quiet mornings ( spam ) by softlyblushing
quiet mornings ( spam )by softlyblushing
I ENJOY THESE QUIET MORNINGS WITH YOU | in which a bitchy non binary beanstalk talks about their life
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Days in the life of Ben Affleck by benlfc02
Days in the life of Ben Affleckby benlfc02
I'm not actually Ben Affleck lmao, but imma keep my second name a secret cause I don't want more than the FBI man watching me. So this is gonna be a series of tales in t...
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Hurting an Angel ((EXO BxB)) by Wonzihao
Hurting an Angel ((EXO BxB))by Wonzihao
Trigger Warnings: Gay, Violence, Profanity, Crossdressing. Top!ChanyeolBottom!Baekhyun Top!JonginBottom!Kyungsoo Top!SehunBottom!Luhan Top!KrisBottom!Tao Top!MinseokBott...
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Science Facts (For Nerds Only) by ThatScienceNerd
Science Facts (For Nerds Only)by ThatScienceNerd
Welcome, nerds (geeks are welcome too, I like them as well) this book will provide you with some facts about science! Just a bunch of random facts to make you smarter! I...
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Campus Royalties (COMPLETED)  by choooiiijisoooo
Campus Royalties (COMPLETED) by choooiiijisoooo
Isang Campus Princess na hindi gusto ang ugali ng Isang Campus Prince dahil sa kayabangan nito. Pero what if si Campus Princess ay ma-inlove kay Campus Prince. Would the...
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Tease by aynanymous
Teaseby aynanymous
A wink, A look, A deadly tease... It was all it took for him to fall in his trap... *** BXB. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
  • romance
  • boyxboy
  • english
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From Happiness to Pain by RachaelMcDonald8
From Happiness to Painby RachaelMcDonald8
Chelsea Mitchell has been living a fun adventurous life. Once October rolled around, she started to go through pain for three months. She went to multiple hospitals so s...
  • basedonatruestory
Zoey's Graphics And Tutorials || Open For Requests by ZealousZoey
Zoey's Graphics And Tutorials || O...by ZealousZoey
HIGHEST RANK: #24 IN NON-FICTION!!! In which a sort of experienced teenage girl makes all sorts of graphics and trailers for you. ❤️❤️❤️ (I only created this because my...
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Stuck In The Closet (a life story) by Califxrnicating
Stuck In The Closet (a life story)by Califxrnicating
Literally just about my life as a closeted junior student currently studying at all girls high school :))))) This ain't a fanfic about Hayley Kiyoko, she's just the cov...
  • mygayasslifethatskindaboringbutkindainterestingatthesametime
Crush & Crushed by _itsmecheche_
Crush & Crushedby _itsmecheche_
Why? Why is the question.Why fall in love with someone who doesn't love you back. What the meaning of love. What is love. That is what I'm trying to find out. Hi I'm Apr...
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Random and Weird stuff Me and my Friends do (Warning: Read at your own safety) by PurbashaPC
Random and Weird stuff Me and my F...by PurbashaPC
I just got bored so this is what I and some of my crazy friends do on a regular basis. tHiS iS gOnNa bE wEiRd highest: #4 in Non-fiction on 24/02/18 I mean wtf. myabe W...
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SHITTY SHITS by roseebie
SHITTY SHITSby roseebie
A collection of my poems and unfinished songs about depression, my fears, betrayal. My way to get out of frustration and stress.
  • betrayal
  • depression
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Subliminal LOG (○'ω'○) by MinVTae
Subliminal LOG (○'ω'○)by MinVTae
Just a book of my updates on subliminals I'm trying. read if you're interested! Highest #123 in Non-Fiction
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The female gaster blaster by clara_the_nerdo
The female gaster blasterby clara_the_nerdo
You were made for so much more.... you (Y/N) were a new gaster blaster for sans of course alphys made you. yup had to learn so much! Why are you here! Who's gaster!?! Wh...
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Adopted by Adam Levine! (An Adam Levine Fan-Fiction) by FluffyCreeperz
Adopted by Adam Levine! (An Adam L...by FluffyCreeperz
You were an abused child at your parents house, moved to an orphanage, abused there, and one day something changed! Read to find out!!!!
  • amazing
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A  Battered Wife by jelningloves
A Battered Wifeby jelningloves
Na sakin na ang lahat. Ang lalaking hinahangad ng karamihan sobrang saya sa pakiramdam na mahal ka ng taong mahal mo diba? Nawala ang aking mga magulang at eto ako ngay...
  • wife
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account rates° closed by wdymhongbin
account rates° closedby wdymhongbin
❝ ㅡi know i don't have a theme but i've been doing reviews all my time in wattpad so you can trust me. ❞ #135 in non-fiction, 24 february © wdymhongbin ;; julia
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Fragmentary by n754ko_curious
Fragmentaryby n754ko_curious
what do u know about life? it's future it's present its yesterday's truths. what have u learnt from the life people decided to have lived. have u really seen it all? Loo...
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