Discovering Me: My Story(Random Crap Included) by KaitoRinTeFantasizor
Discovering Me: My Story(Random KaitoRinTeFantasizor
I discovered myself at age 11. This contains the crap that is my life. There are many things in these chapters, so sorry if you can't handle it. Sooooo, yeah...
  • socialanxiety
  • depression
  • non-binary
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About the Author by TruthNotSpoken
About the Authorby TruthNotSpoken
Also known as an excuse to broadcast my rants and boring life tasks to an audience with no interest in such mundane entertainment😄 Just a book about me and my complain...
  • ereri
  • yup
  • bio
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Rumit by Aleashasaa
Rumitby Aleashasaa
Kisah tentang seorang adik kelas biasa, yang tiba-tiba dikenalkan dengan kisah cinta kedua kakak kelasnya. Berawal dari berteman, semakin dekat, hingga dibenci dengan ba...
  • highschool
  • teenager
Africa: A Prayer For Them by TheCollieAuthor
Africa: A Prayer For Themby TheCollieAuthor
I will give inspiration to help Africa, one of the most majestic countries. I hope this will encourage you to help in anyway you can!
  • readplease
Pamiętnik transseksualisty - czyli o odmienności w normalności. by MalyZwyrolek
Pamiętnik transseksualisty - MalyZwyrolek
Igor to osiemnastoletni uczeń drugiego roku technikum. Wszystko wyglądałoby w porządku, gdyby nie fakt, że i fizycznie, i prawnie Igor pozostaje dziewczyną imieniem Karo...
  • shounen-ai
  • yaoi
  • lgbt
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To give you the creeps by Astercool
To give you the creepsby Astercool
Here are some of my favourite REAL paranormal cases. I hope u like them. #26 in horror Always be afraid of the darkkkkk.
  • scarystories
  • real
  • horror-thriller
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How To Win Life by beshies_04
How To Win Lifeby beshies_04
_my diary in watty *doesn't rlly care anymore if no one reads this* _date started ; 3/8/2018 _date ended ; idfk _contains swearing/cursing, bcos that's who i am
  • holyshiteu
  • pabo
  • jeballlllll
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True Review by WillowThomas9
True Reviewby WillowThomas9
This book is what the name says "True reviews". reading many books definitely gives you some experience. it's very simple. you follow the rules. I'll accept...
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This is a simple story about who I am , and what I am . These things that I am going to say are somethings my parents don't even know . Please don't hate , if you don't...
  • sexy
  • lovesimon
  • panseuxal
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USA Diary - Weightloss Journal by Fighterprincess6100
USA Diary - Weightloss Journalby Fighterprincess6100
My journal, where I'll keep track of: -workouts -diets -intakes -stats I'm vegetarian, I'm 18, 5'3, and 102 pounds. I'm from Spain and moved on January 15th to Florida t...
  • book
  • life
  • college
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Tales of an Undead Student by DarkkyCroww
Tales of an Undead Studentby DarkkyCroww
This is the story of Alex, he's 15 years old and currently coursing 2nd semester of High School. He lives in Mexico and he's a normal student with normal student problem...
  • journal
  • personal
Moment by user41303515
Momentby user41303515
Krist Perawat Sangpotirat 🐢 Singto Prachaya Ruangroj 🦁 ㅡ Peraya / ทีมพีรญา ㅡ Share, update and translate occasionally about them depending on how much I want you guys...
  • singto
  • reallife
  • krist
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Seja livre by cellyOliv
Seja livreby cellyOliv
Nada nessa vida é fácil e por vezes pensei em desistir só para não sofrer mais. Quando eu mais precisei não tive ninguém do meu lado e é por isso que eu estou aqui me ab...
  • diversos
  • originais
  • amorpróprio
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Fairy Tail Roleplay Book   by meganliz09
Fairy Tail Roleplay Book by meganliz09
A book dedicated to an amazing anime and roleplaying. You are aloud to roleplay with any character from Fairy Tail, or you can use an OC of your own to roleplay with...
  • ships
  • friday
  • anythingandeverything
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The Nonbinary bread stick  by ThatWeirdKilljoy
The Nonbinary bread stick by ThatWeirdKilljoy
Being non binary is difficult and I hope this book will help you in some way. Love, Your Pansexual Nonbio Killjoy
  • agender
  • gowithme
  • lgbtqia
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ya no soy la misma by flordecerezoki
ya no soy la mismaby flordecerezoki
todo esto es de la vida real desde el 2010 a este año porque esta historia es de la vida real NO COPIAS
  • matanza
  • depresiónadolescente
  • creepypastas
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The Blue Eyes by 123awesomereal
The Blue Eyesby 123awesomereal
Travel with Allen and his friends Zack, Ivan, Eric, Kane, and Jeremy as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • 123awesome
Sıradan hayatımı neşe veren gülümsemenle aydınlattın.. Ve bir kez daha şuna kannaat getirdim: Gözlerin çok güzel.. ...
  • jimin
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