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Nonexistent by FlickaLover00
Nonexistentby FlickaLover00
"True love doesn't exist, does it?" Lizzie Walter has struggled with the belief that love could actually exist. After her parents' failed relationship, Lizzie...
Crush  by Fiction_escapade
Crush by Lylia
Crush (verb or noun) 1. deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully. 2. violently subdue (opposition or a rebellion). 3. a crowd of peo...
Hercules (Editing) by -thebeast-
Hercules (Editing)by マルス・ビースト™
"yoυ do вelong тo мe. yoυr ѕoυl. yoυr вody. yoυr мιnd. yoυr everyтнιng вelongѕ тo мe, poppy. ι alwayѕ geт wнaт ι wanт." (Complete) ©All Rights Reserved
A Sway to Fates Melody by MsDelicateRose
A Sway to Fates Melodyby Leigh
Cale Henituse wasn't known as Trash once upon a time but one tragedy attracts a series of scenarios Cale hadn't anticipated. Cale, the sweet child he was, was forgotten...
Infinite Dimensional Canon Book 01: Shattered Reality  by RichofenVangrat
Infinite Dimensional Canon Book ʀιcнoғᴇɴ vᴀɴԍʀᴀт sᴀтoмᴀɴ
This is the story about multiple powerful beings in the existence and nonexistence. Perhaps we could learn about their life, their story, their power, their personality...
Old Flame || JJK♡ by snegguk
Old Flame || JJK♡by Sneha Bhagat
"What if someone tries to break us apart?" "Then I won't hesitate to break their bones apart!"
match pfp by cookie_hugs123
match pfpby ♡Prince♡
30 day letter challenge by BAMbooks
30 day letter challengeby BAM
Spilling my heart out in each letter <3
Soundtrack by bo0seungkwan
Soundtrackby Amber
Wonwoo wonders a lot about Seungkwan
Bitches in heat [a love story] by Floobanger
Bitches in heat [a love story]by Floobanger
Lauren is the skinny popular girl of Yates high school. She's tired of all the expectations that comes with being popular. Not only does she have to pretend to be the pe...
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Whispers of the Void by Pizzzzetta
Whispers of the Voidby Dead Dreaming
En los pasillos poco iluminados de la mente, "Whispers of the Void" sigue el tumultuoso viaje de Alex Bennett, un reconocido neurocientífico plagado de el peso...
Hypothetical Beginning Concept (Short Story) by Hootykatrinalolz
Hypothetical Beginning Concept ( Katie Watson
The concept of reality and of the divine are examined in an imaginative and dream/nightmare-proviking labyrinth. The imagination of the main character leads him to exami...
Venturing Into A Plane Of Nonexistence (extended) by jpssteveshanahan
Venturing Into A Plane Of jpssteveshanahan
Extended version the original. Image courtesy of and If anyone's interested. I uploaded three video versions of this one on...
My life, My feelings, My thoughts.... How I see the world by Unwritten_xo
My life, My feelings, My Destiny W
This poem is about me expressing myself about me thinking something and then putting it down. It gives you my perspective on things and short stories and poems about how...
Remember me by TheUninspiredWriter
Remember meby Lizz
What if some supernatural force tore you away from your friends and family? What if it erased you from their lives? What if the girl you loved forgot you ever existed? W...
milk man x reader part two 🙀🙀🍷 by mizocy
milk man x reader part two 🙀🙀🍷by elliot (they/them)
E X I [S] T by BecomingTori
E X I [S] Tby BecomingTori
Sometimes, words can be deceiving. Just like forever. [BASED ON A TRUE STORY]
Fragile Stars by fromliliput
Fragile Starsby Fabiha Vohra
My wishes to you, my wishes for you. Things I wish to do with you. They are my secret wishes on shooting stars. Except too fragile to share. Cover credits: @Kihi-98