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Whipped  by berrybiiu
Whipped by 🌈
Another messy story
BossNoeul Oneshots - By Stigmanie (EV) by Stigmanie
BossNoeul Oneshots - By EN HIATUS
This project will feature a collection of oneshots written by me about this couple. The reason I decided to publish them this way is because they are medium-length onesh...
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Slowly by daaaaaaaaaa01
Slowlyby TRS Harvest
PhayuRain fan-made story ******** Phayu: I like singing, but I love the most when you're smiling while I'm singing. Rain: I like listening to a song, but I love listenin...
He's My Wife by ang3l_n_d3vil
He's My Wifeby Angel
They are going to pay for taking his wife from him.
Unexpected Marriage With A Beast  by bubblenpolca
Unexpected Marriage With A Beast by bubblenpolca
This is the first time I am writing a full fledged omegaverse fanfic for Phai and Sky. Hope you guys like it If you are a fan of Lita couples,you can check other stories...
My Life, My Love.. All Yours.. by SoulThatCravesWarmth
My Life, My Love.. All SoulThatCravesWarmth
A story of one of my favourite couples.. Phayu and Rain! Hey everyone! Please give this story a chance. It would mean a lot.. I hope you enjoy it!❤️ This story is entire...
Silent by pandu1903
Silentby Phayurainlover
Rain- A boy with ADHD is forced to suppress his symptoms from a very young age leading the boy to fall into deep depression and anxiety. Continuously trying to minimize...
Boss × secretary [payurain] [prapaisky] by carefree_soul_2002
Boss × secretary [payurain] [ carefree_soul_2002
payu and prapai is a partner in business payu is a rude boss and prapaiis a play boy. rain and sky is a best friend rain is cute boy and sky is bold . what happened w...
the heir's omega | phayurain by aintATp
the heir's omega | phayurainby kristal ☁️
a #PhayuRain ABO au wherein - Varain Lee (o) and Phayu Theerapanyakul (a) became the talk of town when Dispatch caught them exiting the alpha's hotel together. [ love in...
Still with you by gucci__ffs
Still with youby Sugar bear
Aruna being an Indian kid moves to South Korea from India with her parents and becomes neighbors with No-eul. Though they never saw each other as friends, they were alwa...
a boss and a bae | bossnoeul by aintATp
a boss and a bae | bossnoeulby kristal ☁️
an A/B/O #BossNoeul AU wherein - Nathaniel (Noeul) is your typical rich omega heir who isn't the type to settle down. Being one of the most sought omegas in thailand, he...
Nothing Matters  by berrybiiu
Nothing Matters by 🌈
"Khun Phayu, your lover involved in an accident. He's..." Phayu can feel his heart stopped.
Love Language |PhayuRain, VegasPete by anonymous9898
Love Language |PhayuRain, VegasPeteby anonymous9898
The life of Venice (Phayu) in the Theerapanyakun family is complicated. Especially when it comes to his love life, how can his lover's parents accept him and his mafia...
The Truth Within by MyNamisMinho
The Truth Withinby MyNamisMinho
What if Noeul had a past like Skys? Would anyone save him from his inner demons? Noeul has difficulty trusting people because of his past and his ex. Having been destro...
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Not All Blooming Flowers Are Beautiful by ang3l_n_d3vil
Not All Blooming Flowers Are Angel
Flowers are a thing of beauty and joy. But this flower blooming within him is bringing him closer to death's doors instead.
⛈ Mission Heartbreak: PhayuRain by Writing_In_The_Reign
⛈ Mission Heartbreak: PhayuRainby WritingInTheReign
To help save his family from their debt, Rain agrees to the ridiculous plan to seduce some guy and then break his heart in a month. The problem is after meeting Phayu it...
faux innocence | bossnoeul by aintATp
faux innocence | bossnoeulby kristal ☁️
a #BossNoeul oneshot ABO au wherein - lee noeul (o) is the pampered son of the most well-known chaebol in South Korea. however, despite his reputation for being the soon...
A Little Birthday Gift  by AnastasiiaKurganova
A Little Birthday Gift by Lovewriting
Fort doesn't know what to get Peat for his birthday, because really, nothing seems good enough to fit such a perfect person like Peat. That's what Fort thinks, at least...
Look At Me, Only by JD_Queen
Look At Me, Onlyby JD
Prapai and Rain are both best friends and have been engaged since childhood by their parents. Prapai was always in love with Rain but is it the same for Rain. What if so...
If I am a worm... [SHORT STORY] by mibu_mibu
If I am a worm... [SHORT STORY]by mibu_mibu
Does a lowly worm like me allowed to be with the human I dearly admired? Will I have the chance to tell him that he deserves innocent and unlimited love? Will I be able...