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Love is Forever by Caristotle64
Love is Foreverby Caleb Gonzalez
[COMPLETED] After Noodle's return to Plastic Beach, 2-D grows feelings for his best friend who has finally become a woman. Will his love be unrequited or returned? [COVE...
Thoughts by 2D : GORILLAZ by 2Dingle
Thoughts by 2D : GORILLAZby 2D
This book contains the thoughts of 2D himself. He will spill out all of his emotions in one book.
To Be A Lady (Gorillaz Fanfiction) by BabyGirlGore
To Be A Lady (Gorillaz Fanfiction)by :P
[2D x Noodle] When a 20 year old Noodle finds herself falling in love with her fellow band-mate, 2D, will she give in to the feelings, or try to hide them from the rest...
Stay with me. (2DxNoodle) by XSleepingX
Stay with me. (2DxNoodle)by XSleepingX
The band is falling apart and Noodle is feeling more alone than ever. The only one she talks to anymore is 2D but he's always busy having two jobs. He has these jobs so...
The Woman of My Life by Caristotle64
The Woman of My Lifeby Caleb Gonzalez
[COMPLETED] (Sequel of "Love is Forever") It's been six months since 2D has confessed his feelings for Noodle. Now, he wants to ask her a very special question...
2D x Noodle (Soft Edition ❤)  by lxrdszn
2D x Noodle (Soft Edition ❤) by lxrdszn
2D entered a small coffeeshop in a mid-day, just minding his own business before hearing a small young female by the name of noodle trying her best to order her drink. 2...
2d And Noodle Ship Theory by bvbfanvampier
2d And Noodle Ship Theoryby TheMoodyScarlet
hello, this is going to be about a theory sort thingy about 2d and Noodle from the band Gorillaz so I hope it is ok and I also hope you enjoy :3
gorillaz || cloud of unknowing by StuartPottymouth
gorillaz || cloud of unknowingby ♤ baby blue ♤
[ 2d x noodle ] Noodle is dead and 2D is locked down stairs in an underwater room. What does Cyborg Noodle happen to hear while doing what Murdoc tells her?
Babies Make Seven by IcyQueen4ever
Babies Make Sevenby IcyQueen
The Pot family welcomes some new members. I do not own these OCs, they belong to my good friend Stu-dee, based on a comic she is writing. The cover art is also hers.
gorillaz doing are thing by punkkidkicks
gorillaz doing are thingby Frank kubiak
2dxnoodle or noodlex2d based of the gorillaz after a comic strip after doyourthing
gorillaz || special things by StuartPottymouth
gorillaz || special thingsby ♤ baby blue ♤
[ 2d x noodle ] 2D and Noodle have been in a relationship for a few months and start thinking about doing something together.
To Love a Soldier by Caristotle64
To Love a Soldierby Caleb Gonzalez
[Completed](This whole story is in 2D's perspective) A man named Stuart Pot joins the army. Little did he know that his future wife was there as well. After eventually m...
One shots & Excerpts (Gorillaz) by CaptainAwkward
One shots & Excerpts (Gorillaz)by Dani ♡ Gorillaz
From a non-canon shipping to AU!, here are my excerpts and one shots of Gorillaz. (I do not ship anymore, but I can try.) I will not update this book frequently. New stu...
Poems by 2D : GORILLAZ by 2Dingle
Poems by 2D : GORILLAZby 2D
"I'm not one to usually explain how I'm feeling, so this book might help. I want others to know how I feel. This is basically a book that will help me vent when I c...
Gorillaz: Rebuilding Stuart Pot by Blamnie  by Dlame123
Gorillaz: Rebuilding Stuart Pot Thomas
(Completed) After 2D's mental breakdown, his band mates must reunite to help save their singer. Disclaimer: I'm not the author of this story I'm just porting it over he...