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my one piece fantacy by ganesh12334
my one piece fantacyby Awriter
a dude gets zapped over to one piece with the powers of magic warrior with a basic gamer system note : no harem maybe oc x robin will follow anime disclaimer : i don...
That Time I Got Reincarnated As Rimuru by BlameMyGamingChair
That Time I Got Reincarnated As CHAIR-KUN
《DISCLAIMER》 The following is a non-profit fanfiction parody. Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto and Tensura (that time I got reincarnated as a slime) is owned by Fuse...
The Cursed Relic by AvaFics
The Cursed Relicby AvaMargaretteBasa
Since when did I start hating him? Since when did I start falling unto darkness? When they showed him their love while they ignored me? When I confessed to my love but t...
"𝙄𝙏'𝙎 𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙀!" - Whitesnake Stand User X MHA/BNHA by frthoschoolsucks
"𝙄𝙏'𝙎 𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙀!" - Whitesnake frthoschoolsucks
(Y/N) Midoriya, brother of Izuku Midoriya, never wanted to be a hero. He was quirkless since birth, after all. However, what if one day he got stabbed by mysterious arro...
Tower Of God X OC: Adventure Of Reincarnator by Suprame1o1
Tower Of God X OC: Adventure Of Suprame1o1
Some random dude got a chance to reincarnate into the world of tog as a irregular. God said that, he can have 1 set of power of any fiction. What will happen if the powe...
the villainous hero: joker  by WolfSama8
the villainous hero: joker by Wolf Sama
english to Spanish español a ingles izuku yagi was a normal happy boy until he was diagnosed as quirkless what happens next read and find out izuku yagi era un chico fel...
High School DxD - Finding Love in a New World by TRUExtremeSamX
High School DxD - Finding Love TRUExtremeSamX
Waking up as a baby in a new world was jarring. I just hope I can find a special someone this time around. Self Insert Issei x Koneko.
The traveller's travels in worlds(highschooldxdXmalereader) by Kuro_katz
The traveller's travels in worlds( Kuro_katz
A being capable of destroying galaxies in one punch. He travel's worlds after worlds to relieve his boredom and find entertainment at any given moment. The being finds h...
Music Makes Mood by okay_nevermind
Music Makes Moodby okay_nevermind
Has it been 3 years since our little Y/N ran away from home? Indeed, only to become a shut-in that is. Y/N have never left his comfort zone for almost 3 years, only goin...
Sword Saint Of The Omniverse (On Indefinite Hiatus) by ramdom291991
Sword Saint Of The Omniverse (On ramdom291991
Yes we have achieved lift-off into the Omniverse What's the best part about dying and getting Isekai'ed? becoming stupidly op of course! now which character is stupidly...
Terrarian In DxD(Male-Reader Terraria Gamer X DxD) +On Break+ by FratnuNareto
Terrarian In DxD(Male-Reader Happi Okuraseru
Y/N L/N is a high schooler who died at a young age and was given a second chance by God to be reincarnated in a world he chose and was given 3 wishes He chose to be rei...
The Visitors from another Parallel world by outerverse
The Visitors from another collapse
A story about a Demon Lord who is summoned to a world similar to his but also vastly different. How will he adjust in a world far more peaceful than his?, And how will h...
DC: Fate System by MaloneZaLone
DC: Fate Systemby Malone Lone
Arthur Rozman suddenly found himself in the world of The DC universe, a world where psychopaths with godlike powers run wild and to make things even weirder he was given...
The "Chosen" One by ily_gc
The "Chosen" Oneby obsessive_reader
An unknown dragon.. known by the star dragon, or he calls "Older Brother".. the dragon promised the star dragon that, he'll protect him and come back to be wit...
Solo Leveling | Angelic Lover -indefinite hiatus- by Dream_Jun
Solo Leveling | Angelic Lover Flore Dream
A boy born in South Korea, he was gentle in nature and had coincidently met a boy two years older than him at the park. He made his first friend in that park and they co...
Avengers re-assembled by Jjropo3
Avengers re-assembledby jjropo3
Mha x Mcu x avengers emh x avengers assembled.
Shinobi World's Modern Guest. by sakchyam_baka-san
Shinobi World's Modern DIOstan69
A normal person from our world gets Sent to the body of Uzumaki Naruto, but Who would have thought things wouldn't go out of hands? GAMERNARUTO! Starts at the beginning...
El cambio de Issei by jhil707
El cambio de Isseiby Hernández
En esta historia tratara de que hubiera pasado si Issei hubiera estado gordo cuando conoció a Rias y a las chicas. Se unirá al mundo sobrenatural pero de otro modo, empe...
Reincarnated As An Uchiha With A System by GetToasterBathed
Reincarnated As An Uchiha With A Toaster Bath
Another simple fanfic where a mf dies and is reincarnated with a system. He will probably be op but give your suggestions as well because it can help me improve. There w...
 I Am The King (Rewrite) Multiverse X Male Reader (ABANDONED) by GilHaku
I Am The King (Rewrite) Wise King Of Heroes
Y/n L/n A relatively normal (from his standards) boy dies by accident and was sent to the Multiverse will he survive? or will he die? let's find out. (ABANDONED) I don't...