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Mr. Dimple Yang Manis by sweetiftisour
Mr. Dimple Yang Manisby NayanaIftiNayana
"Aunty masuk dapur kejap ya, Umar. Duduklah dulu. Nanti Ifti bawakan air. Nak minum air sejuk ke panas?" Mendengarkan itu, mata aku terbuntang luas. Laju muka...
Ophelia: The Beginning by Mommys_alt_acc
Ophelia: The Beginningby Riya
Johny, a 13-year-old boy finds a book about a planet called "Luilyn" but is disappointed after he finds out that it's fictional. Or is it? Let's see the advent...
story snippets by drowninginthenight
story snippetsby p
well... these are just short parts of stories i wrote :) opinions are welcome!
anime one shots 18+  by bitch_waifu
anime one shots 18+ by bitch_waifu
Male x female reader Male x male x female reader ships × female reader they are all 18+ so pls don't complain abt it also English isn't my first language so if there is...
Why Scaramouche is hotter then you by Toast_E
Why Scaramouche is hotter then youby I kiss Ranpo
Just me rambling about my favorite genshin character lmao don't take this seriously I wrote this out of pure boredom
Human Nature | One Shot Collection by ChoirOfFuries13
Human Nature | One Shot Collectionby ebony
•Get me out into the nighttime, four walls won't hold me tonight/If this town is just an apple, then let me take a bite/If they say why, why, tell 'em that it's human na...
The events are set in fantasy world of reality bending people along with several kingdoms and supernatural existing . Year 416 CHROME ERA , several kingdoms reside in th...
My Boss is a fucking mafia !🔞 by PrathamaMaiti
My Boss is a fucking mafia !🔞by storywritter
Hi Guys ! This story is not a fan fiction. So if you thought it's a fan fiction then sorry baby it's not .......... This story is just based on my imagination and the ch...
ORIGINAL PLOTS SHOP by mellowdreama
in which I(a talentless person), give you (a talented individual) plots
Bella And ?? by jeyjey2180
Bella And ??by Jaxson Amenendriel Maedor
This story is 100% original. I thought of everything on my own. Bella realizes more than once that someone who she thought was her mate turned out not to be.. how many...
Storm of the End: Book One by WilliamWhite99
Storm of the End: Book Oneby William White
"I remember a time when we didn't have to fear waking up. I remember a time when there was hope for tomorrow. A time where we could look forward to the future. A t...
Grapefruit Skies by CorruptedMarionne
Grapefruit Skiesby (◕ᴗ◕✿)
A girl named Tokyo, 14 years old, is on the run from her home. She felt unloved and uncared for, ever since her little sister Natalie came into the world. She took an ac...
-Spy School- by TheSushiBall
-Spy School-by WolfLuv100
A girl named Cecilia (code name is Raven in the book) has a happy life until she first turns 13. Five days after her birthday her parents go on a date and leave her wit...
The Can of Worms by Thepotatowithahat
The Can of Wormsby Potato with a Hat
Lotion can be very dangerous A normal trip to the store goes horribly wrong... (#2 in Not fan fiction)
personal essays // a collection by wonderlandaudio
personal essays // a collectionby nicole
a collection of personal essays about myself.
why me? by idkanymore003
why me?by Aico
"I just want to talk to you, don't be so surprised ... I mean we have been in the same class for quite a long time now" "yea three years to be exact, and...
LOSE by Garbage_Bin1
LOSEby Garbage_Bin
Be proud of yourself for being you as you are only one in this world.
Wisps Of Hope (on hold) by Jordanwallaces
Wisps Of Hope (on hold)by Jordanswife
Colossal damage. Vast amounts of pain and sorrow seeping into her emotions, digging deeper to trigger the unsealed wounds. The bruises appear to be permanent . "I w...
Decisions  by nyahhhh
Decisions by nyahhhh
Can Harley find her one true love or will she remain undecisive. {[read to find out!!!!!!}}