The Graphic Games by stacey568
The Graphic Gamesby stacey568
This is the biggest graphic competition ever held on wattpad and if you think you have what it takes to win first place or you just want to see how far you could go, cl...
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Autor Desconocido by DanieljFajardo
Autor Desconocidoby DanieljFajardo
Cuando no sabes como expresarte, cuando no puedes hablar solo llorar, escribe ya que la pluma, tus sentimientos mas profundos revelará.
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Stuck In The Closet (a life story) by Califxrnicating
Stuck In The Closet (a life story)by Califxrnicating
Literally just about my life as a closeted junior student currently studying at all girls high school :))))) This ain't a fanfic about Hayley Kiyoko, she's just the cov...
  • mygayasslifethatskindaboringbutkindainterestingatthesametime
Haart's Thoughts by HaartTheWriter
Haart's Thoughtsby HaartTheWriter
This a book of my reviews, thoughts and advice for any writers on Wattpad (particularly those who don't have much exposure). I randomly select from a list of people, an...
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From Happiness to Pain by RachaelMcDonald8
From Happiness to Painby RachaelMcDonald8
Chelsea Mitchell has been living a fun adventurous life. Once October rolled around, she started to go through pain for three months. She went to multiple hospitals so s...
  • basedonatruestory
They Saved Me (BTS) by cjtv_2
They Saved Me (BTS)by cjtv_2
MoonBi has been in an orphanage all her life. Her parents left her on the street as a baby only for her to be taken in. But it hasn't exactly been paradise for her. She'...
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Zoey's Graphics And Tutorials || Open For Requests by ZealousZoey
Zoey's Graphics And Tutorials || ZealousZoey
Highest Rank: #75 in Non-Fiction In which a sort of experienced teenage girl makes all sorts of graphics and trailers for you. ❤️❤️❤️ (I only created this because my oth...
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[BTS Fanfic] I think he wants me dead by FuntimeCrew
[BTS Fanfic] I think he wants me FuntimeCrew
After the stage accident, everyone was shocked, concerts had to be delayed, practices had to be canceled. Sin Songhyon, the owner of the reserve building where the accid...
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SHITTY SHITS by roseebie
SHITTY SHITSby roseebie
A collection of my poems and unfinished songs about depression, my fears, betrayal. My way to get out of frustration and stress.
  • depression
  • betrayal
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My "Young Adult" Diary(Kinda) by awesomenessknv
My "Young Adult" Diary(Kinda)by awesomenessknv
If I've learned anything, it's that life is nothing like those YA books. And hell, I may now be considered a "young adult", but not once have I seen unrealisti...
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Keisha's Interlude by ThaHgKeisha
Keisha's Interludeby ThaHgKeisha
Basically this is my rant book or we can call this book my journal aka diary. 🙂 It will be about my personal life, things goin on, my opinion on things, advice, mistake...
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The female gaster blaster by clara_the_nerdo
The female gaster blasterby clara_the_nerdo
You were made for so much more.... you (Y/N) were a new gaster blaster for sans of course alphys made you. yup had to learn so much! who is sans? who is papyrus? just...
  • undertale
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Crystal shard  by Alicefelder9001
Crystal shard by Alicefelder9001
Alize and Erick are from space, who came down to earth to find a love one. shyanne is from earth and has taken in Alize and Erick, Erick meets Ephraim who is way to popu...
  • galaxies
The Roomate by jonesonnah
The Roomateby jonesonnah
Charlie just graduates from high school and is on her way to college when she gets there she is waiting for her girl roommate, then she sees this really cute guy walking...
  • drama
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daily thoughts by aidens_tales
daily thoughtsby aidens_tales
so I have a tendency of bottling my feelings and I know no one will read this so I'll just write what I think of or what I feel. :)
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[ ANYTHING TEAM ] Art Shop by -_Anything_Team_-
[ ANYTHING TEAM ] Art Shopby -_Anything_Team_-
Bạn muốn tạo cho một bé OC dễ thương và lung linh nhưng chưa biết vẽ thế nào ? Hay đơn giản là bạn muốn được những Artist khác fanart OC của chính mình ? Vậy hãy đến...
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Jimin FF "Ex-Crush" BTS FF JiminxARMY by GA0JR0Great0Bat
Jimin FF "Ex-Crush" BTS FF GA0JR0Great0Bat
A one-sided love, something that still lingers in the back of my head when I see my ex-Crush. Jimin=Walter Y/N= Me
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GOODBYE by Aintnobetterfeeling
GOODBYEby Aintnobetterfeeling
What if you were never meant to find company from other people. What if, all your life, you were meant to find yourself in a world full of sadness
  • goodbye
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