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Descendant of the Crystal (Final Fantasy XV) by CelestialShadowWolf
Descendant of the Crystal (Final Lost in the Stars
The marriage between Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret was voided from unknown causes. In exchange, the prince must head to Altissia for a diplomatic meeting...
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Hearth And Home - [Noctis x OC] by Yuuki241
Hearth And Home - [Noctis x OC]by Akari
As a Glaive Fira had sworn a solemn vow to protect the city with her very life, despite her feelings and relationship with the Prince of Lucis their love is put to the t...
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Final Fantasy XV Guardian Angel by maarmypower
Final Fantasy XV Guardian Angelby maarmypower
Audrey Rosèveline is an orphan girl from Insomnia. She was abandoned by her parents and her sister who decided to go to Niflheim. She sees her world black and white, nev...
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paralyzed (Prince Noctis x Oc) by promptosking
paralyzed (Prince Noctis x Oc)by luke C.
"I didn't need you to worry about me let alone take the hit..." "It's my job Noct as you're fathers royal guard and as yours you know this..." "...
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Forgotten Princess by RozariaMay
Forgotten Princessby Rozaria May
Tell me how long must I walk alone as the world around me is filled with loving kindness. I have never felt that kindness. Why was I forgotten.......
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Warrior of Light by Fullmetalwing
Warrior of Lightby Nikki Deeley
This a story of the start a personal guard who is a link to the Crystal, she falls in love with her childhood firend Noctis how will life for them change as Noctis and h...
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By the Stars (Noctis x OC) by Praise_The_Goddess
By the Stars (Noctis x OC)by Seung Ah/Damian
This is my take on the story of Final Fantasy XV, with a few tweaks here and there. And a whole new character in the mix. Be warned that this may contain spoilers in lat...
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A Heart Of Fire (Final Fantasy XV) by xLadyMariax
A Heart Of Fire (Final Fantasy XV)by xLadyMariax
A young child is labeled as an outcast and shunned by her own village, seen as only a threat to everyone in Solis, the Village of the Sun. With no one to care for her, s...
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