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Fake Dating my Bestfriend Shawn Mendes by NicoleHoran627
Fake Dating my Bestfriend Shawn Nicole
"It's fake, what could go wrong?" You'd be surprised. || Highest ranking: Under FanFiction #19 Under 'Shawn Mendes' #12 Warning: the beginning chap...
  • shawn
  • humor
  • shawnmendes
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Heartless by Nikkiloadeon
Heartlessby Nikkiloadeon
After being hurt multiple times in different relationships, Nicole said enough is enough... She has been heartbroken so many times in the past that she is heartless at t...
  • megantheestallion
  • christianbrown
  • trust
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A Wait In Time by imastupididyut
A Wait In Timeby imastupididyut
She lied. They all lied to get what she wanted. But they crossed the line when they took the one thing from me that was mine. I never got to see it again for decades unt...
  • stealing
  • betrayal
  • harvey
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The Way You Do ~Laurance x Reader~ by DramaQueen235
The Way You Do ~Laurance x Reader~by madame alex
"Laurance Zvahl, sometimes I just want to punch you in the face." "At least It'd be from you." He said as he winked at me. I looked down at my feet...
  • chan
  • garroth
  • aphmau
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PTSD ☀️ Nicole Row by The-Little-Scribble
PTSD ☀️ Nicole Rowby Roo Jones
PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- A mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event. Ash Jones is a long working technician for Pani...
  • mike
  • atthedisco
  • weekes
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Hey Kat, I think you're WayHaught by Sun-Moon-And-Me
Hey Kat, I think you're WayHaughtby Sun-Moon-And-Me
This is WayHaught behind the scenes, Dom is heavily attracted to Kat and doesn't want to act upon her feelings because Kat is married and she doesn't want to ruin what t...
  • wynonnaearp
  • waverly
  • dominique
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Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader] by FriendsWithFandoms
Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader]by Mystic
~MyStreet Themed~ After seeing Aaron and Aphmau perfectly together it makes Zane want to find love. He's tired of being teased by his siblings and ALWAYS Travis Aphmau...
  • reese
  • katelyn
  • vlyad
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Break your wall by onedirectiongiiiiirl
Break your wallby Alex
Eric, the leader of dauntless. Handsome and cold, a good combination according to others like Nicole. When she first met Eric she thought he was an asshole. He was col...
  • complicated
  • love
  • jai
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Why Me? | Book I | Jason McCann | by biebernlovatoXP
Why Me? | Book I | Jason McCann |by Callie
"What do you want from me? I don't even know who you are." I asked getting annoyed that a guy I don't even know wont let me leave the bathroom. I was ready to...
  • nick
  • escape
  • bomb
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Falling For You ('Brothers' Spin-Off) by absolutelylovable
Falling For You ('Brothers' absolutelylovable
Completed. 'Brothers' Spin Off. (You should probably read the 'Brothers' trilogy first.) Grace Carter was the quiet girl who sat in the back of the class, didn't talk, a...
  • mark
  • grace
  • family
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When two CEOs collide by TRIPLEGGGirls
When two CEOs collideby TRIPLEGGGirls
It's battle of the CEOs. Nicole thought that her life was coming together when she became CEO of Hughs enterprise. That was until he arrived. He elevated her life from z...
  • masquerade
  • love
  • ceos
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The Ro'Meave Sister by Aphlceland
The Ro'Meave Sisterby A-Chan
A PDH fanfiction, all characters expect the main, you, belong to Aphmau. The fanart on the cover belongs to Sharkkisser09 on DeviantArt! Some of the story plot will be u...
  • travis
  • fanfiction
  • gene
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Northern Lights || Zoey101 by -archicans
Northern Lights || Zoey101by Seanna
"Alright, you can stop pretending to like me, Logan." "Who said anything about pretending." In which Riley Pensky has to survive PCA and the reputati...
  • girls
  • nicole
  • logan
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My Roommate by Lily_232
My Roommateby Lily
Blake Thompson is every girls dream. He is tall, handsome, perfect hair, and you could go on. But when you meet him, he is not so nice anymore. He is mean, a little too...
  • teenfiction
  • romance
  • friends
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Wynonna Earp Imagines by rosesandwolves
Wynonna Earp Imaginesby Tragic
Wynonna Earp imagines. Female Reader unless otherwise stated since I'm a girl and that's easiest for me to write.
  • waverly
  • earp
  • nicolehaught
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The Atomic Dog [Roman Reigns] by shieldrr
The Atomic Dog [Roman Reigns]by Roman 2x 💍
Tyla Leon is the daughter of two legends. But, sadly, she was told not to share until later on. She was friends with "The Big Dog" Roman reigns back in high sc...
  • romanreigns
  • deanambrose
  • romance
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Group Chat [Mystreet AU] {Book 1} (Completed) by katgamez2000
Group Chat [Mystreet AU] {Book 1} ~Kat~
*WARNING* -This story includes heavy themes such as mature language; sexual reference; kidnapping; murder; suicide reference; etc. ~~~ Thirteen people met in an online g...
  • groupchat
  • texting
  • garrance
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His Name is Blaze|Blaze X Reader PDH by _L_I_L_I_T_H
His Name is Blaze|Blaze X Reader Lilith~Sama
Y/n L/n, the little sister of Daniel, is the omega of the school. She is bullied hard by the other werewolves and has trouble when her parents died in a home invasion. E...
  • aaron
  • katelyn
  • werewolf
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-•- Brights Up My Day -•- Mystreet•PDH•MCD Oneshots by CaramelApple745
-•- Brights Up My Day -•- NozoKanan
------- "Why are you all happy all of the sudden?" She asked. He smiled at the girl, tears still visible on his eyes, before replying, "You being here wit...
  • aphmau
  • oneshots
  • cadenza
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Kawaii~Chan's Sister | MyStreet Boys X Reader by TixieStar
Kawaii~Chan's Sister | MyStreet Hamiltrash
You are Kawaii~Chan's Sister , You had just moved into the neighbourhood not knowing your sister was there..(Yes, you speak in third person but not all the time.) You me...
  • lucinda
  • chan
  • kawaii
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