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Unexpected by TrxllSiera01
Unexpectedby TrxllSiera01
No H8 Allowed!!! Stud4Stud. If you don't support sfs then don't read this, simple. You can kindly exit 🚪. There's absolutely no way I can describe this story to you gu...
Wait...What? ✔️ Book 1 by Cobalt_Blu
Wait...What? ✔️ Book 1by •ωσℓғɛʏ•
|COMPLETED| It was during my art class. My arm had new writing. Frowning, I set my pencil down. I loved seeing the black writing on my arm. But this time I was horri...
UnLoved ✔️ by Cobalt_Blu
UnLoved ✔️by •ωσℓғɛʏ•
|COMPLETED| How would you know what being unloved is? If youve never been loved... Jordan has never felt true love. Until a new girl moves into town. Who flips her hor...
Sashay : Love win by -Aure-97
Sashay : Love winby -Aure-97
Shay had kept a huge secret but one night after a Pll party she told everything to Sammy and Michaela. What will happened ? Sasha is bisexual and everybody know she is d...
Together Forever (Lesbian Story) by Lexi_TheWriter
Together Forever (Lesbian Story)by Lexiii
Sequel starts Apr.9th,2015
All In My Head (GirlxGirls) by 90spoet
All In My Head (GirlxGirls)by Lenee’
A love story between Ariella and Nevaeh. Going behind the struggle or displayed as a mishap in judgement between these two lovers. Do you believe in true love?
Clexa AU Broken by fiftyshadesofgayness
Clexa AU Brokenby Commanderheda
a modern day Clexa story Lexa returns to school after the death of her lover and best friend a year after the incident ,things have changed since she left ,now that she...
Psycho love (evan peters AU) by shimcomics
Psycho love (evan peters AU)by Alice
"I love you" I say , pulling away from his lips "What? No.." He is shaking and trying to pull his hand away from mine "You can't.... We can't...
A Love Like This {Gxg} by the_original_normal
A Love Like This {Gxg}by Theoriginalnormal
Hi, I'm Skyler. I am 16 years young and love's; poetry, art, skateboarding but most of all girls ! Yelp I'm a lesbian "Gay" if you will, and this past summer I...
Itachi And Sasuke's Little Brother by HalfwayToFlying
Itachi And Sasuke's Little Brotherby Kendal O.
Isamu Uchiha is the little brother of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. He may be the youngest of the three Uchiha brothers, but thanks to Sasuke, he's pretty strong with Ninjut...
Cockles One-Shots by imaklainer98
Cockles One-Shotsby Purple Passion💜
Short stories focusing on the ship commonly known as 'Cockles' or Jensen/Misha :)
Layla vs. Them by 90spoet
Layla vs. Themby Lenee’
Layla Philips is a 18 years old young lady whom accepted to the college of her dreams. Yet she soon faces things that she never imagine could be. She's blinded by love a...
Love at first push by blueberryjosh
Love at first pushby joshuwu
Brenda was just an ordinary bisexual girl in middle school. Linda was an ordinary lesbian in the same school. Both of their lives were gonna change.
My Soulmate by cora12683
My Soulmateby cora12683
Two strangers realize that they were meant to be and become not only bestfriends but soulmates.
Bullying by Tara131313
Bullyingby Tara
A book of mini story's about middle school
Blow fish by alliegator1001
Blow fishby alliegator1001
Read about how Katie over comes her confederation fears and busts down the bully's that call her blow fosh because of a little bit of chubb