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30 day NSFW challenge! (Discontinued) by Fr3shy_S4ns
30 day NSFW challenge! ( Wassup Yo?
I'm doing it in order but probably not posting everyday... the ship is Nightcest!
Why shouldn't I love myself  [Nightmare x passive nightmare] by Death_very_wish
Why shouldn't I love myself [ Lil Timmy
■Updates monthly■ who else is better for nightmare then himself
Sanscest one shots by Jesusesleftnipple
Sanscest one shotsby LittlePissBaby
Ships: Killer x error Nightmare x cross Lust x horror Shattered x horror Dream x epic Reaper x geno Reaper x error Fresh x dream Fresh x dream x epic Error x dream
I protect you a Nightcest story(cover not mine) by AndraAmariutei
I protect you a Nightcest story( ꧁✵𝔖𝔭𝔞𝔯𝔨𝔩𝔢𝔰✵꧂
well this is a Nightcest story. The cover is not mine and also the caracter
How to Establish Your Gang and Take Care of the Children in It by Vraxvaxan
How to Establish Your Gang and SuperNova_Studios
Nightmare. King of Negativity. Leader of the Nightmare Gang. He has a lot of scary titles, but he had to start somewhere, didn't he? Horror. Cannibal. Idiot with half a...
Oneshot's (Requests Open Slow Updates.) by MysterysonaBook
Oneshot's (Requests Open Slow DailyRandomMeme's
This is a book that contains my favorite undertale ships but if you don't ship it I recommend you don't read it Also slow updates so you might not wanna pick this story...
Negative Love (A Marenight Story) by Vraxvaxan
Negative Love (A Marenight Story)by SuperNova_Studios
Night, Prince of Dreamtale, is NOT the same thing as Nightmare. Not one bit. The King of Negativity found a way to separate himself from his host, Night. Taking the nam...
.•How Many Moons•. || MareNight || by Nightcest
.•How Many Moons•. || MareNight ||by Zack
I was very mentally unhinged when i wrote this ------------------ After Night suddenly reformed due to unknown means he begins living a quiet life with his brother when...
Sancest oneshots by NesSqueak
Sancest oneshotsby NesSqueak
if you don't like the ships, don't read it. any hate comments will be deleted :) This book will mostly just consist of head canons but I'll try to keep it as canon as...
Nighttale (English) by Sem-Dom
Nighttale (English)by Sem-Dom
After freeing himself from corruption, Night is torn between living with the bad sanses or running away and meeting his brother again. But along the way he may start to...
The Monster in the Woods- A Passive x Nightmare Story by BrightPinkTeen123
The Monster in the Woods- A NightmareSansBeanu.. IS LEAVI...
When Passive takes up a dare to run into the woods, he finds himself in a cabin after blacking out, but... who he meets isn't all they seem...
✎Yandere sanscest one-shot ✉ by ImStillAliveLol
✎Yandere sanscest one-shot ✉by 【 • νι¢тσя• 】
I'mma taking request ☕︎︎ ═════════•°•⚠•°•═════════ •I don't do Lemon! •Some Gore(Cuz I love gore :)) •the first time I writhing- •Bad Grammar. **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Extra ˚*•...
{[Corrupt Castle]} Multiverse crossover • DT, JMV, DINTIS, DS • Oneshots by Frisky_and_Hacker
{[Corrupt Castle]} Multiverse xX||Hydrangea_Candy||Xx
Warning: This story have swears, blood, violence, manuptation, breakdowns, and death/death mention. Thus, this book is rated PG-13 at lowest. Proceed at your own risk. ...
Children From The Night by AdashWasNotHere
Children From The Nightby NoCoffee=LessEfficientcy
Galexy and Her siblings Crescent, Tenpatch, Merciless, and Angst work together to find a way to free their life. They use their skills to complete tasks and get out of s...
sans aus meet Dream smp(contains multiships) by webothlikedream
sans aus meet Dream smp(contains
Dream, George, and Sapnap were playing manhunt and when Dreams finds a portal and activates it he goes into it while being chase by his two friends and apers in a house...
Marenight rambles by hxslvllxby
Marenight ramblesby lvllxby
⊹ ┆‧₊˚ . . ˚₊‧ ┆⊹ A marenight book! Just random oneshots or stories I come up with, sorry for any future slow updates! (Might include some dreamcest stuff as well lol)...
Friend in the Shadows (Discontinued) by birdscythe
Friend in the Shadows ( august
DISCONTINUED. Please don't read this. It's really cringey. DreamTale was the home of two Guardians; Nightmare and Dream, Negativity and Positivity. The Tree of Feelings...