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I Choose You | JENLISA by sweet_melodiez
I Choose You | JENLISAby sweet_melodiez
Lisa doesn't fit the ideal perfect partner Jisoo has in mind for Jennie- so how on earth did her best friend end up falling for her? or, the five times Jisoo is 100% sur...
Ateez Ships BoyxBoy Oneshots by ki_cocoabean
Ateez Ships BoyxBoy Oneshotsby ki_cocoabean
Just some Ateez boyxboy flufferization ✨ There's some angst and might be some smutty shenanigans soooo 👀. This is my first anything so you might like or it might not bu...
『 jikook oneshots 』[completed] by ahgaseven33
『 jikook oneshots 』[completed]by yjaebumagical
a collection of jikook oneshots i've written to melt your hearts over and over again 💙💛 consists mainly of tooth-rotting fluff and slight angst 🌹
And No One Sees: The Truth Behind Camren - Book Three by 5hmash
And No One Sees: The Truth 5hmash
Lauren and Camila had finally found their way home...but how stable could a home under a microscope truly be? "And No One Sees", book three of the "The Tr...
Solo Performance //KSJ// ✓ by KimLunaRJ2
Solo Performance //KSJ// ✓by Boy With Blud
Kim Seokjin is the eldest member of the worldwide famous boy band BTS... And also the only one who've never had a solo dance performance, the reason is that the company...
bts: because i like you by yoongiluvly
bts: because i like youby <3
it all started after that game of truth or dare, when min yoongi was dared to kiss every member on the cheek. that's when the shocking realization that all six of them h...
A Night With Park Jimin by pixiibangtan
A Night With Park Jiminby pixico
Jimin trying to fit in a little fun in his tight schedule as an idol. The book is complete at every stage when I update but I do add new chapters once in a while. cover...
Even If You Cross My Mind » CAMREN by nowaylern
Even If You Cross My Mind » CAMRENby nowaylern
"It's funny how before we even knew how important we were going to be to each other, something in us knew and something in us will always know." Camren Non AU...
Real Life (Camren) by thisacdoesnotexist
Real Life (Camren)by thisacdoesnotexist
After Fifth Harmony's break, friendships are left unsettled. Definitely between Camila and Lauren. Will they be able to create their old bond again? Or will their time i...
narry one shots by hoonoots-
narry one shotsby anna
a collection of one shots that just pop out of my head and bc i really like narry (is it obvious) narry plus one shots is very comforting and annoying at the same time...
i found a girl by throwaway18
i found a girlby throwaway18
a jenlisa two-shot: because let's face it, jennie kim is a person who fangirls over boybands, drools over the hottest leading men on screen and reports to her friends gi...
Get Stuck ➴  (Camren) by jacinthx
Get Stuck ➴ (Camren)by jace
It was just another normal day for Camila and Lauren, well at least for their band, Fifth Harmony. Meeting fans, going to interviews, and settling on the road again. Not...
Happier by sweetdisposition89
Happierby m o n i c a
Losely based on Ed Sheeran's Happier. Camila Cabello's laptop was stolen on a flight and songs that were never meant to be heard were released. Non-au/au? Credit to Ed...
Appreciate Yourself - You're Important to Me by Cold_JD
Appreciate Yourself - You're Cold DJ
During the Promotion period, Park Jimin tends to focus on only practice and work, totally forgetting his need to eat or keep healthy. To top it off, the comments on his...
Why? [Jikook] by lost_crayon
Why? [Jikook]by sam.
Where Jungkook likes Jimin, but he likes Taehyung. Started: June 10th, 2017 Ended: December 9th, 2017 This is my first story so I'm sorry about anything ~
Captured by Irrevelant_jutsu
Capturedby Aseelah
After being captured by Phantom Troupe, Hisoka gives special parting words to killua about Gon ( Hisoka x Gon ) do those words cause havok or peace within Gon ? -york ne...
samoyed. | leejeno x hwangyeji by leemakeu04
samoyed. | leejeno x hwangyejiby leemakeu04
"itOrOoK-" that's when she met the smiling-samoyed-like-man and fell for his smile. story by: leemakeu04 28/01/20
i can't explain it (i love the pain) - camren by justaloseryaknow
i can't explain it (i love the justaloseryaknow
Camila and Lauren cross paths a year after Camila has left Fifth Harmony. Old feelings resurface. The only problem? Lucy and Lauren are officially girlfriends. Will Lau...