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Girls und Panzer x Reader Scenarios [DISCONTINUED]  by Curseblood17
Girls und Panzer x Reader Curseblood17
I haven't found any of these and this is one of my favorite animes so I thought I should make one then. The reader is whatever gender and age you want them to be. Reques...
Girls Und Panzer Tankery's End by KingDiscord
Girls Und Panzer Tankery's Endby King Discord
Japanese Sensha Do is a sacred piece of Culture for the people of Japan. it dates back for decades the use of old tanks to teach a young woman maturity, individuality, a...
Somebody I Can Trust by YourGoodOldPalStalin
Somebody I Can Trustby Papa Stalin
Viktor Pavlichenko is a new student in Pravda high school. Unlike his german counterpart, Elias Schmidt, a friend of him since the battle of The Volga River during the K...
Cold Cold Heart (Nonna, Girls und Panzer) by PanzerAce
Cold Cold Heart (Nonna, Girls PanzerAce
Nonna is forced to confront painful memories as a new student comes to Pravda with the intent of trying Tankery... FYI this is a Nonna and reader story.
The Death of Katyusha by ViktorChild
The Death of Katyushaby ViktorChild
After an all-nighter finishing her paperwork, Katyusha suddenly fell ill and was confined to her dacha for two weeks. With Pravda rudderless without the Great General Se...
The Lucky Gunner (Girls Und Panzer Harem) On Hold  by Enterprise-sama
The Lucky Gunner (Girls Und Enterprise-sama
Breindel was just a 13 years old boy who goes through a lot he suffered from depression because he was disowned by his parents, Breindel isn't a talkative type of boy he...
New arrivals at Pravda [GuP] by WingyBoy-blyat
New arrivals at Pravda [GuP]by WingyBoy-blyat
The schools including Pravda of course have started accepting boys since a while now. in this story you'll be one of these a guy called Denis. you will start your tanker...
The Nishizumi Chronicles by Krishna132453
The Nishizumi Chroniclesby Krishna Karan
Oc(Takagi Nishizumi) and Miho are twins who were in both Kuromorimine and Ooarai where Oc is one of the few male participants due to rule changes. It follows the anime f...
Out of sight by Orange_P2
Out of sightby Orange_p2
A tragic tankery accident happens to one of Katyusha's friend who she has special feelings for. FYI This is a Katyusha and Reader story.
Cozy With Katyusha by Reading_In_Solitude
Cozy With Katyushaby ReadingInSolitude
Maybe a Katyusha x reader story as there is no romance in this story, but there is love. Just platonic love, but love none the less. One of my newer stories. Audio versi...
Ivan's Adventures / Girls und Panzer fanfiction by StanleyBlackB
Ivan's Adventures / Girls und Stanley BB
Story about promising young man named Ivan. He found himself on the Pravda Girls High School Carrier after he heard that they need someone like him. This story is conect...
Girls und Panzer: the Zmei by War_Historian45
Girls und Panzer: the Zmeiby Weird flex but okay
Sixteen years after World War 2 the world found it's self in another between the democratic America and the Soviet Union with tensions rising between the two countries t...
Christmas with Katyusha by Reading_In_Solitude
Christmas with Katyushaby ReadingInSolitude
"After school was out Katyusha and Nonna moved out to live at Nonna's parents' home to try to restart their family business. In an effort to support the group I dec...
Love in the Bed of a GAZ-66 by Reading_In_Solitude
Love in the Bed of a GAZ-66by ReadingInSolitude
A follow up to my story, Cozy With Katyusha: "In our final year of school together, Katyusha, Nonna, Klara, and I have gone out on a camping trip with none more tha...
Girls Und Panzer Tankery's End Christmas Special by KingDiscord
Girls Und Panzer Tankery's End King Discord
(One Shot) Hoja City celebrates Christmas with friends and memories.
A Big Charge at love. by Animeboi1234
A Big Charge at Mitchell Glaser
This is a story with Y/N and Katyusha (Note) this is my first story so no hate pls. also tips are allowed. ...
The Princess and the Warrior by cj_spencer
The Princess and the Warriorby CJ Spencer
"Who am I? A soldier who's dreaming to be a princess or a princess who dreamed of being a soldier?" Katyusha's stunning adventure in 1844's Russian Empire as a...
Just another name of silly kids in another nation skip by Maddy90101
Just another name of silly kids Maddy90101
Maddy and Sophia are the best of friends and they are going on a trip together for the first time away from there families they got excepted into a college in LA and are...