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DMMD X Readers-mostly nsfw by slurpsuck
DMMD X Readers-mostly nsfwby 💀DEAD ACCOUNT💀
*casually pushes all other things I'm working on just because I had an idea at 2 AM* Anyway, requests are open.
Dmmd oneshots by purple_jelleyfish
Dmmd oneshotsby purple_jellyfish
Smut, lemon, fluff, you name it.
Nitro+ CHiRAL: Seven Minutes in Heaven [COMPLETE] by asuka_lynnbrown
Nitro+ CHiRAL: Seven Minutes in asuka_lynnbrown
I've read plenty of Seven Minutes in Heaven scenarios and there's not a single one for the whole Nitro+ CHiRAL game series. So I decided to make one! All of the main cha...
DRAMAtical Murder Boyfriend Scenarios by AnimeWolfX
DRAMAtical Murder Boyfriend Kenzie Fox
I don't own any of the DRAMAtical Murder character
Daddy-Daughter Moments by bluedog1414
Daddy-Daughter Momentsby Logical Horsegirl
In all his years of revenge, it looks like Mink will have to learn to love again. Yes, he loves Aoba with all his being and could never imagine life without him. Now, Ao...
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Snake Eyes (vitri dmmd)(boyxboy) by weerus_n_turnip
Snake Eyes (vitri dmmd)(boyxboy)by dmmd shuuneki billdip
Trip is a lot like fog: not in an artistic or poetic way, but because he simply exists in Virus's life. Childish curiosity thrust Trip into the depths of darkness, not b...
How I Really Feel (Noiz X Reader) by dratiinii
How I Really Feel (Noiz X Reader)by brave man
Who knew how he felt? ( est. May 2015 )
dmmd characters x reader (one-shots) by midnight3crisis
dmmd characters x reader ( midnight3crisis
This used to be Noiz x reader ♡bunny love♡but I decided to do all of the dmmd characters x reader one-shots, I'm working really hard on them so I hope you like them
Nitro+ CHiRAL One shots Yaoi, Lemons, X Reader, X OC [REQUESTS CLOSED] by asuka_lynnbrown
Nitro+ CHiRAL One shots Yaoi, asuka_lynnbrown
So all the handsome men from Dramatical Murder, Togainu no chi, Sweet Pool, and Lamento Beyond the Void. Have told me to make some one-shots, fluff for them and for you...
DRAMAtical Murder One-Shots (Fluff and Lemons) by TheFanGirl2003
DRAMAtical Murder One-Shots ( Jay❤
Who's your favorite DMMD character? Who's your favorite ship in DMMD? Request your ship in the comments or I'll write my own! If you wanna see my cringe writing, then c...
DRAMAtical Murder Oneshots (PG-13) by XxDecayingHeartxX
DRAMAtical Murder Oneshots (PG-13)by ガストン
Short DRAMAtical Murder stories of the ships we all know and love. (Ren and Aoba is my personal fav~) REQUESTS ARE OPEN FOR ANY SHIP (Except Sei and Aoba cause that's ju...
NoizxReader Fanfic by FluffyDunk
NoizxReader Fanficby Ciel
Hey guys, just wanted to write a NoizxReader Fanfic. It's where the Reader gets trapped in the anime/gaming world and then slowly begins to fall in love with Noiz. Hope...
Aoba, Please Be Mine. (Aoba X Noiz)  by pichiwrites
Aoba, Please Be Mine. (Aoba X pichi ★
Since the day Aoba promised to save Noiz, he had been madly in love with the blue haired boy. Contains yaoi! (Boy love) Enjoy :)
DMMD Aoba x Noiz Lemon Story by trashfoxy
DMMD Aoba x Noiz Lemon Storyby Inactive for a while
A drunk Noiz causes some trouble with Aoba Update: one shots
Ren and aoba's daily life together by seiseragaki123
Ren and aoba's daily life togetherby hamsterluver6
this story is Ren and aoba's life together after the routes end
Fun Time Alone Dmmd Boys by sakiko-uchiha
Fun Time Alone Dmmd Boysby Haruki-Hanako
Dmmd x female reader Dmmd x male reader Lemon and fluff
DRAMAtical Murder one-shots by Diancie_Sei
DRAMAtical Murder one-shotsby Diancie_Sei
i got into i decided to make one ówò
DRAMAtical Murder Works by RokuyaNagi_i7
DRAMAtical Murder Worksby Rokuya Nagi
A collection of DRAMAtical Murder fan fictions. If you know something about DRAMAtical Murder that I don't, and it would be significant if I knew then please, by all mea...