journey (the Fourth Book in the Her Weakness series) by The_Sarcastic_Dork
Our Journey (the Fourth Book in Beau Howard
Together with their guards, Octavia, and Raven, Clarke and Lexa have made it to the Sankru city on their travels that encompasses all Thirteen Clans. And Lexa's planning...
maniac by bokutosgiantback
maniacby ilykatsuki<3
it's inspired by maniac by conan grey there's: trans bakugou bakudeku friendship todoroki being dumb for a sec also trigger warning for literally everything like a lo...
It's a Cryptic World| |MHA/BNHA AU by Reality666Rift999
It's a Cryptic World| |MHA/BNHA AUby Roman Cipher
People haven't noticed, not yet at least. How far Class A's weirdness really goes. But all will come to light at some point. Whether they want it to or not. ---- (Ships...
An unnecessary guide to Ikon  by Bakug0usgf
An unnecessary guide to Ikon by pat the hammer
It's just their profiles xD
Yut-Lung's brother ASHEIJI LOVE STORY by harder-zaddy
Yut-Lung's brother ASHEIJI LOVE Bwehehehehe
Narancia Shouldn't be Allowed to Create Group Chats by littlelevis
Narancia Shouldn't be Allowed to JaiVe
Narancia thinks it's a great idea to create a group chat. mista is slut, nara starts drama, fugo is confused and scared, abba has gone crazy, giorno is jealous, and brun...
You Can Go....I love you. by DopeyDinosaur22
You Can Go....I love DopeyDinosaur22
This story is based on the movie If I Stay, but only the scene where Mia's grandfather gives her permition to pass, except its Clarke in Mia's shoes and Lexa as her girl...
The New Baseball star (Clemerva vs Violentine) by Yuri-Queen
The New Baseball star (Clemerva YuriQueen
Clementine is excepted into Ericson's boarding school only because of her skills as a baseball star. At this school she meets a lot of people but two girls catch her eye...
Downton Abbey (No Deaths Version!) by bjividen858
Downton Abbey (No Deaths Version!)by Chef Breezy
In this version Michael Gregson isn't found until after the Drewes leave. He is found but is in hiding. Sybil and Tom are fine as well but may be moving closer to the ag...
wow i created a dear evan hansen au by puffle77y
wow i created a dear evan hansen auby sneef
its kinda generic but idc i like it and im gonna post headcanons for it in this but basically zoe and connor and mermaids and evan is gay for the shark(connor). if y'all...
And Eve Was Weak by roundthecherrytree
And Eve Was Weakby cherrywine
The Harlivy Carrie au that no one asked for
Death Won't Come Easy by Pendule
Death Won't Come Easyby Pendule
"Yuuji wants to die. In this instant, there's nothing Yuuji wants more than this." Yuuji reflects on the situation he's in, and comes to a conclusion.
I Am King (Fuck you Anne Holm) by Pearl657
I Am King (Fuck you Anne Holm)by Pearl657
Minor spoilers for I Am David. Because I'm fucking pissed that King dies. WHY DID THIS GIFT FROM GOD HAVE TO DIE???? Anyhow I decided to stop writing depressing story's...
Who are We? by jxsh_dxmxnic
Who are We?by bxnny_jxsh
This came from a tiktok about NCT as Melanie Martinez songs and I appreciated that. idea credit: @jisungdamermaid
The Alpha and the Omega switch roles by AmearaV
The Alpha and the Omega switch AmearaV
This isn't supposed to be happening. I wasn't supposed to want to submit. I wasn't supposed to want to fell someone's hands on me in a way I was supposed to do to them...
dear starboy but the ending is happy and no one dies by just_your_problem83
dear starboy but the ending is PeePee Ninny.
i rewrote the ending because i couldnt sleep otherwise
Nothing as Amazing as a Musical? by StarryKid24
Nothing as Amazing as a Musical?by Heart-eyes-101
When a community production of Brigadoon is searching for a team, what would happen when a crabby little sister and the tech wiz kid begrudgingly get roped into it. Wil...
Ride or Die (Percy Jackson fanfic) by -fallingfromgrace-
Ride or Die (Percy Jackson fanfic)by 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘮𝘦 𝘭𝘢𝘶𝘨...
This is a Percy Jackson AU, but with only the characters from PJO. Luke, Thalia, Silena, Beckendorf, Zoë, Ethan, & Chris are in college, everyone else is still in high...