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Miss Jackson //BNHA Hawks x Reader// by LillyKurosaki
Miss Jackson //BNHA Hawks x LillySama
You just turned twenty one! You retired from being an assassin and are now looking for a new job to pay your rent. How about a club? They pay a lot. You end up working a...
The Perfect Submissive (MxM) by EvilDevil312000
The Perfect Submissive (MxM)by MagicalLittleDevil
18+, BDSM Aiden is wealthy business man who enjoys taking advantage of his submissive's. However, more than anything, all Aiden wanted was the perfect submissive to col...
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NO LIMITS by StoriesbyRJ8
NO LIMITSby StoriesbyRJ8
"Trust is everything, respect is earned. What do you do, when the possibilities are endless to what your heart desires? There's NO LIMITS to what the future holds&q...
Iron Hunter (Iron Man Reader - RWBY Crossover) by NiceGameEh
Iron Hunter (Iron Man Reader - LANzero
You are the distant cousin of Weiss Schnee. Your name is Y/N Schnee and you've spent your life hiding from your family. But when you show up again with a badass set of a...
Flaming Desire  by guessmynamehehe
Flaming Desire by Marshmellow
The most feared gang leader, no one dared to cross his way but she did. And when she did everything changed in their lives. *~*~*~* "What are you trying to prove...
まだあなたと×||| Yuri ||| by mangoiceice
まだあなたと×||| Yuri |||by mangoiceice
Kaede X Mito fanfic One of the second wave's associates Touya Kenmochi had been kidnapped by the Miyagi Prefecture Mafia, It is Kaede Higuchi's job to retrieve Touya bac...
Six Different Kinds of Love by KingAkii
Six Different Kinds of Loveby King•Of•Alters
Akimato Tenebis is an 18 year old girl who lives in a fantasy world. Although she may identify as a girl, most of the people she encounters mistake her for a boy. This...
The possessive Type  by writer_NY_
The possessive Type by writer_NY_
The late nights in New York are what Harriet Anderson lives for; especially on her best friends birthday. When she decides to go to a new night club, she doesn't expect...
Love Lie  by azKoharuchan20
Love Lie by azKoharuchan20
What if one day a guy knock in to your life and then he said something that would change the atmosphere around you ?. This story is not a typical story that you were thi...
Club Dead (Vampire Romantic Suspense) by EliseNoble
Club Dead (Vampire Romantic Elise Noble
When nightclub hostess Genevieve Pelletier finds singer Serenity Strange's body in the backroom of Club Dead, the search begins to find her killer...but it won't be easy...
𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙙𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙉𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄ 【a bfb fanfiction】 by Elxgant_Royaltyy
𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙙𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙉𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ❗MOVED ❗
❗READ ON QUOTEV NOW❗ This is an nightclub au, but for the first couple of chapters focus' on Golf Ball. Please read the warnings below before anything else! This story i...
A Wrong Turn Into Yesterday by JeanLouise
A Wrong Turn Into Yesterdayby JeanLouise
**Completed** Out of a stadium filled with 50,000 screaming girls why did he have to single out the one person that really couldn't care less. Corey Santaski, the milli...
The Black Moon by shaneisney
The Black Moonby shaneisney
Camila is a wealthy thirty-year-old businesswoman. She visits the new nightclub 'The Black Moon' of her best friend Bart. He introduces her to the beautiful younger Pear...
Curiosity Killed the Heart by huuurtney
Curiosity Killed the Heartby huuurtney
Jullian is a strong independent woman who tried to escape on her miserable and awful childhood life. She lives all by herself kaya naman ang tangi lang nitong iniintindi...
Running away by fvelena
Running awayby Elenawrites
Alejandra Rivera Young Alejandra is a student at NYU, full of great friends and lives in a very well decorated crappy apartment. Her biggest dream ever since she was you...
The Hunters Saga #1: The Blood Diamond (A 2014 Watty Winner)  ✅ by RJ_City
The Hunters Saga #1: The Blood Rachel Joy
[NOW PUBLISHED | Only Excerpts Available] "Only a vampire can love you forever..." Antoinette "Toni" Drake is just your average teenage girl. Sh...
Angels, Pop Stars, and...More Spies? Oh My! by bellav173
Angels, Pop Stars, and...More Bella
Their relationship has been through terrorists and secrecy. What else could possibly happen? It's been six months since eighteen year old Ember Rhinehart was kidnapped a...
Absolut Style II by chanmapan
Absolut Style IIby chanmapan
Sequel to Absolut Style I. Life for the whole group looked pretty amazing for a while but things don't always go according to plan. So what happens when unfortunate eve...
Dance with Me, Chaton by ChocoluckChipz
Dance with Me, Chatonby Chocoluck Chipz
Adrien had always been an obedient son, allowing his Father to manipulate him every which way. Once an adult, Adrien isn't sure any more he wants to remain locked in his...
Anti (GxG) by byGabe
Anti (GxG)by Just a boi
Tsuki is a tomboy looking girl that works nights as a bartender in a small club. One night as she watched the entrance a girl gets attacked by 2 men in an alley by the c...