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It Just Wasn't The Right Time For Niley (Nick And Miley) (#Wattys2016) by VickyAruwa03
It Just Wasn't The Right Time Faizah Mohammed Aruwa
He'd just walked away from the breakup of their long time band, and she just barely survive her horrible engagement and breakup. The two chance a meet at the local coffe...
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We're a family (Jonas Fanfiction) by Simplyjayliz
We're a family (Jonas Fanfiction)by Jasmin
Selena, Demi and Miley fell in love with the Jonas brothers but each of their relationships have ended badly What happens if one of the Jonas brothers found out the tru...
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The Best Of Both Worlds? Maybe! by thegirlwith7things
The Best Of Both Worlds? Maybe!by
Miley Stewart by day, Hannah Montana by night, the girl already had enough on her hands and yet to make it worse, the Jonas Brothers decided to transfer to Seaview High...
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Love Me Like You Do. by JoeJemiDemi
Love Me Like You Chloe
She thought no one would think she was beautiful,but that all changed when Joe Jonas bumped into her one day. He was determine to make her feel as beautiful as he think...
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Home // Niley by wondrouswanderer
Home // Nileyby lucy
After five years since they broke up, Miley decided to call Nick after she recently found out that he was engaged. What was supposed to be a simple congratulation turned...
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Sweet Sacrifice(Niley) by LovatoLuv95
Sweet Sacrifice(Niley)by CBelle Luv
Miley Cyrus, a blood-line werewolf sworn to protect humans, must team up with a bloodsucking vampire to protect the extinction of vampires and the curse of werewolves. T...
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Undercover Cops  by Nancylovatic1234
Undercover Cops by Nancy 💫
Demi Lovato is a typical college student, but is also secretly part of an unit of special agents - undercover cops-. Her life changes and takes an unexpected turn when h...
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A Niley Story:  The Kids of the Future by Niley4Ever101
A Niley Story: The Kids of the LK_OG_Niley
Sequel to Our Future, the name is sort of as it suggests. This story is set 4 months later and Miley and Nick are very happy. Miley finds she is carrying a child earli...
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added (celebrity group chat)  by mcdonaldslut
added (celebrity group chat) by ♡ ♡ ♡
justin adds various celebs to a groupchat resulting in drama, drags, shade & lies.
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Beyond Control (Niley Story) by TheUnknownDanielle
Beyond Control (Niley Story)by Danielle
Miley Ray Cyrus age 17, a girl who just lost her memories. She moved into a new neighbourhood and lived a new life. She thought she was just an ordinary girl from Texas...
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My sweet gangs by PizzaCookiess
My sweet gangsby Pizzaaa
this book are about 8 bestfriends that in the gangs called The Wolve Disclaimer! there must be a wrong sentence in this book so sorry about it...< ;3
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Wedding Bells (Niley) by mileyholic
Wedding Bells (Niley)by Lia Taylor.
**WARNING: CONTAINS STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT AND SENSITIVE SUBJECTS. 15+ ONLY* It took him 6 years. 6 years to realize that she was the one. 6 years to look past any other...
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Remedy (Friends pt. II) by wondrouswanderer
Remedy (Friends pt. II)by lucy
Do you remember," She spoke up slowly, her voice breaking, trying her best to contain the tears that are starting to leak from her eyes "When you asked me who'...
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Always Number One (Niley) by MC2016
Always Number One (Niley)by MC2016
She cried for every mistakes she made and for all the hurt she had been thru. So what if she went down the wrong path, to me that just made her like the rest of us. To m...
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Kiss me: a brother/sister love story:jemi by ADreamerOfLove
Kiss me: a brother/sister love ADreamerOfLove
Demi jonas is a normal girl with 3 brothers and two best friends and a boyfriend...or should i say BOYFRIENDS! when demi lovato realizes her feelings for a boy that will...
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Give Love A Try //Shah rukh Khan and Kajol// by SrKajollover
Give Love A Try //Shah rukh Khan SrKajol lover
They were meant to be together. But the circumstances drew them apart. Will they reunite or will each of them find some one else. Read to find out more.....It's my first...
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The Outlaw by BurningDynamite
The Outlawby Destiny
Miley Cyrus, also known as the Outlaw, is one of the most wanted criminals at the moment, best known for robbing, owning a pretty successful drug company, and for killin...
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Bad Girls-Niley/Jelena Love Story by LovatoLuv95
Bad Girls-Niley/Jelena Love Storyby CBelle Luv
Two rookie cops go undercover on their first mission and find more than what they were bargaining for. Follow two bad ass girls when they fight crime, make friends, and...
A Niley Story:  Niley Reunion - Miam vs. Niley by Niley4Ever101
A Niley Story: Niley Reunion - LK_OG_Niley
This is going to be like my other story (Reunited & In Love) only it's going to be based on Niley facts up until today in 2018. Plot: What if Niley truly reunited at th...
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Niley Smut by BreakCyrus
Niley Smutby kay-cee!
Teen idol, 14 year old Miley Cyrus makes a trip to her boyfriend, Nick Jonas's house to fool around a bit. Little does she know there's a surprise at the end waiting for...
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