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Baby Danger by Stuffieprincess826
Baby Dangerby Stuffieprincess826
This idea came to me in a random dream I had a few days ago. If people hate this I might delete it but I figured I'd start this just to see how it goes. Plus Im a big fa...
Finding a Family by lilybird95
Finding a Familyby lilybird95
Hannah, a little who has involuntarily regressed is rescued from her abusive parents. She begins her journey of healing and finding new parents
Once Abandoned, Now Found by dragonsaredinosaurs
Once Abandoned, Now Foundby I want to sleep
Maggie and Danni were on their way home from work when they came across a small girl unsheltered from a storm. Offering her shelter for the night was meant to be it, one...
The Nestling Hunter   by francisarmentrout
The Nestling Hunter by Francis Danelle Armentrout
Dean is a Supernatural Hunter who was abused and raped by his father just because he reminded John of his mother Mary.Now Dean is all grown up and is one of the best hun...
Little Keith AGE REGRESSION Voltron One-Shots~~ (Requests ON HOLD) by Somebunny_lovesme
Little Keith AGE REGRESSION Somebunny_lovesme
This book is for Little Keith Age Regression (non-sexual) One-shots If you have a request please inbox me or let me know in the comments!! Hope you guys enjoy them~~ L...
Greg's God-daughter by BakerStreetPrincess
Greg's God-daughterby BakerStreetPrincess
When Sherlock and John get the flu Greg takes her to his house and baby-sits her
daddy!chris evans x little!reader by uprootbasic
daddy!chris evans x little!readerby uprootbasic
a series of one shots centering around daddy!chris evans x little!reader
I know submission when I see it  by Holy_nugget_stories
I know submission when I see it by 💙𝑮𝒂𝗿𝘯𝑒ᴛ❤
Sat on the bed, with nothing on but a pink pair of boxers and a bow tie, he nervously spoke up to the black haired lady, fully clothed, next to him. 'Why aren't you undr...
Little Sammy by sam_fox56
Little Sammyby Sam
When Dean comes back to the hotel room after a long day this is definitely not what he expects to see
John's Patient by BakerStreetPrincess
John's Patientby BakerStreetPrincess
Ater she gets ill John has to look after her
Aaron's Omega (Heid Omegaverse) by _Vampie_
Aaron's Omega (Heid Omegaverse)by Vampie
This is my first fic that will potentially contain smut. Spencer Reid is a 19 year old omega who was abused by his beta father after the death of his mother. Aaron Hotc...
Little Space with Kim Namjoon by fatedbts
Little Space with Kim Namjoonby rin 🗿
He didn't mean for them to find out, it just sort of happened... cross-posted from AO3 Highest Ranking: #1 in Coloring
De-aging oneshots by scenequeencharlieXD
De-aging oneshotsby scenequeencharlieXD
Yes, i am aware i have a story simmilar to this already. I just hink it is so cute!
Little Lucifer by Useless_Little_Fox
Little Luciferby Stephanie
What happened if Lucifer didn't want to be the bad guy anymore? He's just misunderstood. But little brother Gabriel has something in mind to help the older Archangel, th...
GOT7 ADOPTED ME ?!1!1!?!!1!1!2!!?!!!?!???!?!!!11!!?!?!2! by comicsanssinner
GOT7 ADOPTED ME ?!1!1!?!!1!1! Sorry bud
a little birthday present for my friend so I can ruin their birthday. This is kind of a shitpost story. Sorry if the got7 boys don't act like they should I know nothin...
Coffee  by girlynono
Coffee by girlynono
'Welcome to your new reality Doyen'. One this is my first story ever. Two I don't Own the photos and three don't leave hat...
What We Used To Be and Will Be by LlylLee
What We Used To Be and Will Beby LlylLee
[COMPLETED] Jungkook used to be the only Little, until he was not. And well, things did not turn out the way it was supposed to be... **Cross-posted from AO3 under leann...
Everyone needs a break  by ravenWholeheart
Everyone needs a break by ravenWholeheart
Little tony! Tony's a little but doesn't want the team to know about it. The teams not exactly the most welcoming at the beginning. But his daddies know when he needs li...
The Little Racer by Zeus3609
The Little Racerby Zeus3609
I don't own Fast and Furious Dominic Toretto and his girlfriend, Letty Ortiz, are both avid car enthusiasts who, together, with their business partner/Dom's sister, Mia...
Little Space with Kim Namjoon 2 by fatedbts
Little Space with Kim Namjoon 2by rin 🗿
He just wanted to be respected and loved, maybe he was a fool for thinking he was allowed happiness... cross-posted from AO3