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Callie - An Enchantress Novel - Book 1 by jewel1307
Callie - An Enchantress Novel - Julie T Chapman
Chosen as one of the Top 10 stories by Harlequin So You Think You Can Write. There hasn't been one like her for 1500 years. For Callie it's survival. For everyone e...
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Alpha Male *extended version* by 1Blossom
Alpha Male *extended version*by Shanadoa
For some wolves it’s easy finding their other half. The one that will make their life complete. However, it’s difficult for Alpha, Josiph. He’s about ready to cease sear...
Bitten By An Angel(under heavy editing) by Ali_B1996
Bitten By An Angel(under heavy Ali
Whoever said that your teen years are the best of your life lied. They were full of it. Don't believe me? Meet Penny. She's your average teen heading for college. She's...
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Solitary Mate by CMechelle
Solitary Mateby Ari James
I Was Running!!! Not for joy or excitement, but for my own life. Was he going to kill me, rape me, both? I had heard stories of rogue and unmated wolves doing horrible t...
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Wolf Dreams by HarlequinSYTYCW
Wolf Dreamsby Harlequin's So You Think You...
Erika Cenov has been having the dreams for seven years. She sees someone die, and then it comes true—they always come true. But her latest nightmare is the most horrific...
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nocturne of nightmares by loveisbest2004
nocturne of nightmaresby loveisbest2004
Nocturne of nightmares
I am in Love with an Invisible Man [Completed][ParanormalRomance] by DawnStarling
I am in Love with an Invisible Dawn Starling
*Voted as Wattpadres MakeOver Top 12 books of 2016* *Voted as KatieDreams top 25 best Romance book of 2015* *Nominated as the 2016 Wattpad Fiction Award for Best Parano...
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Les nuits du Fof by lilicoud
Les nuits du Fofby lili
Chaque mois, une nuit. Huit thèmes, une heure par thème. Un texte par thème, plus ou moins long. Quelques OS écrits pendant ces nuits sur le fandom Harry Potter.
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Nocturne of Nightmares Online Hack and Cheats by ThanhStrunk
Nocturne of Nightmares Online ThanhStrunk
Nocturne of Nightmares Online Hack and Cheats Nocturne of Nightmares Hack will let you to buy all items for free. Below you will see all the cheats needed to hack Noctur...
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Nocturne by CielloMaxin
Nocturneby Ciello Maxin
According to the dictionary, a nocturne is a work of art that is inspired by the night. So sing with me, dearest moon, tonight shall be a nocturne. Copyright © by Ciello...
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The Hunter #sytycw15 #nocturne by HeatherWampler
The Hunter #sytycw15 #nocturneby HLWampler
Alyssa's move to Pittsburgh, a small, bustling city in southwestern Pennsylvania, could have been the worst move her family ever made. But once she finds the monster nes...
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lockdown's sparklings (lockdown, breakdown and malejest) by diamondclawprime
lockdown's sparklings (lockdown, diamond claw prime
knockout is 5 months sparked with 2 boys and 2 girls. what happens when he gets bot napped by malejest, viper and nocturne and learn a secret about his spark mate, break...
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Masters Of Dreams, Danny Phantom by DutchPhantoms
Masters Of Dreams, Danny Phantomby DutchPhantoms
Danny and his friends are in the ghost zone to finish their map, until they find Nocturn. Curious about what he's up to, they decide to enter his dream once again. Here...
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Beldina the Beautiful by tancemehmet
Beldina the Beautifulby Tance Tünay
Bridgewater was a quiet town, and as far as Beldina knew it was where she had been born and bred, but she started to have her doubts when the handsome Jardan tall, stron...
X-Men: Strife by LornaCyla
X-Men: Strifeby •l o r n a•
PERMANENTLY ON HOLD "Erik, they are broken and lonely people. It is your responsibility to show them the way and guide them to use their gifts. I need you to be a l...
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PANDORE by JulieDrx
PANDOREby Julie Drx
Suite au décès tragique de ses parents, survenu lors d'un cambriolage qui a mal tourné, Zoé vit chez sa grand-mère. Lors d'une soirée an boîte de nuit, Arnaud, un jeune...
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Nocturne by sia0326
Nocturneby Dachanana♪( ´▽`)
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gore and lore • poems  by heynay23
gore and lore • poems by hey,nay
they go hand in hand. painting: francisco de goya, "the reason's sleep produces monsters" (in free translation)
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Hanging out with Master's and Apprentice by Niharafroon
Hanging out with Master's and Niharafroon
Siti Safiya, a Malaysian girl who love Danny Phantom show but her favourite character is Clockwork, Nocturne, and possibly Vortex. Her life is peaceful until she is suck...
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