THE KINGS DEAD | m.b.j by jbsboo
THE KINGS DEAD | m.b.jby jbsboo
Killmonger is obsessed with becoming king, He will do anything and everything to get his throne back. © all rights reserved 2018.
  • possessive
  • romance
  • babygirl
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Discovering Me: My Story(Random Crap Included) by KaitoRinTeFantasizor
Discovering Me: My Story(Random KaitoRinTeFantasizor
I discovered myself at age 11. This contains the crap that is my life. There are many things in these chapters, so sorry if you can't handle it. Sooooo, yeah...
  • lgbtq
  • non-binary
  • society
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the pastor's hoe 💦👅 by LilGucci106
the pastor's hoe 💦👅by LilGucci106
Tasha is having a romantic yet sexual relationship and friendship with the head pastor of the church she goes to which is Jayson. Jayson's wife Candace is Tasha's cousin.
  • seduction
  • hot
  • sins
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USA Diary - Weightloss Journal by Fighterprincess6100
USA Diary - Weightloss Journalby Fighterprincess6100
My journal, where I'll keep track of: -workouts -diets -intakes -stats I'm vegetarian, I'm 18, 5'3, and 102 pounds. I'm from Spain and moved on January 15th to Florida t...
  • stats
  • journal
  • vegetarian
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To give you the creeps by Astercool
To give you the creepsby Astercool
Here are some of my favourite REAL paranormal cases. I hope u like them. Always be afraid of the darkkkkk.
  • horror
  • creepystories
  • scared
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#LoveSimon by Yoi_Otaku
#LoveSimonby Yoi_Otaku
Dear World, I wanted to try something knew. Take a look? If not, well, it's not something that would surprise me. Love, Yoi_Otaku.
  • lovesimon
How To Win Life by beshies_04
How To Win Lifeby beshies_04
_my diary in watty *doesn't rlly care anymore if no one reads this* _date started ; 3/8/2018 _date ended ; idfk _contains swearing/cursing, bcos that's who i am
  • holyshiteu
  • ohmanholyshit
  • jeballlllll
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Tales of an Undead Student by DarkkyCroww
Tales of an Undead Studentby DarkkyCroww
This is the story of Alex, he's 15 years old and currently coursing 2nd semester of High School. He lives in Mexico and he's a normal student with normal student problem...
  • journal
  • personal
Manx's Burn Book by taegers
Manx's Burn Bookby taegers
Here I will describe some purely stupid buffalo poop I encounter in my daily Wattpad life, as both an author and a reader. P.S. Mapple is real. HR: #103 in Non-Fiction (...
  • tagsmaybe
  • rants
  • stuff
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Relaxation, Mind Stilling And Meditation. by CraigDee
Relaxation, Mind Stilling And CraigDee
A short series of scripts to recognise bodily tension and stress, help with mind stilling and meditation. They are based on my own experience and tools I have successful...
  • still
  • body
  • relaxation
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True Review by WillowThomas9
True Reviewby WillowThomas9
This book is what the name says "True reviews". reading many books definitely gives you some experience. it's very simple. you follow the rules. I'll accept...
  • recommendations
  • advice
  • truereview
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Embrace  by Rayna-Lee
Embrace by Rayna-Lee
It's exhausting to hide who you are, and the weight of judgement can destroy you. Sometimes, it takes the right person to unravel you from your mental chains.
  • contest
  • lovesimon
  • selflove
Oneshots out of childish spite by JayIndigoStellarr
Oneshots out of childish spiteby JayIndigoStellarr
Ratshit ratshit dirty old twat 69 assholes tied in a knot Oneshots out of spite towards my fellow ensemble-mates And some cellos And some people I sit with at lunch *int...
  • dirty
  • old
  • tied
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The Blue Eyes by 123awesomereal
The Blue Eyesby 123awesomereal
Travel with Allen and his friends Zack, Ivan, Eric, Kane, and Jeremy as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • 123awesome
She Shouldn't Be Mine by theperfecto
She Shouldn't Be Mineby theperfecto
Highest ranking #7 This is a real story. We are separated by distance...yeah!! A long distance relationship. Our life has completely changed after college. In college we...
  • firstlove
  • nonfiction
  • collegestories
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Science- 100 of your 🔥BURNING🔥 questions. by Jamestheskeleton
Science- 100 of your 🔥BURNING🔥 Jamestheskeleton
Here, I answer 100 scientific questions OR questions about life! You submit your most burning questions, and I answer them scientifically! (With a hint of comedy)
  • humor
  • comedy
  • science
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The Idiot's Guide to the African Gods by Noble_Roar
The Idiot's Guide to the African Noble_Roar
Finally, a God guide that is NOT about the Greek/Roman, Egyptian or Norse gods. Are you tired of hearing about Hera's jealous rages, Zeus' uncontrollable infidelity or t...
  • guide
  • myths
  • goddess
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