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Toxic love- stiles stilinski  by ParrishStilinskiBae
Toxic love- stiles stilinski by Parrish.stilinski
From hate to love. After being affected by the nogistune, yours and stiles's life take a turn to the toxic side. But after a while is it so bad?
The Wanted by lulle2nd
The Wantedby lulle2nd
After the Nogitsune everyone blames Stiles for Allison and Aiden deaths. Stiles needs to get away so what better place than New York, but what he doesn't know is that th...
What happens when stiles life is split in half? Can anybody save him from himself?
Helpful Hand (1) by RemiMunez
Helpful Hand (1)by RemiMunez
After graduating high school and going off to college, Stiles Stilinski gets a call from his cousin Camille O'Connell that his other cousin Sean had died. He goes over t...
Leonora Salvatore- Teen Wolf/ The Vampire Diaries by krealk
Leonora Salvatore- Teen Wolf/ Karys Tenley
Leonora is the younger sister of Stefan and Damon Salvatore. When Elena says she has feelings for Damon, Leonora and Stefan decide to take a break and move somewhere els...
Messages☽ Stilinski [1] by nightbIood
Messages☽ Stilinski [1]by alice
unknown: YOU USED TO CALL ME ON MY CELL PHONEEEE stiles: uhm, who is this? unknown: drake ofc in which a gossip girl teenage addict catches the heart of a clumsy, sarcas...
Chaos Has Come Again // Stiles Stilinski (Void) by teenwolfonivoid
Chaos Has Come Again // Stiles Voidstiles
Y/n is a patient at Beacon Hill's Eichen House, a house of nut jobs and psychopaths. Her best friend, Malia is the only one who truly knows her. Everything has been the...
Silhouettes ▹ Stiles Stilinski [1] by marvelised-
Silhouettes ▹ Stiles Stilinski [1]by Destiny
❝No matter where I sleep, you are haunting me❞ Taryn Brooks was put into the mental institution after claiming she had been possessed by an evil spirit. She was put in t...
Wolf, No. Fox In Sheep's Clothing. by devcolt
Wolf, No. Fox In Sheep's xdevjcoltx
I was tricked into going back into all this supernatural drama. I fell flat on my face in love with him and he loved me too. That's what he said, that's what he showed m...
Down to the River by that_one_chick_2001
Down to the Riverby that_one_chick_2001
Teenwolf / Riverdale Crossover After the nogitsune Sheriff Stilinski decides its time for a new start for both him and stiles. But what could go wrong in a town like R...
Controller Of The Void {Teen Wolf} ~Sterek~ by Im_Tytastic
Controller Of The Void {Teen Wolf} Tylerr
'How the hell did you do that?' 'I don't know, it just happened.' Started: 7th August 2020, 4:30
Panic  { sterek } by destielinski
Panic { sterek }by -_-
Set after 5A: Derek comes back to Beacon Hills to see his old friends in ruins. He tries to pick up the pieces as best he can, whilst trying to figure out his feelings f...
VOID [Sterek] by reesesd1191
VOID [Sterek]by Reese
He thought the door to his mind was closed. Really, he did. But, it seems, after a car crash and a mysterious reappearance, Stiles isn't all Stiles. (COMPLETED)
Girl on Fire ≫ Stilinski [1] by -voidallison
Girl on Fire ≫ Stilinski [1]by ❝ TAYLOR ❞
"She's living in a world and it's on fire." ⚊ When Sarah and her brother Stephen were little, their mother died in a fire due to an unknown cause. Their father...
The baby, the Alphas and the Fox (Book 3) by Mischief87654321
The baby, the Alphas and the Fox ( Mischief
A Forest Wolf is a wolf who can "control" the forest. A cub searches for power trough the most powerful being near them. With a pack of Alphas and Nogitsune...
full throttle • derek hale by -starletsky-
full throttle • derek haleby -starletsky-
they say when you love something, set it free... but what happens if it comes back? (teen wolf - season 3a)
ᏙᎾᏆᎠ  - TW/Avengers by bananapanises
ᏙᎾᏆᎠ - TW/Avengersby ᎻᎪNNᎪᎻ
Stiles is changing. His humour fading, the light in his eyes turning darker with everyday, he was becoming more and more like the dark spirit they just defeated. His fri...
Lose Your Mind (Void Stiles Fan fiction) by collinemarley
Lose Your Mind (Void Stiles Fan colline
"You can't beat me in me own game!" cried Void. "I will always win! Do you hear me?!" Stiles could feel his hands shaking in terror, as Lydia pulled...
It's Argent, It's Strife {4} by Nim-Ha-5
It's Argent, It's Strife {4}by Red 🔥
Witch. Nogitsune. Alpha. AKA. Strife. After the disaster that was Jennifer Blake and the Alpha Pack, Aurora Argent was looking forward to a while of no supernatural dram...
He Never Left (Sciles) [DISCONTINUED RIP] by HobiHolySprite
He Never Left (Sciles) [ hobihobi
Scott promised Stiles that he would never let the Nogitsune get to him again. Since that day Scott and Stiles have gotten together and have been defeating any Supernatur...