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The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad, and The Bullied (Completed) by RubixCube89201
The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Rubix
"It's quite simple really," Bennett told me. "You'll be our good girl," Declan said. Jordan smiled. "And we'll be your bad boys." I was sil...
  • badboy
  • nerd
  • non-cliche
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The Alphas Unknown Daughter by HeartbreakHostel
The Alphas Unknown Daughterby 🍰
"Aren't you going to welcome me home father?" *** 16 years ago, Athena's mother was left alone and pregnant by her Alpha mate who marked another, now shes back...
  • new
  • noncliché
  • rejected
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The Bad Boy, the Baby and Me | √ by crystally_rain
The Bad Boy, the Baby and Me | √by Crystal
"What the hell, Ashton? Let me go!" I hissed, ignoring my wildly beating heart. "Don't test my patience. I will kill that jerk if he dares to touch you or...
  • noncliché
  • love
  • chicklit
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No Capes by joecool123
No Capesby Joe Cool (Elizabeth Seibert)
"Why wear a mask?" I whispered as my fingers brushed the satin garment that revealed only his enigmatic eyes. "No one can find out my real identity,&quo...
  • supervillain
  • masks
  • romance
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Rainbow Magic (Dragon Rider #1) by IllenisThorn
Rainbow Magic (Dragon Rider #1)by I.L. Thorn
The colour of your magic decides everything. From whether you're a simple mage or a coveted dragon rider. Even your job and rank. Born to two parents without any form of...
  • magic
  • dragonrider
  • dragon
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The Bad Boy's Hoodie | #Wattys2019 by auteurwrites
The Bad Boy's Hoodie | #Wattys2019by 𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖊𝖚𝖗
Mei Bennett has a 4.0 grade average. She spends most of her time reading, listening to music, eating, or doing homework. The only time she actually even socializes is wh...
  • teenfiction
  • bad
  • highschool
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behind bars by toxicure
behind barsby ;
in which a college student meets an inmate and her life turns upside down.
  • behindbars
  • firstloves
  • wattys2019
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Running with Rogues by Aellix
Running with Roguesby Aellix
Last Haven is scattered to the wind. It has been nineteen years since the castle burned - nineteen years of bitter warfare - and rogues are a dying breed. Defeat is star...
  • werewolf
  • run
  • mate
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The Good Girl(s)'s Bad Boys 2: The Abnormal, The Abused, And The Accused. by CallMehKray
The Good Girl(s)'s Bad Boys 2: Stevie
"So let me get this straight. You brought me here,not to beat me up or do your homework,but to be your other good girl." Gabi thought about it for a second.&qu...
  • drama
  • rubixcube89201
  • nerd
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Volk by Thesweetvillainess
Volkby Mel
"I have waited for you for what seems to be a thousand eternities..." The world is a dangerous place, more dangerous than she ever knew. Cara's life changes fo...
  • king
  • chosen
  • mates
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The Undoing Of Villains | ✓ by earlyatdusk
The Undoing Of Villains | ✓by ✰cleo✰
Villains. Heroes. Try as they might, one is always bested by the other, an endless fight without true meaning. We all have to pick our sides, but I think it's outdated...
  • metahumans
  • adventure
  • wattys2018
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The Marvels of Prairie Creek by PrairieCreek
The Marvels of Prairie Creekby Lynne Mickley
***WATTPAD FEATURED Nov 2017*** Penniless, hungry, and stranded at a truck stop just before Christmas, Jane Johnson has few options. So when rescue comes in the form...
  • trauma
  • hillbilly
  • christian
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The Undoing Of Heroes | ✓ by earlyatdusk
The Undoing Of Heroes | ✓by ✰cleo✰
Heroes. Ever since they showed up, people have gone soft. They're adored, worshipped. Devotion is showered upon them like rain. It's about time someone knocks them off t...
  • tragedy
  • superhero
  • villain
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The Midnight Watch by Aellix
The Midnight Watchby Aellix
Ava saw her brother die. When his murderers escape unpunished, she wants justice, and the only way to get it is to join the Moon Guard, an elite order trained to keep th...
  • werewolves
  • guard
  • mate
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a cigarette for cade | ongoing by neces-sarah-ly
a cigarette for cade | ongoingby s a r a h
❝ Do you know what's harder than being alive, Willow? It's being alive when you're in love. ❞ ▬▬▬▬ For sixteen-year-old Willow Knight, her life has never been anyt...
  • freementalillness
  • badboy
  • highschool
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Living With Half Brothers  by haneenrizwan
Living With Half Brothers by haneenrizwan
Alexis Winter and Alexander Wilson Gonzalez are twins. With Alexander being the older twin. They live with their mother, Anna Gonzalez and her good friend - who was mor...
  • secrets
  • alex
  • gangs
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Fighting The Good Girl by Kindrajoy
Fighting The Good Girlby ᵗᵃᵉˢᵇᵃᵉ
(COMPLETE) This is the spin off of The Goddess Book #2 of my anti-cliché book collection Blake Evans has more than just a rough past, she has the secret of being a bad...
  • thegoddess
  • badboy
  • badass
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No Capes: Lightning & Water by joecool123
No Capes: Lightning & Waterby Joe Cool (Elizabeth Seibert)
There are two kinds of Supers in Capital City: The ones that hatch secret plots underground, and those who fight whoever they can for all the world to see. Madeline Robe...
  • hero
  • powers
  • batman
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Unhappily Ever After by Aellix
Unhappily Ever Afterby Aellix
Rhodric Llewellyn is the grandson of a rogue folk hero. When he arrives in Snowdonia, he becomes a rallying point for the outcasts of the shifter world. They're all thie...
  • love
  • rogue
  • iregretnothing
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IN THE JAWS OF DEATH by aaaaowiwh
IN THE JAWS OF DEATHby Pandora's Box
He was smiling as if nothing was more peaceful than lying covered in blood but then his smile quickly turned into a frown. I couldn't stop myself. I was already moving t...
  • non-cliche
  • action
  • romance
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