Aurore Gagnon  by Storywritergirl12
Aurore Gagnon by Storywritergirl12
After the passing of her mother, 10 year old Aurore Gagnon is beaten by her stepmother, Marie-Anne Houde and her father, Telesphore.
  • sad
  • abuse
  • year1900
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Ayala wish by user48955009
Ayala wishby user48955009
Ayala is look like any 7 year old girl who live her mom Karen but Ayala like younger thing then kids her age
  • baby
  • diaper
Discovering Me: My Story(Random Crap Included) by KaitoRinTeFantasizor
Discovering Me: My Story(Random KaitoRinTeFantasizor
I discovered myself at age 11. This contains the crap that is my life. There are many things in these chapters, so sorry if you can't handle it. Sooooo, yeah...
  • society
  • socialanxiety
  • lgbtq
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the pastor's hoe 💦👅 by LilGucci106
the pastor's hoe 💦👅by LilGucci106
Tasha is having a romantic yet sexual relationship and friendship with the head pastor of the church she goes to which is Jayson. Jayson's wife Candace is Tasha's cousin.
  • hot
  • sins
  • seduction
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Hey tú, la rara. by SRamosr
Hey tú, la SRamosr
Su cabellera distingue entre toda esa multitud; sus grandes ojos me miraron con atención por unos instantes para después volverse y correr. Se escondió entre la gran mas...
  • favor
  • primera
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USA Diary - Weightloss Journal by Fighterprincess6100
USA Diary - Weightloss Journalby Fighterprincess6100
My journal, where I'll keep track of: -workouts -diets -intakes -stats I'm vegetarian, I'm 18, 5'3, and 102 pounds. I'm from Spain and moved on January 15th to Florida t...
  • journal
  • goals
  • diary
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[Mạt Thế] Hệ Thống Sống Còn by --Dark_Black--
[Mạt Thế] Hệ Thống Sống Cònby --Dark_Black--
Tác giả:Bắp Cải Trạng thái:Đang ra Thể loại: Ngôn tình, mạt thế, xuyên thư, hệ thống, dị năng, sủng, nữ cường Yên Vũ là bộ đội đặc công. Trong một lần làm nhiệm vụ do kh...
  • nữcường
  • ngôntình
  • xuyênkhông
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Becoming a Mythical by LuckyMagickPuppy
Becoming a Mythicalby LuckyMagickPuppy
Hello! I've decided to chart my journey to becoming a mythical here -----> in this book. Packed with information about becoming a mythical. I've seen some people char...
  • neko
  • avian
  • kinesis
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Trouble 💣 by Ajacobs15
Trouble 💣by Ajacobs15
This book is about a bunch of high school freshman. But this young lady named Ashanti, likes this boy. But he has a girlfriend(I think). so she is not really sure if she...
  • teens
  • truth
  • puppylove
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How To Win Life by beshies_04
How To Win Lifeby beshies_04
_my diary in watty *doesn't rlly care anymore if no one reads this* _date started ; 3/8/2018 _date ended ; idfk _contains swearing/cursing, bcos that's who i am
  • holyshiteu
  • crappydiary
  • diary
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Unexpected by jessicaaaag
Unexpectedby jessicaaaag
What if you fall into unexpected person into unexpected reason? and what if that unexpected reason comes into unexpected happening?
  • lovestory
  • unexpected
  • kaylagourgen
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Of Medicine, People and Everything In-between.   by LadyAnneMD
Of Medicine, People and LadyAnneMD
I'm a medical student and everyday I see and hear so many stories I rather not forget. I decided to record some here. Places and names and whatsoever are going to be cha...
  • autobiographical
  • medical
  • medicine
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Tales of an Undead Student by DarkkyCroww
Tales of an Undead Studentby DarkkyCroww
This is the story of Alex, he's 15 years old and currently coursing 2nd semester of High School. He lives in Mexico and he's a normal student with normal student problem...
  • journal
  • personal
Embrace  by Rayna-Lee
Embrace by Rayna-Lee
It's exhausting to hide who you are, and the weight of judgement can destroy you. Sometimes, it takes the right person to unravel you from your mental chains.
  • contest
  • lovesimon
  • selflove
ya no soy la misma by flordecerezoki
ya no soy la mismaby flordecerezoki
todo esto es de la vida real desde el 2010 a este año porque esta historia es de la vida real NO COPIAS
  • sangre
  • matanza
  • depresiónadolescente
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Relaxation, Mind Stilling And Meditation. by CraigDee
Relaxation, Mind Stilling And CraigDee
A short series of scripts to recognise bodily tension and stress, help with mind stilling and meditation. They are based on my own experience and tools I have successful...
  • aches
  • help
  • pains
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20 Facts About The Author by Satanic_Pandas
20 Facts About The Authorby Satanic_Pandas
Okay. I'm doing this because I'm really nervous about writing so I thought this would be a good starter. I decided to do this because of my friend (@toomanyshipstosail)...
  • hakunamatata
Diferente by FlaviaRayana
Diferenteby FlaviaRayana
Soraia tinha a vida perfeita. O amor de infância, casamento dos sonhos, a melhor família, a inveja das amigas e para completar teria o bebê perfeito para atingir o ápice...
  • superação
  • filhos
  • amor
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