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RR ONESHOTS  by RichardsRealWife
RR ONESHOTS by RichardsRealWife
Richard Ramirez oneshots
The Virus Within: Blood Moon (Book 3) by CrystalScherer
The Virus Within: Blood Moon ( Crystal Scherer
If you're a zombie, how far would you be willing to go to save the two people you care about the most? Season 3 of The Virus Within * * * * * Trinity isn't abou...
Time Travel  by selfdistruct7
Time Travel by selfdistruct7
When you are sent back to 1984, you expect life to be easier than the 'apocalypse' you were previously facing. Camp Redwood seemed like the perfect place to wind down an...
Changeling (A Creepypasta Fanfic) by May5696
Changeling (A Creepypasta Fanfic)by Fantasy Queen
Everything changed in one day. Marlow was once an ordinary girl who worked as a servant to a rich yet abusive man. But the day she killed her master was also the day she...
The Moon Wolf by BlackkDahliia
The Moon Wolfby Dahlia
Freya Dean faces hardships like no other wolf has had to face before. Getting her wolf 6 years early would have been a blessing in any other world, but in hers it starte...
Kantai Collection: A White Love Of Legendary Aircraft Carrier And Lone Pilot by Fireteam_Leader
Kantai Collection: A White Love U.S Air Force Tier 1 SMU Oper...
Brandon was a member of 160th SOAR also known as "Night Stalkers". He always work independence without any helps. Everything still normal but on a day when he...
Terror Nights in L.A by InezCabral
Terror Nights in L.Aby Inez Cabral
Sara Buckingham arrives at Los Angeles leaving nothing behind. She checks in in one of the most dangerous Hotels in the city of angels and gets a room right next to one...
Miraculous: Tales of Paonne and  Papillon by Tyeblanc
Miraculous: Tales of Paonne and Ě̷̥z̶̼̔i̷̦̒o̴̢͝_̷͎̊À̸̫u̴̹̐d...
On a cold beautiful night there layed Paonne (Temporary name) at the top of the Louvre seeing the Eiffel Tower from a far. Paonne sighed as she saw the furry black cat f...
Miraculous Vampire by Tyeblanc
Miraculous Vampireby Ě̷̥z̶̼̔i̷̦̒o̴̢͝_̷͎̊À̸̫u̴̹̐d...
Paris, the fabled city of love, peacefully lived by the parisians. "peacefully lived" by the Bourgeois family. They ruled with an iron fist. Their daughter, Ch...
quotes by nirvanachild
quotesby odessa<3
quotebook. stolen from a friend ily max xoxo, nirvanachild
Night Stalker by Lola_TheWeirdo
Night Stalkerby Lola The weirdo
This is a short horror story. Who knows what Stalks the night
Spartans Turn Guardians by Kodo-Oneesama
Spartans Turn Guardiansby Kodo-Oneesama
A Guardian of the Last City, a Hunter with the title of Traveler's Wrath meets a team of Spartans. What could possibly go wrong? Shit loads, actually.
The Infected  [1]  by Absol-utely
The Infected [1] by Cosmic Catastrophe
Siblings,Jeff Miles and Ashlynne Miles were living as normal teenagers. That was until the outbreak hit. What happens when they got Infected by the virus? Will they stay...
Rogue by Force ∞ by IceSky_
Rogue by Force ∞by Ice
∞ Completed ∞ You should probably read Claimed by Force first or else you'll be confused. -------------------- Almost thirteen years have went by since the kidnapping. H...
The Infected [2] by Absol-utely
The Infected [2]by Cosmic Catastrophe
"Quick,over here!",Jay shouted over the sound of flying bullets. I positioned an unconscious Jeff in my arms, which was hard considering his bulkier frame, and...
The story of the Night Queen  by toxicbroforce
The story of the Night Queen by Queen of Aldeia
The story and personal headcanon for my characters in destiny 2
Eyes Wide Open  by DaZZmosis
Eyes Wide Open by DaZZmosis
Drifting off and Eyes Wide Open ..... I see and experience the presence of entities of all kinds in the dark of Night .... These are my stories that I can remember as th...