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Love Bites 1 (Austin Mahone Oneshot) by Jack__Gilinsky
Love Bites 1 (Austin Mahone Carmen Gilinsky ✔
It was her smell that first attracted my attention.
  • werewolf
  • scary
  • thriller
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WW2 Stories (Completed) by KadenTinkham
WW2 Stories (Completed)by ChicagoCubs01
  • army
  • nonficition
  • completed
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How to win Hunted by TheGamers02
How to win Huntedby MitchMooreStory _
Hunted is a TV program. You got survive a month on the run from the Hunters, they try and find you with lots of stuff and I going to tell you how to win if you go on . I...
  • tv
  • real
  • £100
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DR: 345-62 by SerenityWilliams27
DR: 345-62by SerenityWilliams27
A vivid dream one night in the New Year (2017) that predicted the death of missing neighborhood kid. Call me psychic I guess.
  • truestory
  • dream
  • paranormal
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The Wattpad Orange Pages (Get Your Story Discovered -or- Find New Stories) by xcamaleex
The Wattpad Orange Pages (Get Camalee Paige
"The Wattpad Orange Pages" is sort of like the Yellow Pages... except for stories on Wattpad! "The Wattpad Orange Pages" is a place for people to le...
  • help
  • paranormal
  • reads
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Undiscovered by xxLiciaPinkxx
Undiscoveredby Lindsay Banks
I am on the hunt for the hidden gems of wattpad, the undiscovered works under 5K views that deserve more reads but lack the spotlight. THE SEARCH CONTINUES...
  • books
  • fiction
  • 2019undiscovered1k
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Doll bones by Yuki_Mino
Doll bonesby Yuki_Mino
A girl who has a haunted doll
  • horror
  • nonficition
  • paranormal
Mind Draft  by SerenityWilliams27
Mind Draft by SerenityWilliams27
Half Given Ideas, Short Quotes, Mini Poetries / Stories Of Experiences.
  • nonficition
  • poetry
  • random
Savage Delight by ElyssaSoandso
Savage Delightby ElyssaSoandso
Skyler Black relishes in the change, the sweet, fierce ache that carries her from girl to wolf. At seventeen, she is beautiful and strong with all the young wolves on he...
  • syfy
  • teen
  • romance
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Carl Panzram: The Story of One Man and His Crimes by William2018
Carl Panzram: The Story of One William2018
Information taken from the documentary 'Carl Panzram The Spirit Of Hate And Vengeance' and the website provided. ( ) The life...
  • true
  • crazy
  • carlpanzram
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The Idiot's Dictionary by DavidDeubelbeiss
The Idiot's Dictionaryby David Deubelbeiss
"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone. "It means just what I choose it to mean - neither more or less." "The questio...
  • words
  • literature
  • alphabet
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Things Girls Worry About by Soft_Ink
Things Girls Worry Aboutby Lesley Nichols
All the things that girls worry about. Sometimes they're legitimate, sometimes they're silly, sometimes they're sad, and sometimes they're just a thing to worry about. A...
  • worries
  • non-ficition
  • thingsgirlsworryabout
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Faded life, nothing but a blur in my mind.  by BitternessJude
Faded life, nothing but a blur BitternessJude
Hey, if you're reading this I guess you tapped a link or something. Here you'll find stories about my life, how I view my perspective on everything. I want you to come t...
  • nonficition
  • poet
The girl who walks on the Kentai bridge by FaroukElabady
The girl who walks on the Kentai Farouk Elabady
With the rays of the falling sun ... reflecting over the river.... Sneaking through the trees leaves of the autumn season ... in the center of the scene lies the wooden...
  • slice
  • farouk
  • non-ficition
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Author Study: Edward Albee by primrosesevredeen
Author Study: Edward Albeeby Maxerica Trash
An in-depth study of the life and times of playwright Edward Albee. Originally written in essay form, this short work looks at Albee's personal life and its influences o...
  • authorstudy
  • edwardalbee
  • nonficition
Music = Life by WeallneedWCAR
Music = Lifeby WeallneedWCAR
I'm going to do a cliche thing here and post some song interpretations/lyrics. I don't know why I decided to do this now but with most of the music I listen to people o...
  • indie
  • wecameasromans
  • bringmethehorizon
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Once Again  by chrissy0803
Once Again by Chrissy 🦄💕
A girl named Amber who was born with supernatural power ended up leaving her home and protecting her ex-lover and mom. Trying to find safety her and her Ex-lover Mike fa...
  • fighting
  • dieforlove
  • non-ficition
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