Power of Positive Thinking by Shweasle
Power of Positive Thinkingby Elizaray
I've realized that Stop the Bullies has turned into a book that is meant for bullies to read and think about how much they've hurt people. So, I give you this. A book st...
  • happy
  • non-fiction
  • positive
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Letters to the Unknown by iamTGBM
Letters to the Unknownby The girl behind the mask
Writing is passion. Writing is talent. Writing is my bestfriend. I have filled this book with so much emotion it means alot to me, from the tough years Ive experienced t...
  • songs
  • rhyming
  • behindmask
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Form Your Own Opinion For Once by IntelligentNews
Form Your Own Opinion For Onceby IntelligentNews
To all of you willing to make the first step to being independent in your stances. This is for you curious people out there who want to know the whole truth about certa...
  • truth
  • unpopular
  • true
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Life of a Rose by SchreibeZhanshi
Life of a Roseby PiYal
Nikita and Rosé become acquainted to each other after a little 'incident'. Although it was in Nikita's conscious that Rosé wasn't suitable for him, and that everybody kn...
  • genrefic
  • mystery
  • nonfic
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Broken Brigade (Slow Updates) by Mischticat
Broken Brigade (Slow Updates)by J Dorko
After her past comes back to haunt her, Sabre realizes she must find a way to fix her past mistakes whilst protecting everything that she's come to know and love. Dark s...
  • fighting
  • fiction
  • mercenary
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Wasted Insanity by Carl_crafterz
Wasted Insanityby PsyKhow
How can a joke hurt so much? A very bubbly Johnny finds out the hard way when a skepty Genie grants him a wish. His folly leads him to his fall, literally. He'll be wis...
  • longing
  • help
  • jokes
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Simply Rants by i_d_o_l
Simply Rantsby 스티븐 ♡
Want to know what i'm experiencing or have? Well now you can... Started: 6.9.18 Ended: Never...
  • helping
  • true
  • support
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Death and Life after death by Baramy
Death and Life after deathby A muslimah!
NOT A STORY (if you didn't get it already) In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate The title explains everything, I dont think you need a separ...
  • spiritual
  • death
  • lifeafterdeath
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◤RANTBOOK ◢ by KimCordell
◤RANTBOOK ◢by KimCordell
Honnêtement, juste une auteure qui raconte sa vie. Qui partage ce qu'elle aime. Et des lecteurs qui peuvent lui poser des questions. Wow
  • non-fiction
  • journal
  • rantbook
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Personal. by iffylove Sleeping Beauty
Just want to write things I witness and things that happened to me. So I don't feel like I am the only one feeling like this. This will probably be like a Journal or Dia...
  • islam
  • siblings
  • journal
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The hunger games  by descendant12
The hunger games by descendant12
Hi hello and welcome to my book please give it a choice and read it thank you I am writing about the hunger games but it a bit different in a way it's not in word for w...
  • peetamellark
  • mockingjay
  • games
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Only you by Taehyungie-KimTae
Only youby Alinkar
To my beloved BFF.. This is all about my feelings. With you.. Just with you... Only you...????????
  • sad
  • feelings
  • with-you
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My Thoughts and Your Thoughts by AlexLaving
My Thoughts and Your Thoughtsby AlexLaving
This is not novel. This is not a series. This is about like an internet blog, diary, or some YouTube video, about some movie, books, characters, ships, and more! This bo...
  • non-fiction
  • klance
  • pokemon
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Good Girls Love Bad Toys (renew) by emelineothman
Good Girls Love Bad Toys (renew)by emelineothman
"You are too young ", they said. " You have to grow up to truly understand what it is", they said. Well, it happened. I fell. I irrevocably fell in...
  • goodgirl
  • teen
  • badboy
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SHERBET by sofetchli-
┏━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━┓ ❛Hi, welcome to SHERBET, the plot market, what you tryna order. ❜ ┗━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━┛ cover created by: sofetchli-
  • plotlines
  • fanfiction
  • fiction
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[school] imagines by Idontknowwastaken
[school] imaginesby Idontknowwastaken
This book is about funny/interesting/shameful stories meybe something more? This is my first book so please forgive my speeling mistakes and my writing! English isn't my...
  • fortnite
  • non-fiction
  • friends
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Blackish Pink by AanayaLa
Blackish Pinkby Aanaya La
This book contains everything about mental illness. All the information are taken from different hospitals survey. So everything here is almost true. This book is made f...
  • information
  • mentalillnesses
  • mental
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Broken.  by Neonsparkleshine_Rin
Broken. by Charlie Jean
  • wattpadrandom
  • shortstories
  • non-fiction
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When Summer Is Gone by purplegirl_64
When Summer Is Goneby RANOSELLE
You'll only know my worth by the time I am gone.
  • dreams
  • joy
  • love
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the lone man living on lone street [satire] by EPrescott
the lone man living on lone ❝A beating heart of stone❞
On Lone Street, there's a house with gray, weathered front and yellow, half-painted sides with tattered roof. In this house lives a man. His name is John. Twenty-eight...
  • loser
  • basedonatruestory
  • basedonreallife
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