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Unexpected by TrxllSiera01
Unexpectedby TrxllSiera01
No H8 Allowed!!! Stud4Stud. If you don't support sfs then don't read this, simple. You can kindly exit 🚪. There's absolutely no way I can describe this story to you gu...
Wait...What? ✔️ Book 1 by Cobalt_Blu
Wait...What? ✔️ Book 1by •ωσℓғɛʏ•
|COMPLETED| It was during my art class. My arm had new writing. Frowning, I set my pencil down. I loved seeing the black writing on my arm. But this time I was horri...
All In My Head (GirlxGirls) by 90spoet
All In My Head (GirlxGirls)by Lenee’
A love story between Ariella and Nevaeh. Going behind the struggle or displayed as a mishap in judgement between these two lovers. Do you believe in true love?
Clexa AU Broken by fiftyshadesofgayness
Clexa AU Brokenby Commanderheda
a modern day Clexa story Lexa returns to school after the death of her lover and best friend a year after the incident ,things have changed since she left ,now that she...
Sashay : Love win by -Aure-97
Sashay : Love winby -Aure-97
Shay had kept a huge secret but one night after a Pll party she told everything to Sammy and Michaela. What will happened ? Sasha is bisexual and everybody know she is d...
Itachi And Sasuke's Little Brother by HalfwayToFlying
Itachi And Sasuke's Little Brotherby Kendal O.
Isamu Uchiha is the little brother of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. He may be the youngest of the three Uchiha brothers, but thanks to Sasuke, he's pretty strong with Ninjut...
My Activist Rants by marinarhinestone
My Activist Rantsby Shut up, Heather!
I just really hate inequality...... Warning: I am open for a healthy debate, however if you are just here to blindly disagree and not have a logical discussion leave.
A Love Like This {Gxg} by the_original_normal
A Love Like This {Gxg}by Theoriginalnormal
Hi, I'm Skyler. I am 16 years young and love's; poetry, art, skateboarding but most of all girls ! Yelp I'm a lesbian "Gay" if you will, and this past summer I...
UnLoved ✔️ by Cobalt_Blu
UnLoved ✔️by •ωσℓғɛʏ•
|COMPLETED| How would you know what being unloved is? If youve never been loved... Jordan has never felt true love. Until a new girl moves into town. Who flips her hor...
Lesbian Short Stories by WuLang
Lesbian Short Storiesby Wu Lang
Butch-Femme Dynamic Online Dating and more...
My Soulmate by cora12683
My Soulmateby cora12683
Two strangers realize that they were meant to be and become not only bestfriends but soulmates.
🌈 poems 🌈 by smolgayelf
🌈 poems 🌈by just a gay elf
°just poems from your anonymous gay teen°
My Sweetie said, "We’re like an internet castaways", The Internet is our isolated place. We are deprived for one's sweet embrace, Even just to hold her hand...
No H8 ❤❤❤❤❤ by residentemo2
No H8 ❤❤❤❤❤by vic
Okay so in was tagged to do this thing where basically you write something about being positive and just positivity in general, well I've decided to not stop there I'm p...
More than worth it by AmericanIdiotx2
More than worth itby Shannon Ann Skaggs
please don't copy this story. My friends and I have worked really hard to make this story. Big thanks go to Kelly Yearling for this great idea. Also thanks too Matt Ande...