Our Fight by ProjectWhatAboutUs
Our Fightby Project What About Us
This book will be filled with information about various issues and threats to people going on around the world. If you know of something that we don't cover in this book...
  • rights
  • feminism
  • rally
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The Wizard Beatles by StarberryFieldGalaxy
The Wizard Beatlesby StarberryFieldGalaxy
Being a wizard isn't just about waving a wand around, it's about the spells that you learn and how you cast them. It's also all about Team Work..... 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 It'...
  • wizard
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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u n t i t l e d by keianneeee
u n t i t l e dby 케이
- a journal
  • reality
  • journal
  • keianneeee
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Experience Reading Books On Wattpad by YusticaWardani7
Experience Reading Books On Wattpadby Delphinium (WpD)
Hai semua!!! Work kali ini aku buat khusus semua buku yang pernah aku baca di wattpad. Mungkin tulisannya bakalan rada gak jelas. Pokoknya aku bakalan ceritain secara si...
  • reccomendation
  • non-fiction
  • nonfiction
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Some things about us by EllyPhyre
Some things about usby Elly Alexandra Phyre
This book contains some information about turning and our life. Plz everything i say should be taken seriously and u can assume that it is all 100% facts, unless it is s...
  • non-fiction
  • nonhumans
  • werewolf
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Buhay Teenager (Short Story) by lizhEM13
Buhay Teenager (Short Story)by I'm yours, yours not
Ako bilang isang highschool teenager ay katulad din ng iba pero, ano nga ba ang istorya sa likod ng isang teenager? Dahil sa karanasan ko bilang isang teenager ay may m...
  • shortstory
  • real-story
  • non-fiction
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The Night I Cried Forever by TherealShemarKing
The Night I Cried Foreverby Shemar King
I didn't realize it at first, but he was dead. I walked in to the hospital emergency room to see my cancer-filled father for what I didn't know was going to be the last...
  • son
  • reality
  • love
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Mr Innocent and Ms Arrogant by sdsn10
Mr Innocent and Ms Arrogantby sdsn10
Based on a true love story of an innocent boy and an arrogant girl.
  • true
  • teenage
  • romance
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Inside by MadHattyr
Insideby MadHattyr
"There's a war between the vanities/All I see is you and me/" -One Republic I have DID: dissociative identity disorder. Meaning that different people (alters,p...
  • crowley
  • epilepsy
  • alters
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Book Reviews by _CandleLight_
Book Reviewsby Nikolas Cage
A book where I, well, review books. This book's purpose is to provide insight into novel's quality and to point out flaws in books to help authors get better. NOT to rip...
  • thriller
  • review
  • fantasy
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Gosh, who am I? (Transgender/LGBT Diary) by Sheepfish33
Gosh, who am I? (Transgender/ Sheepfish
Seriously, what am I? Why do I feel so torn? Follow my diary, help me through life, maybe figure out yours.
  • trans
  • diary
  • confused
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U suck  by HamJamLam
U suck by HamJamLam
This story is about how much u suck loser.
  • non-fiction
  • readthisbooktofindoutwhy
  • usuck
Finding Charlie by KJPWriter
Finding Charlieby KJPWriter
[COMPLETED] Walking through life without any ambitions,taking the world as it comes. Charlotte Finn Esterhoff finds herself living amongst others and slowly fading away...
  • random
  • mystery
  • paranormal
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Facts & News sur Hailey Baldwin. by oneliaourqueen
Facts & News sur Hailey make me famous💃🏻
Facts & News sur Hailey Baldwin. STARTED: 09/07/2018
  • french
  • facts
  • haileybaldwin
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~Random Oof Tales~ by OofWriterOfficial
~Random Oof Tales~by ~Le Oof Writters~
So... I wanted a writing prompts book and a oneshots book, but I couldn't decide. So, in this book, there'll be random stories written by the OofWriters. I really don't...
  • writers
  • humor
  • writing
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My Personalities!! by iloveLJandEJ
My Personalities!!by Shade
Soo I have a lot of different personalities and we comment together sometimes or they take over my books. (You probably know Shadow the most) Anyway this is a book of th...
  • self
  • random
  • minds
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HIS FALLEN ANGEL [ON-GOING] by Ms_Greencharmer
His Girl, His Queen, His Empress, His Angel, The One who will risk everything just to be with her. But everything has an end, Just like her life, And today, Its over »Da...
  • letgo
  • pain
  • non-fiction
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Cigarette by sweaterhemmo
Cigaretteby :)
I think there is a certain elegance in holding a cigarette. He always had a cigarette in his hand. I white one, with a single blue stripe around it. I never thought smo...
  • cigarettes
  • english
  • non-fiction
Friends by Milkbboy
Friendsby Milkbboy
So this is gonna be a cheesy dum best friend story, don't mind. If you enjoy it i'd like to know in the comment section.
  • friends
  • story
  • non-fiction
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Manolo Burgos Sanio #wattys2018 by TheRainVirtuoso
Manolo Burgos Sanio #wattys2018by ミモサ
In which keeping his promise would've saved him from his demise. A tiny plumeria's tell-tale.
  • classics
  • nonfiction
  • localcolor
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