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slytherins secret slut by absoluteslutforkylo
slytherins secret slutby absoluteslutforkylo
super smutty, no fluff. dracoxreader! warnings are in the first chapter. i have warned however if you are triggered message me and i am here to talk bbys. Your sixth yea...
tranquility  by Dancerzstory
tranquility by Dancerzstory
a fic crossposted from ao3. - Tommy was mad. He was angry. He was- he was so incredibly tired. or In which Tommy reminisces.
The Masked Singer by NormalPersonBruh
The Masked Singerby Sugamama
While Marinette is in California living the dream. She becomes famous for her angelic voice. But, no one knows who the mysterious singer is because of her mask. She goes...
|The Stand Class|JJBAxBNHA|DISCONTINUED| by bloodmoonscythe
|The Stand Class|JJBAxBNHA| bloodmoonscythe
What if i told you there was a secret class in UA..... Its not real of course.... Well to the Public eye it isn't. (( I do not own any of these characters they belong t...
Horror Island / DANPLAN X READER by medleyfall3n
Horror Island / DANPLAN X READERby i t s h o u l d h a v e...
Detective Daniel is investigating a strange case on a mysterious island. 5 kids have gone to this horror island and have never been found again... Jay, Joe, Stephen, Hos...
please don't leave me. by dinaetti
please don't leave <3
❥ Dianetti 'ˎ˗ ─── ❁ ─── ⋆┈ based of 5x20 (Show me going) ─── ❁ ───
Asta from Black Clover x Royalty!Abused!Powerful!Reader by EnmaThe1
Asta from Black Clover x Royalty! deku wants to die <333
You are a 14 year old girl who has been abused, scolded and bullied by your siblings. Your powers were too much for you to comprehend, so you destroyed a village and tha...
The After Effect (Nygmobblepot) by Nygmobblepotty
The After Effect (Nygmobblepot)by Nygmobblepotty
This takes place after Ed shoots Oswald. Oswald gives up on Ed returning his love to him, so he stops loving Ed, and stops answering his calls. These are all the missed...
What I Would Do For You.  by up_in_the_sky04
What I Would Do For You. by Hannah Rose
Hello! My first fic so probably not good at all but... A very angsty story because I can't not do that. It was going to be fluff but... out the windows. Not telling yo...
CHAT ROOM {todoroki x reader} [ON HOLD?] by TheQueenOfMemesYT
CHAT ROOM {todoroki x reader} [ BNHA_DERPFANGIRL
I um..... I was bored out of my mind. soooo.......I was thinking of bnha and am like what if they had phones. then I remember they did (stain episode)THEN I THOUGHT WHAT...
Jihan Smut 18+ by smuts17seventeen
Jihan Smut 18+by boo
Omega Joshua Alpha Jeonghan [Both are switches] btw I'm not trying to make things weird between members at all this is a based on my thinking/thoughts if you guys have p...
The Drive-in // Cherry's POV by ho-wellmami
The Drive-in // Cherry's POVby pal
Two boys, looked like greasers, were sitting behind us, I didn't get a good look at their faces to see if I knew them. Another one walked in front of us and sat directly...
Our Exotic|bts.ff by RJ_N95
Our Exotic|bts.ffby SINNER
"You're ours, you dance only for us, you obey only us, you live for only us.." "Why are you doing this?" "Because..." "You're OUR EXOT...
Your not a monster!   Tom X Reader by TomHollandFan44
Your not a monster! Tom X Readerby TomHollandFan44
So This is my first Fan fiction, I hope it's good. Also credit to the artist who made this picture that im using for the cover, I don't know their name by at least I'm...
Mha one shots by djlolya
Mha one shotsby Djlolya
All pictures are not mine unless stated otherwise Just a bunch of mha oneshots, I may consider not adding ships No lemon, smut or fluff in this book
Fragility by sweetnsmug
Fragilityby ritz
❝Kill time with me, darling.❞ they find home in different places. [for abby, happy nineteenth]
Too Late to Admit by EvanLokidottirson
Too Late to Admitby Evan Barnes
Steve loses his world and he is too late to say something very important. So, this is my first fanfiction in the MCU fandom that I actually post. Be gentle, I am fragile...
Heartland// Sou// Angst by Smol_Royal_Seal_
Heartland// Sou// Angstby Vᴇʀᴏɴɪᴄᴀ Sᴀᴡʏᴇʀ
For my dear friend, Lindsey. Here is your high quality angst you wanted ever so badly.... (do not read if you are not lindsey) (also dont read if you wont appreciate the...
Run away to the new world by parkjungkook_90
Run away to the new worldby уνσииє
Bts was a worldwide successful group, their juniors txt was right behind them. Except one day something happened, txt had a song called run away, which was called I'll w...
Our Past by Cynabonn
Our Pastby Michal Afton (lol)
This is a FNaF thing that has happened in my past but ill put it in Reader~chans perspective