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Harry Potter and the Classification Potion by rachelih
Harry Potter and the rachelih
Everyone gets tested and classified at the age of seventeen, except Harry Potter. When Severus Snape forces Harry to drink the potion the results are not as expected.
Little Bakugou One Shots by Keni_TheFujoshi
Little Bakugou One Shotsby Keni
A book about BakuBaby in his little space. Please read the Important A/N before reading. Will mostly contain: Caregiver!Izuku (Daddy) Caregiver!Shoto (Uncle) Requests...
Everyone needs a break  by ravenWholeheart
Everyone needs a break by ravenWholeheart
Little tony! Tony's a little but doesn't want the team to know about it. The teams not exactly the most welcoming at the beginning. But his daddies know when he needs li...
Little Keith Age Play  One-Shots~~ (Requests Open)  Voltron Legendary Defender by Somebunny_lovesme
Little Keith Age Play Somebunny_lovesme
This book is for Little Keith Age Play/Age Regression (non-sexual) One-shots If you have a request please inbox me or let me know in the comments!! Hope you guys enjoy...
RomanOff and On (Natasha Romanoff Fanfiction) by theway2go
RomanOff and On (Natasha theway2go
In a world where Bigs and Littles are known and accepted, Natasha Romanoff is just trying to find her place. After years of shutting her little side off, is it time to s...
Mycroft's Niece by BakerStreetPrincess
Mycroft's Nieceby BakerStreetPrincess
Sherlock and John have to go away with Lestrade for a case and Mycroft is left to look after her
Once Abandoned, Now Found by Little_baby_dinosaur
Once Abandoned, Now Foundby Baby Dinosaur
Maggie and Danni were on their way home from work when they came across a small girl unsheltered from a storm. Offering her shelter for the night was meant to be it, one...
Little Lucifer by LucifersFavorite666
Little Luciferby Stephanie
What happened if Lucifer didn't want to be the bad guy anymore? He's just misunderstood. But little brother Gabriel has something in mind to help the older Archangel, th...
The Nestling Hunter   by francisarmentrout
The Nestling Hunter by Francis Danelle Armentrout
Dean is a Supernatural Hunter who was abused and raped by his father just because he reminded John of his mother Mary.Now Dean is all grown up and is one of the best hun...
Little boys (haikyuu oneshots) by rylandcumgum
Little boys (haikyuu oneshots)by Rylandcumgum
A bunch of haikyuu age regression ships No kinks No smut All fluff baby Don't like cglre or age regression don't read that simple
Abandoned and Recovered by blackestxskies
Abandoned and Recoveredby blackestxskies
After an argument with her caregiver, Sadie is taken to spend the night with a mutual friend. However, it soon becomes apparent that the "sleepover" is actuall...
I'm not little by smoll-emo-bean
I'm not littleby Gary
How was Yoongi supposed to know that he had been followed around by suspicious men for ages?
What We Used To Be and Will Be by LlylLee
What We Used To Be and Will Beby LlylLee
Jungkook used to be the only Little, until he was not. And well, things did not turn out the way it was supposed to be... **Cross-posted from AO3 under leann_lyl** **Edi...
A# Means My Baby Boy Is Going To Be Fine by boothang1023
A# Means My Baby Boy Is Going To kate marie
Levi is a 17 year old gifted cellist with a great reputation of the whole school. He is a very nice person until you touch his cello Nathan is a 30 year old soon to be...
Daddy Peter X Reader by BakerStreetPrincess
Daddy Peter X Readerby BakerStreetPrincess
Spin off (another one lol) from my last series Avengers X Reader Classification. In this book you and Peter try to adapt to your new life as a little and Daddy. First tw...
Little Space with Kim Namjoon by fatedbts
Little Space with Kim Namjoonby rin 🗿
He didn't mean for them to find out, it just sort of happened... cross-posted from AO3 Highest Ranking: #1 in Coloring
Little Sammy by sam_fox56
Little Sammyby Sam
When Dean comes back to the hotel room after a long day this is definitely not what he expects to see
Not exactly what I wanted by Faine12657
Not exactly what I wantedby Faine
Changkyun was happy that the members of Monsta X finally accepted him, but it's not the treatment he expected. Yes he expected to be treated like a maknae, but they're t...
Anime CGLRE Oneshots ^w^ by _Sweet_Lil_Tamaki_
Anime CGLRE Oneshots ^w^by WITCHCHICK128
Please Read The First Chapter For A Description ^^