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I'll Be Superhuman (One Direction Fanfiction) by _Its_Zen_
I'll Be Superhuman (One Zen
You thought you knew One Direction. But everything you heard is just their cover story. These boys are hiding something. Something... Super ;) Harry Styles falls alseep...
  • tomlionson
  • styles
  • payne
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Fake Dad/Niall Horan•Book 2•√ by Kajusssska
Fake Dad/Niall Horan•Book 2•√by K A R O L Í N A
Je to již pět let, co Niall opustil Zoe. Ta se z toho vzpamatovala, ale pouze na venek. Uvnitř pořad čeká na ten den,kdy se z toho hrozného snu probere vedle svého blonď...
  • nialll
  • baby
  • niallhoran
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Tell Me You Love Me by Luceindia
Tell Me You Love Meby Lucy
Bethany Parker is shy, modest and likes to stay "Invisible" from all. Jesse Phoenix loves attention. He is one of the world's most doted teenage singers and lo...
  • tmylm
  • harry
  • bieber
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She Will Be Loved (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) by hipsterharold
She Will Be Loved (A Louis cassidy jae
Louis Tomlinson already has a hectic life being in the band One Direction, but after his long-time girlfriend Eleanor Calder finds out she is pregnant, everything change...
  • malik
  • harry
  • direction
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Girls At School ~DOKONČENO~ (Pokračování Bitch At School) by B_And_H
Girls At School ~DOKONČENO~ ( ᴋᴀʏ
Opět se v příběhu setkáme s blonďatou hrdinkou Ashley Payne, tedy jak ona sama známa mladší sestra Liama Payne. Tentokrát, ale vše bude zamotané. Do příběhu vniknou nov...
  • ashley
  • rodiče
  • lottie
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Niall Horan Imagines by nouisnudes
Niall Horan Imaginesby nouisnudes
Niall Horan imagines that (will) feature black women, latina women, plus size women, disabled women, or any other kinds of women who don't get enough or any recognition...
  • multicultural
  • nialll
  • one
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The photo (Niall fanfic) by randomimperfect
The photo (Niall fanfic)by randomimperfect
This is the story of how Niall got to meet the girl in the photo.
  • finding
  • read
  • important
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The Student Teachers (1D) by AHS_jcb
The Student Teachers (1D)by AHS_jcb
Kendal Shay is a 17 year old girl who lives with her twin brothers who are 18 in LA, California. They're probably some of the most popular kids in school given the fact...
  • harry
  • onedirection
  • louis
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From the Moment I Met You, Everything Changed by jellyjade98
From the Moment I Met You, Jade (Einstein)
Rose Widing is out busking with her friend Kade. It's a normal day, and the sun is out in Perth, Australia. Little does she know that a certain boy band are in town. Aft...
  • heartbreak
  • things
  • death
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Between hate and love by ziamlovr
Between hate and loveby ziamlovr
Zayn Malik and Liam Payne have to cross the barriers of lies and face the feeling of conviction.Surrounded by the bad intentions of their enemies,Louis and harry, they...
  • harry
  • liam
  • larry
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Over Protective Brother by elliehaggath
Over Protective Brotherby elliehaggath
Gabriella falls in love with her brothers band mate, Niall Horan!x
  • horan
  • niall
  • direction
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his mess| niall by nightchanged
his mess| niallby 1D
"im am such a mess" "yeah but you're my mess" niall social media book
  • nialll
Your eyes still crying ~Dutch One Direction FanFiction~ by Isabelle_024_
Your eyes still crying ~Dutch Isabelle
  • direction
  • sea
  • malik
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Sticky Fingers (One Direction fanfic) by _Adublover42
Sticky Fingers (One Direction IDK
Meet Eve. Pettite frame, short spiky hair and piercing green eyes. Just a normal girl. With a huge secret. She steals from the rich and famous. You want a pair of Justi...
  • barney
  • daddy
  • tomlinson
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Still The One [Niall Horan] by 5seconds0f1d_
Still The One [Niall Horan]by 5seconds0f1d_
•But I-e-I-e-I know you're still the one•
  • nialler
  • nialll
  • niall
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Becoming One Direction by MDdancer
Becoming One Directionby MD
A volleyball player named Quinn meets Harry when he joins her volleyball team. He invites her and her friend Julie to be part of their newly formed band, One Direction...
  • louis
  • styles
  • onedirection
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Moments: Niall Horan Love Story by Female_B0ss
Moments: Niall Horan Love Storyby Female_B0ss
"I can't help but fall harder and harder for you Niall, b-but after the XFactor i'm just afraid that I'll end up losing you." Tears began streaming from my fac...
  • horan
  • direction
  • nialll
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