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Illegals by cmstevens13
Illegalsby Courtney Stevens
The CIG (Criminal Institution for Girls) has never faced a bigger threat. The AIB (Agent Institution for Boys) has never faced a tougher mission. When the two enemies...
  • agents
  • rapunzel
  • merida
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Troubled emotions  by RainGrandals
Troubled emotions by RainGrandals
All rights are reserved. Rated m for mature
  • maurijan
  • lizardalien
  • peterparker
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New Queen by Missy_Sweetcheeks
New Queenby Miss So Bored
TJ was the daughter of Ronin the great LeafMan, she always adored queen Tara. TJ was a LeafMan. She was there when the queen died, she was there when her went upside down
  • queen
  • ronin
  • epic
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The Epic Change (Editing) by ReignWinter
The Epic Change (Editing)by "Dany" and PiddQuinn
Bryanna has entered the world of the leafmen and the bravey good bugs. One night she is seen talking to Mandrake by a leafman. When the water is polluted and a few flowe...
  • romance
  • men
  • leamen
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{Discontinued}                     After the Slug: NodxMK Epic by parvusme
{Discontinued} uhh
After the film, Nod misses MK, even know they meet well sort of. Even with Mub in the way they still talk all the time. But with the Queen granting a wish to the leaf m...
  • epicmovie
  • nod
  • epic
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Epic by thisbitchacho
Epicby thisbitchacho
How I wanted the movie Epic to end and the continuation.
  • epic
  • kathrine
  • mary
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Little People by kittycat3191
Little Peopleby kittycat3191
Her grandmother had always told her stories.... about the little people that live in the walls... Mary-Jay just never believed her.... Until she saw one wonder across he...
  • nod
  • epic
  • arrietty
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Crocea Conquerors by The95will
Crocea Conquerorsby William
The world changed since the green crystal called Tiberium arrived to claim the world. It becomes worse with every decade. Out in Remnant, Jaune Arc has to serve Brotherh...
  • ren
  • drama
  • sun
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Rise up ✔ Nod x MK by JackFrostedFlakes
Rise up ✔ Nod x MKby ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄
The story continues....
  • fantasy
  • leafman
  • fanfiction
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Servamp: Valentine's Day by xhellsnakex
Servamp: Valentine's Dayby Shirohime
This story follow the Servamp's Land of Nod's route. But with a longer story! And some twist :) eyy
  • game
  • nod
  • land
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Peace through Power. by _PirateHellFox_
Peace through _PirateHellFox_
"One Vision.....One Purpose."
  • gdi
  • maleoc
  • malereader
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Double Date by coolandcreativetwo
Double Dateby Jordan Laforest
When Shawn calls M.K. one day, she discovers they share a knowledge of tiny people, which encourages her to suggest that they, along with the tiny people they most conne...
  • borrowers
  • crossover
  • 2013
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Wynken, Blynken and Nod by jazzbella
Wynken, Blynken and Nodby jazzbella
  • blynken
  • nod
  • wynken
A Different Ending by _UniqueFilipina_
A Different Endingby - RM -
  • epic
  • leafmen
  • ronin
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Follow Your Resolve Epic story by light100
Follow Your Resolve Epic storyby Danielle
Sage and her apprentice, Fayth must help M.K. to protect the pod from the Boggans in order for the pod to bloom and choose the next life of the forest.
  • tara
  • nod
  • queen
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May the odds be ever in your favor by lutchmanleah
May the odds be ever in your favorby lutchmanleah
Living life in the hunger games,FACTS
  • dont
  • nod
  • gol
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The Cay Nation by CalebHawn
The Cay Nationby Caleb Hawn
This book is about a nation called The Cay Nation. it is a story about their History and how they break through the struggles such as war and other problems. This story...
  • planet
  • war
  • galactic
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