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I LOVE YOU 3000 by bianca_dolor
I LOVE YOU 3000by Its None Of Your Business
JeDean GaWong lovestory. ito ang storya kung saan matutunghayan natin kung paano nag mahalan sina Deanna Wong at Jema Galanza. ito rin ang patunay na kahit ano pa ang pa...
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The Youngest Demon Princess by KristyWantsToBattle
The Youngest Demon Princessby KristyWantsToBattle
Hello everyone and anyone! To anyone who reads this, this is my first story, I have been writing it for years. It is about a seventeen-year-old girl, Teresa, and her twi...
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  • sisters
  • fantasy
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Why me? by haleyplayz
Why me?by haleyplayz
A girl with a troubled past tries to live a normal life but someone makes that hard.
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Request book (x reader) by DummyDora666
Request book (x reader)by Hailey Rose
this book is all about some request from me friend and y'all. so knock yourselves out and gimme gucci request. want it lemon? then tell me, fluff? etc.. just tell me.. u...
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  • life
  • random
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Adventure to the dragon realm                  by bt241234
Adventure to the dragon BTS and Anime
Colu story Lucy gets bullied by Guild. Lisanna startes it and so she make everyone in the Guild hate Lucy. Read to find out more!!!!!
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Waluigi x reader by DummyDora666
Waluigi x readerby Hailey Rose
You were captured by bowser, of course. He got tired by capturing princess peach and decided to capture an underrated princess.. from an underrated kingdom. indeed you h...
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  • xreader
  • myownstory
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~stray kids imagines~ by mia100202
~stray kids imagines~by Mina :)
where 9 boys go on little adventures, one at a time, with the girl they love~
  • straykids
  • changbin
  • minho
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Us Against The World by nonedabest
Us Against The Worldby nonedabest
Two close friends and former costars fall in love after a drunk encounter.
  • tonebell
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  • theweeknd
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Lost by Giffany_smy
Lostby Sad and sober...
The world's letting poison in the air, people coughing, getting sick, or dead. I don't know if there are people who're alive or dead...
  • lost
  • neverending
  • pain
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Just One Smile by Bensaints
Just One Smileby Bensaints
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Never Falter by Bensaints
Never Falterby Bensaints
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Give Me A Chance by Bensaints
Give Me A Chanceby Bensaints
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I Wont Forget by Bensaints
I Wont Forgetby Bensaints
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The One by Bensaints
The Oneby Bensaints
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The Prospector's Daughter by sunnbean
The Prospector's Daughterby author
Her sense of presence, a shadow-like slender figure, beating his every move. The words of agony slowly spilling like water from his mouth. What she doesn't know won't...
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Danganrompa Despair: Furries vs Gamers by DatOneAsianTrap
Danganrompa Despair: Furries vs OneAsianTrappyBoi
Ever since the gamer survivors finally made out the traumatizing killing game. It wasn't really over for them. They faced the ultimate despair ahead of them for what the...
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  • danganrompa
  • whatamidoingwithmylife
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One-shots by Bauwjx3734
One-shotsby Alice Mckay
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The Dolls by DollMaker268
The Dollsby MemeMaster
Victoria is the servant of a insane (And insanely rich.) man who makes dolls out of humans. Who will be next to survive the hands of this doll maker.
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