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Epic (Nod x Reader) by Spiriso
Epic (Nod x Reader)by Spiriso
[I've got your back, Princess. It'll take a lot more than a bunch of snotty boggins to get rid of me. Especially since I'm someone of such...immense skill. I rose an ey...
Hidden (Nod x Reader) by carpexdiemm
Hidden (Nod x Reader)by carpexdiemm
"Are you checking me out?" "In your dreams." *** Rankings: #168 in epic (6/23/22) #3 in nod (6/23/22) #58 in mk (6/23/22) #1 in marykatherine (6/23/2...
Peace through Power. by _PirateHellFox_
Peace through _PirateHellFox_
"One Vision.....One Purpose."
The bigger world  by animelovegirl2
The bigger world by Hailey
Nod was sent to the bigger stomper world, he remembered the ways to get in touch with MK and knew the old route to her home. It was a big surprise to Mary Katherine that...
Troubled emotions  by RainGrandals
Troubled emotions by RainGrandals
All rights are reserved. Rated m for mature
Poems That Speak My Mind by Everdear
Poems That Speak My Mindby Everdear
just some poems i come up with
Met Again  (365 days #2) by soulaa_
Met Again (365 days #2)by soulaa_
Aisha Gia Lopez a rising star actress was paired to the popular Joaquin Soren Gomez after being paired to his former Onscreen Partner Margaux but the moment they announc...
Pokémon: Tiberian [ON HIATUS] by Dino10boy
Pokémon: Tiberian [ON HIATUS]by Paladin
Pokémon: Tiberian Takes place in the world of Pokémon, but with a strange substance from space called tiberium now all over the place. What will change in this changing...
Crocea Conquerors by The95will
Crocea Conquerorsby William
The world changed since the green crystal called Tiberium arrived to claim the world. It becomes worse with every decade. Out in Remnant, Jaune Arc has to serve Brotherh...
May the odds be ever in your favor by lutchmanleah
May the odds be ever in your favorby lutchmanleah
Living life in the hunger games,FACTS
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Little People by kittycat3191
Little Peopleby kittycat3191
Her grandmother had always told her stories.... about the little people that live in the walls... Mary-Jay just never believed her.... Until she saw one wonder across he...
Let It Snow; Dreamworks, Disney, and other fandom crossover by Carolyn3605
Let It Snow; Dreamworks, Disney, C. K. S.
Elsa and Jack Frost. It's exactly what it sounds like. Elsa meets Jack Frost in her enchanted woods. He seems to be lost, claiming that there is a place called America...
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Priceless by Problematic7
Pricelessby Ani
Priceless: an online magazine that has people all around the world hooked to its quirky and relevant news. There are five girls who run Priceless - Addison, Charlie, Jul...