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Missing Link  (Nomu Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Missing Link (Nomu Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
If one wants to mix up a bunch of quirks a child is the best option as their growth will help their body accept the change better. WHAT is better for these kinds of expe...
Deku of the shadows by DekuShrine
Deku of the shadowsby Deku_Fanfics
I wrote this book so I have a second book to write when I can't think of anything for my other ones. I hope you like it. Description: During the USJ incident the L.O.V c...
I'm the King by Zdawg23930
I'm the Kingby Egg
I-Izuku.. what are you? Me? I'm the king. Sorry if this sucks, it's my first time writing a fanfic so bear with me please. Not my art uwu.
My Flame Of Rage by MusicMan382
My Flame Of Rageby Music Man
no one is born equal and I had to learn that at the age of 4 and now I'm a human lab rat and I'm being turned into a weapon this is my story of how I went from a weapon...
Swapped (a villain!deku fanfic) by _unordinary_love_
Swapped (a villain!deku fanfic)by _unordinary_love_
The UA hero training camp is famous for it's creative challenges and quirk assessments. This year was supposed to be like any other, until a woman with a swap quirk mess...
Lost and Found (DISCONTINUED) by CopperLichen
Lost and Found (DISCONTINUED)by Ollie Oil
Two students from UA: One a transfer from the general education department, the other All Might's successor. They only know each other well enough to know their names, b...
The King of Nomus by lamtel3
The King of Nomusby lamtel3
A hiss was heard through out the lab as a glass cylinder drained and opened revile a 11 year old boy dripping wet from the fluid now draining into a sewer hole "My...
The Hero Noumu by BlueChocolatexx
The Hero Noumuby That Weird Undertale Nerd
It was a normal day at UA, Izuku was heading to the field with his class to work out. Aizawa forced the class to go out and practice while he slept in the classroom. Rea...
The Perfect Nomu by Satanic-Butthole
The Perfect Nomuby
It's been three or four years since he last saw him. Even then he remembers their last interaction as if though it just happened yesterday. He remembers clearly of his t...
Izuku: The Smart Nomu [hiatus] by Pint-Sized-Zeph
Izuku: The Smart Nomu [hiatus]by Pint-Sized-Zeph
Izuku hated his father the No. 2 hero Endeavor after some events that happened when he was a child but what will Izuku do when he gets kidnapped by the League of Villian...
One Huge Mistake by SupremeKingColour
One Huge Mistakeby SupremeKingColour
All Might has failed him... The choice between his abusive sister and quirkless him, I'm sure you can guess the rest.. 8 years.... 8 years after the No.1's failure, 8 ye...
The shadow and the bunny by FanficManiac132
The shadow and the bunnyby Disaster
Hi guys, this will be my first fanfic. this idea was given to my by a friend and i was allowed to make a fanfic for it! I don't own any of the characters. This will be...
Night hunter (Sample) by NezutheRatGod
Night hunter (Sample)by NezutheRatGod
Izuku was an average boy that dreamed of being heroes but because he was a male and quirkless that was impossible. That didn't stop him from training though and dreaming...
Property of the League by PaladinAsh
Property of the Leagueby Ash
Izuku Midoriya disappeared at four years of age after being diagnosed as quirkless. After countless years of abuse will he be saved? Can he get through his past? Can he...
Nomu deku by shadowgunslinger
Nomu dekuby Ultra deku
You left me behind ThEy MaDe yOu LiKe ThIs ThEy DoN't CaRe AbOuT YoU After the battle of USJ deku was taken by the wing nomu and was experimented on by All for One scie...
Silence Unwarranted by CarpingDiemBooks
Silence Unwarrantedby Alex Renzema
Izuku is captured and tortured by Shigaraki. He is attempting to turn him into a nomu and decides on a... less humane way to do it. He is mostly successful in his endeav...
Nomu Deku by Alpha_Deku
Nomu Dekuby Phantom Deku(Little)
Bad with descriptions but I'll try. Chapters 14 and 19 are now back for you all to read! Izuku was bullied all his life. Just because he was quirkless. Izuku hates heros...